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Despite being the subject of countless controversies, use of marijuana for medical purposes seems to be gathering nationwide acceptance. The study and advancement of medical marijuana have come a long way since its ban in the early 1930s. Now, researchers have proof showing marijuana and its chemically related compounds having numerous health benefits.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, for example, has shown the ability to treat numerous diseases that clinically administered medicines don’t. Not without having some sort of side effect at least.

So, what are some of the CBD oil benefits?

Firstly, CBD oil does not contain a compound called THC, which is responsible for creating the effect of “high” that is associated with consuming cannabis. Secondly, consumption of CBD can be beneficial for your health in the following ways:

#1 As pain reliever​​​​​

The effects of CBD on the brain receptors can help you deal with many kinds of pain. According to research, cannabidiol has shown good results in suppressing pain that comes after chemotherapy treatments. The National Institute of Health is also currently investigating cannabis’ role in alleviating symptoms caused by chronic pain, muscle pain, arthritis, and spinal cord injuries.

In 2012, the findings of research published in the Journal of Experimental Magazine revealed that CBD significantly suppressed neuropathic and chronic inflammatory pain in rodents, minus any side effects. The researchers believe that CBD might represent a class of therapeutic agents for chronic pain treatments.

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#2 As anxiety reliever

Researchers have made a groundbreaking breakthrough that suggests CBD might be helpful to manage anxiety. The belief that cannabidiol has specific properties to alter how our brain receptors respond to serotonin, a chemical that is associated with happiness. Receptors are actually proteins attached to cells that intercept chemical messages and helps the cells react to different stimuli.

But anxiety is not the only mental health issue CBD is credited for treating. Studies were done on animals also suggest that CBD can reduce stress, normalize heart rate, treat PTSD, and help insomniacs get better sleep.

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#3 As neuroprotective agent

People with neurodegenerative disorders might see better days in the future as researchers are investigating the ways CBD can treat such a condition. So far, studies have found that a receptor known as CB1 is responsible for the deterioration of nerves and brain. And it is by treating this receptor’s inflammation that we can control neurodegenerative disorders like:

•    Multiple sclerosis (MS)

•    Parkinson’s disease

•    Alzheimer’s disease

It should take more research to find out the real effects of CBD on these disorders, but we have many reasons to be hopeful.

#4 As treatment for Cancer

Even though research is in early stages, some studies have found that CBD might have a role to play in prohibiting the growth of cancer cells. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) says that CBD is not only helpful for treating side effects of chemotherapy, but might also help in suppressing symptoms of cancer. However, they still don’t endorse the use of cannabis for treatment.

The promise of cancer treatment comes from the ability to control inflammation and change the way how cells reproduce. CBD acts as a non-toxic compound, meaning that it is suitable for prolonged treatment without adding any sort of toxicity in humans.

#5 Help treat epilepsy

The American Epilepsy Society says that research on cannabidiol shows hope in treating seizure disorders. Even though studies are still in their early phase, researchers are now investigating how and if CBD can reduce the number of seizures and do it safely. According to a research done in 2016, the effects seem to be on the positive side.

#6 Relief from nausea

Believe it or not, the use of cannabis in treating the symptoms of nausea dates back many centuries. Research on animals has concluded that more than 80 cannabinoid compounds, including CBD, can help suppress nausea. In a study of 2012, British Journal of Pharmacology published that CBD in low doses was able to suppress toxin-induced vomiting in rats.

However, CBD also showed that it had adverse or no effect in high doses. This diphasic nature of the substance was first discovered then.

#Reduce occurrence of Diabetes

A study conducted on non-obese diabetic mice in 2006 concluded that CBD could significantly reduce diabetes incidence, from 86% in nontreated mice to 30% in mice treated with CBD. Among the benefits, researchers also found noteworthy reduction of plasma levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Some CBD Oil Benefits are listed below

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