CBD Hemp Oil definitive guide and Health Benefits

Hemp Oil Liposomes

Hemp Oil Liposomes

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        • Water soluble
        • Good Taste
        • Effective against anxiety
        • Organic


        • Expensive

        Look :

        I know, this topic is Controversial.

        Some find Hemp to be a medical marvel, while other want to continue to keep it illegal.

        I find it to be a Medical Marvel, so i will talk about its benefits and uses.

        Maybe convert some people, to try it.

        Let’s start with the History:

        How all this started and how people used it centuries ago.

        The history of cbd hemp oil

        History of  Hemp, How people used it centuries ago.

        Now, we will talk about the history of Hemp :

        Due to the Media, This stuff was looked down upon…

        …but 100 years ago, this stuff was grown normally like any other plant in farm.

        There were laws in some areas, countries to grow ” hemp ” as it was used in basic clothing.

        This is crazy:

        In around 1930s in USA,

        There were 2 Big Industrialists who wanted their product to grow instead of Hemp.

        They were in the business of Nylon ropes, other one in newspaper business…

        …So they decided to take down the hemp products to get themselves up. You all know how the government works.

        You can read about that controversy here : Legal History of cannabis .

        So after the 2nd world war, Hemp just disappeared from the markets…

        … It became this, big bad thing, which people shouldn’t try.

        Without any evidence, it is still believed that cannabis is the gateway drug to hard drugs.

        Let’s talk about the oils which can be extracted from Cannabis.


        What is Hemp Oil? Does it get you high? What is CBD? What is THC?

        WHat is hemp ?

        What is Hemp?

        Yes, These Questions will be answered…

        …But i will just keep it short for now.

        There is a lot of confusion around hemp oil.

        Does hemp oil comes from hemp seeds ?


        Yes, that is mainly the oils for cooking, and you can buy it from groceries or even amazon.


        Here’s the link for you to check out : Amazon’s nutiva hemp oil .


        Does CBD hemp get you high ?

        No, you can not get high from the seeds as it does not contain cannabinoids.

        The other part is the “Essential oil” of hemp, it is similar to how you will have to essential oil of lemon, coconut, etc.

        These are extracted from the body of the plant, not by pressure but by extraction…

        …but you will need an organic solvent, so that it can be extracted from the plant.

        The solvent can be Alcohol, benzene, hexane and even carbon dioxide( CO2).

        How is Hemp Oil Made?

        You squash the plant and run the solvent through it…

        …and what you’re left with is the Organic oil of hemp !

        We have the female and male hemp plant, out of which male one is used to extract this oil.

        So i hope, it is clear what Seed oil is and what Organic Oil of hemp is ?

        We wont be talking about hemp oils from seeds here…

        …but the essential oil of hemp, also known as Organic Hemp oil.

        This could get you high/ as it has Psychoactive component called THC(Tetra Hydro Cannabinol)  and it also has the counter part called CBD(cannabidiol).

        THC has a sub part called Delta THC is what gets you high when heated or when you drink it in large quantity.

        If you drink organic hemp oil, you wont get high…

        …but if you put this oil in a brownie and bake it or heat it, you will get very high.

        CBD has the most effect on the immune system, which does not get you high.

        Mainly CBD-A is heated and is converted into CBD.

        So CBD are the 3 letters which you have to pound into your brain as we will be talking a lot about CBD on this site.

        Next section will cover some insights about CBD oil and how does it compare to medical marijuana.

        What are the benefits of CBD Oil?

        Disclaimer: I am not saying that you should stop using your prescribed medicines and replace them with CBD, as i am no doctor. I am backing up my article with some solid research done by doctors. I use it, and i want world to use it ! 

        Benefits of cbd oil

        benefits of cbd oil

        Here is an informative guide on medicinal benefits of cannabinoids.

        We will only Discuss about the benefits of CBD here.

        How effective is CBD oil for inflammation :

        cbd oil can be used to reduce inflammation

        Marc Feldman at Imperial College, London, tested some CBD on a mice that had a version of rheumatoid arthritis.

        He found that CBD reduced the mice’s inflammation by 50% at the right dosage…

        …and Cardiologists working at Hebrew University have found that if a dosage of CBD immediately after a heart attack can reduce infarct size by about 66%.

        Another notable study conducted by Mechoulam was done on mice bred to have a version of type-1 diabetes.

        The diabetes was designed to manifest right around 14 weeks, so the mice were treated with CBD for the first 7 weeks of their life and then again in another 7 weeks.

        He concluded that only 30% had developed diabetes compared to the 90-100% given the placebo.

        He then repeated the experiment where the CBD wasn’t introduced until 14 weeks when the diabetes first developed.

        They were then tested at 24 weeks of age and again only 30% of the treated mice were found to have diabetes.[Article to watch]

        “CBD did not just prevent onset,” said Mechoulam, “it blocked the development of diabetes.”

        The best resource on this is : Inflammation control using CBD.

        CBD oil for Anxiety and Depression, Be calm and happy :

        Cbd can be helpful for anxiety and depression

        In recent years, CBD is tested on mice, humans and the results are shocking…

        …because it has shown that, it is effective against Anxiety and it tends to calm you down.

