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Quality assurance, top-notch testimonials, and the first to bring legal hemp in America – do these make Ananda Hemp a reliable company? We’ll find out! Hey, it’s me, Aaron, here with a review of yet another CBD brand. Gosh, I wonder how many products I tried before sitting down to write this Ananda Hemp review!

The answer is A LOT; you better believe it. In my quest to keep anxiety and back pain at bay, I discovered that a lot of people are struggling with the same problems as me. It was then I conceived the idea of this blog and decided to devote a part of my life in keeping you updated about the best CBD products.

I usually review the ones that I’ve been able to benefit from; Ananda Hemp is one of them. Keep on reading to find out more about the company and my experience using their products.

About Ananda Hemp 

Ananda Hemp makes many bold claims, and rightly so because they are correct. Looking around the official website, I found that the company has the following accomplishments in their kitty:

First legal firm in all of USA

Brian Furnish, one of the most prominent investors of the company, was the first person in the United States to be granted a license to grow hemp. All the hemp is grown in 100% organic and sustainable Kentucky farms that ensure optimum quality. Brian is still in the process of pioneering the hemp industry in association with Kentucky Department of Agriculture and Ananda Hemp.

First a change legislation

Brian furnish is the representative of Ananda Hemp in Global Farming and Production, who is accredited for passing the 2014 farm bill with the help of various congressmen. It is because of Section 7606 of 2014 Farm Bill that hemp companies are thriving in the USA, or else nobody would have been able to grow them.

He is also working with congressmen James Comer of Kentucky to get rid of hemp from the list of DEA’s controlled substances.

First in research

Ananda Hemp also claims to have donated the most amount of money to hemp-related research than any other organization. This is the same company that first imported hemp seeds legally into the US, after passing of the 2014 Farm Bill. Since then, the company has been consistently trying to improve their methods of extraction and provide the best hemp.

Do I believe this stuff? Yes, I do! I did my research before placing the first order, and I’m not stopping you from doing that as well. Now, we get to the important part – the effectiveness of the products.

#1 Spectrum 200/600:

The cannabis oil from Ananda Hemp comes in 200 mg and 600 mg tincture bottles. Before I discuss anything about quality, let me just say that this review might come off as preachy in certain places. That’s because I was impressed reading the accolades of the company, so I went ahead and ordered Spectrum without any doubt in my mind.

Some of the features of the product that convinced me even further are the following.

Product features

  • The hemp products are grown and processed entirely in the USA and is certified by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture
  • The company does not use any “imported” CBD extract that is not in accordance with the Farm Bill
  • You get only full spectrum cannabinoids, containing the goodness of organic cold-pressed seed and botanical terpene blend
  • 100% legal in all 50 states of the US

How to consume?

It’s easy! Fill up the dropper entirely with hemp oil and squeeze it under your tongue. Hold the hemp oil inside of your mouth for about a minute and swallow it with water or a drink of your choice. Basically, take the dosage is the same way you use any other tincture.

How was my experience?

Ahh… where to begin? Let’s just say I liked the effects of Ananda Hemp CBD oil as much as I enjoy vaping. No joke! Research showed that cannabinoids like CBD could have a good impact on the physiological system on our ECS or Endocannabinoid system. I’m not much of a man of science, but I know for sure that the product served its purpose.

Not only did I experience a drastic dip in anxiety levels, but the CBD also kept my back pain away. Better mood, good sleep, and improved appetite are some other aspects that I could notice after beginning to take the dosage.

Hey, don’t treat my words as THE; CBD works differently on different people. I encourage you to try it out without any fear. Come on; you’ve got nothing to lose.

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#2 Spectrum Gels 450/900 

Spectrum gels are nothing but spectrum CBD oil softgel. The product is available in 450 mg and 900 mg bottles, having 30 and 60 soft gels respectively, per bottle. Not bad for the price I say! These are also legal across the United States, and pretty useful to have if I may add. Some of the crucial features are as follows.

Product features

  • Get the goodness of cannabidiol inside of organic gelatin
  • You get 15 mg of active cannabinoids in every softgel
  • The capsules are put through the same testing standards as the hemp oil
  • Available and legal in all the states of US

How to consume?

Take a softgel; take some water – swallow! Easy enough? I can’t think of any easier way one can get the benefits of cannabidiol. The capsules are most useful for people who travel frequently or those that do not like the taste of raw hemp oil.

How was my experience?

Pretty much same as using the Spectrum 600, except easier. I noticed a significant decrease in my anxious thoughts and the joint pain that used to keep me up at nights seemed to have vanished. Word of caution: you can never really eliminate anxiety or back pain; you can only keep it in check as I do.

So, keep your expectations in check and don’t miss the dosages if you want to see results.

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#3 Spectrum Salve 125

You love topical creams, don’t you? Well, prepare yourself to rub some in CBD for your pain with the Spectrum Salve 125. This one is a seed-to-shelf product in the most real sense as it contains authentic hemp flower extract and over 20 other ingredients. I tried it for my back pain and it didn’t disappoint.

Product features

  • Comes in an easy to carry and convenient tin package, containing 125 mg active cannabinoids
  • You get full spectrum cannabinoids and other plant-based ingredients including organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, beeswax, natural calendula flowers, etc.
  • Easy to apply and shows results quite fast

How is my experience?

I was never much of a fan of topicals, but this one changed my mind. A bit. I wouldn’t say this cream is as good as the CBD tincture, but it’s still pretty much what you’d expect to get from the price. Just rub the lotion gently over the affected areas, and you’ll see the pain receding rather quickly.

Buy this item if you do not like consuming CBD oil and would much rather stick to balms and creams.

Where to buy Ananda Hemp products?

Just visit the website www.anandahemp.com and choose the product you want to purchase. The company will deliver it right to your home. It’s as easy as that!

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Final thoughts

Overall, I have no reason to complain about anything regarding the efficacy of Ananda Hemp products. I got immense benefits from using them, and I suggest you give it a try as well. If you have any doubts, get in touch with a certified medical professional.

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