        CBD oil has anxiolytic properties which are highly beneficial for keeping the stress and anxiety at bay.

        The detailed information can be found here : CBD OIL for Anxiety

        Other than CBD Oil:

        The best product which i use and recommend to keep anxiety at bay is KEEP CALM AT AMAZON .

        Now use CBD oil for Chronic Pain, and be more productive :

        Cbd oil can be used to cure chronic pains

        Chronic Pain arises due to many reasons, i will list a few :

        • Internal injury
        • Long period of illness
        • Stress or lack of enjoyment
        • Just boring work sometimes.

        There are many other reasons which is unknown to me. Here’s a research paper which explains about chronic diseases in detail.

        By no means i am telling you that CBD is a treatment for Chronic pains…

        …but when everything instructed by your physician stops working, then you can try CBD.

        Well :

        I do, It helps me for my unease.

        Why is CBD oil so effective for chronic pain?

        I will list some points again :

        • Anti-inflammatory Properties
        • Muscle Relaxation
        • Heal Sleep Disturbances
        • Work well against Depression

        For more information you can read : 10 ways Cbd oil works to heal chronic pain .


        CBD oil for Cancer, I hope so:

        cbd oil can also cure cancer

        Oh man, this is debatable.

        I have included this one in the list because of the book i read by Dr. Erika M. Karohs.

        Here’s the link to the book : Marijuana killed my cancer.

        This book states how she healed her breast cancer using marijuana/Cbd.

        Here’s a well researched article which tells how CBD helps against cancer.

        I have participated in many forums and people there also praise CBD for its effectiveness against                                     breast cancer. Here is one of the forum thread: CBD for breast cancer: discussion.

        Rick Simpson cured his cancer with CBD, that’s when the whole thing started: Rick Simpson cancer cure

        …and you can get his ebook from ==> Rick simpson’s ebook

        CBD oil for weight loss, YES! You Read it Right :

        Cbd oil can help in weight loss too


        You might be wondering how CBD oil can also help you lose weight…


        Not only does cannabis consumption lower insulin resistance, but it also improves fasting insulin and facilitates metabolic function.

        Athletes and fitness freaks take some CBD to keep their body fit and guess what?

        They Pass the Dope test without any problem. Here’s an article: why you should use CBD as an athlete.

        Here’s the video which you should see:

        I am not encouraging you to use weed…

        …but use the component which is responsible for this effect : Our beloved CBD OIL.

        THC can significantly increase your appetite, CBD can suppress your appetite, which is ideal if you’re watching your figure.

        So my favourite resource on this matter : Project CBD Counter Obesity .

        The researchers found that the two compounds, THCV and cannabidiol(CBD):

        boosted metabolism, and reduced levels of liver fat, and blood cholesterol.

        These Mentioned compounds also made mice more sensitive to insulin, protected the cells that produce insulin, and increasing metabolic rate – all while suppressing the appetite. What else can we ask for…

        …With little or no side effects !

        CBD oil for insomnia, Trust me on this one:

        CBD for insomniacs

        1/3rd of the people in the world are sleep deprived.

        I am insomniac.

        I am addicted to CBD, not that CBD is addictive…

        …but i sleep like a baby after taking 100mg of it.

        This is what it does !

        Make you calm, help you to avoid distractions.

        I have had some ugly drugs to achieve sleep before….

        …in other words, i have struggled to find something what cbd does for me.

        Now what makes me sad is :

        CBD extracts have been mistakenly described as sedating…

        …but I haven’t found that to be the case with my own use and neither has research.

        Cannabidiol(CBD) actually activates the same adenosine receptors as caffeine.

        Which is technically a stimulant…

        …But patients with sleep issues report that ingesting a CBD-rich extract a few hours before bedtime has a balancing effect that facilitates a good night’s sleep.

        And I’ve certainly found this to be the case.

        Dont take my word for it:

        Check this Research instead: Cannabidiol, a constituent of Cannabis sativa, modulates sleep in rats.

        What’s the bottom line?

        Small doses make you calm, focused and it comes in handy when you’re typing 3000 words article like this to creating your own software.

        Being an Engineer:

        I have to code 12*7, and it can make you insane ! Trust me…

        …but with 100mg cbd oil in your system, the job looks easier.

         CBD oil for Skin,  You gotta be kiddin me :

        Cbd can help you to treat skin diseases like acne too

        Apply it on your face, body and treat your skin diseases too.

        Here’s the research to prove me right : how cbd helps the skin.

        Skin before the use of cbd oil

        Skin before the use of Cbd oil.

        Look how the skin healed after using cbd oil for 1 month.

        Skin after the use of cbd oil


        I have not tested it with my skin yet…

        …but i tested it with my bald head, i didn’t notice any hair growth.

        So, I guess CBD oil is not for everything. I will update you if it works.


        CBD oil for diabetes, Help your insulin to dissolve sugar :

        What if i told you that it can help you control your diabetes too ?

        Unlike Artificial insulin and other existing medications for diabetes:

        CBD may actually suppress, reverse and perhaps cure the disease,” says Mark Rosenfeld, CEO of ISA Scientific, an Israeli company currently running clinical trials involving cannabidiol.

        I have been researching about Cannabis since 2011, and i had no idea that it can help me to fight my diabetes as well until 2014.

        I usually buy products with 17% or more CBD content :

        Recently, I have found a brand which is perfect my needs. It really helps me to keep my diabetes in check.

        ==> Elixinol : CBD capsule or water soluble CBD Hemp products 


        CBD for PTSD, It can help our beloved Soldiers too:

        CBD oil helps to cure PTSD

        Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been increasing at a rapid rate.

        If you’re a Soldier or a family member of a Soldier:

        You know, due to their work PTSD is Normal which makes me sad…

        …but researchers have been busy and they have concluded that CBD works for the reduction of  PTSD .

        Traditionally, heavy anti-depressants and potentially addictive anti-anxiety medications have been used to treat those with PTSD:

        However, an ever-growing number of veterans have been ditching pharmaceuticals for medical hemp.

        CBD For Crohn’s and IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome, for better Bowel :

        CBD oil for Crohn and IBS

        IBS is a common gastrointestinal disorder which can cause bouts of stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation.

        It is more common in women than in men.

        Here’s a case study : CBD for Crohn’s disease.

        Here’s a research: How CBD can help with Crohn’s disease.

        Here’s the research, how CBD can help with your IBS too: CBD for IBS.


        How much CBD Hemp Oil should be consumed ?

        how much cbd oil should be consumed


        Everyone is different and the needs will also be different…

        …but good amount to start will be 15mg per serving thrice in a day.

        I take cbd 30 mins before eating.

        Here’s a PDF guide to CBD dosage.

         How to Consume CBD Oil :


        There are mostly 3 ways to take the CBD :

        • You can consume it Orally
        • You can smoke it in a vaporizer
        • You can rub it on your body and wait for the body to absorb.

        Most common is to take CBD orally in Paste, tincture or drop format:

        You have to hold the Oil under your tongue till it is absorbed, refrain from swallowing to get the maximum effect.

        Other oral methods include capsules, mouth strips, and edibles such as chocolate bars.

        Many people also enjoy using CBD oil via vaporizers:

        As it effects the CNS(Central nervous System) Instantly. So Sometimes for anxiety…

        …smoking it works the fastest !


        It is used as a lotion on the affected area of the body.

        So there are different applications of CBD oil and it works differently for different people.

        The effects can be felt quickly.

        You won’t get high…

        …but your anxiety levels may decrease, your shakiness will stop, your pain may ease.

        and as i said CBD Hemp Oil is not addictive, THC is…

        The Organic Cbd hemp oil have around 17% of CBD in it…

        …so before purchasing always check the ratio between THC and CBD.

        Here’s how to Buy CBD oil

        …and you can use my Coupon Code : 10off282  ( 10% off on Cbd oil).

        The Only problem i have found with Most Of the CBD Oils:

        The problem with cbd oil is that is water insoluble

        I know, i have explained a lot about CBD above, but every good thing comes with a catch…

        …and the catch is :

        It does not dissolve in water or in your body:

        • They can spoil and become contaminated.
        • They smell bad.
        • They often taste bad too.

        Our body is 50-65% water, So we either have to take a lot of CBD Oil or smoke or vape your CBD, which is not recommended for anyone under 18 and pets.

        Most people simply don’t experience or feel any of the effects of the CBD they take because CBD hemp oil products have an extremely poor bio-availability.


        The big question is :

        how can you make CBD be absorbed?

        What is turmeric One word : Turmeric.

        My friend in india once told me about this magical substance.

        Which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

        So I used to take CBD with turmeric…

        here’s why turmeric plays such an important role in CBD absorption…

        …when the cannabionids and terpenoids in CBD are mixed with the the isolated curcuminoids of a high-curcumin containing turmeric plant, the bioavailability of the CBD absolutely explodes.

        This means that if you’ve used CBD oil before in the absence of a curcuminoid blend from turmeric, you probably only felt about 1/5 to 1/10 of the actual effects of the CBD, since CBD by itself is very poorly absorbed.

        More about that can be read on Project cbd.

        Now i found the product which is water soluble from Elixinol:

        where can i buy cbd oil online

        Cbd oil i recommend

        ==>Hemp Oil Liposomes

        It is a water soluble solution from the company.

        Get 10% off with this Elixinol coupon


        Here’s what people say about this product:

        I have Ankylosing Spondylitis which is a type of arthritis. This has helped with back and neck pain. My father has extreme pain from severe vascular disease (toe amputations) he gets stabbing nerve pain as high as a 10. I give him Elixinol 3 times a day and I notice improvement within less than a half hour. I work in the medical field and have been skeptical about hemp derived CBD but this formula works! Thank you Elixinol! -Angela

        So, We are down to the last question !

        Can CBD and Hemp oils Improve the quality of our life ?

        cbd will improve our quality of life


        YES !!!

        For me its a magical compound which almost works with everything.

        Here’s a video where doctors discuss how we can make use of CBD.

        This is a closing video.

        Do let me your stories about CBD Oil :

        In the comments below.

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        …More content coming !

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