How I Treated My Back Pain With CBD Oil

Hi, everyone! So now, I will be telling you how my life went back on track after a small but life-altering accident. On the second thought, I think no accidents are ever small. Anyway, I was really about to give up hope when I found out that I was going to be “limited” until I found a solution to my problem: CBD oil.

As opposed to others’ belief that cannabis is not for “clean” people, I believe in its effect. You see, people who opt for CBD oil are not going to experience the “high” brought about by the cannabis’s THC component, but rather CBD’s healing effect.

CBD is being widely researched by scientists and chemists because of its properties and to segregate it from the psychoactive ingredients of cannabis. This is an innovation in today’s medicine. Plus, it’s all organic, so you and I don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals entering our bodies.

If you have an excruciating back pain that is disruptive in your work life (or life in general), then I guess we share something in common. If not, I hope you still read on, especially if you know someone who does.

A quick word, though: This post is not to replace any professional advice. I am merely sharing my experience with what works best for my back issues. With that settled, let’s begin with the story.

Reason for Back Pain: The Accident During a Very Ordinary, Boring Day

I am a self-proclaimed runner. I didn’t have any formal training, except for some tips from pros that I scored over the Internet. I love my legs. They define who I am – sturdy, not easily fatigued, and, yes, flawless. Kidding aside, they mean a lot to me.

I am able to run 5-8 km on boring days and 20 km on my motivated days. I join fun runs and marathons, and I often get prizes and stuff for the tremendous effort that I exert.

I guess you can also say that I am that one friend who influences her other friends to live the “fit and healthy” lifestyle. I used to party all night and drink to my heart’s content. However, when I gave running a go (because I needed to release the steam due to a very bad breakup), I knew that I’d be glued to it.

Running helped me become a better person. It helped me straighten my crooked way of thinking because of all that endorphin and stuff. My parents were ecstatic when they found out that I decided to be clean and to live this lifestyle. They were very supportive.

Losing some friends is common when change comes, but I wouldn’t trade running just so I could win them back. I mean that would necessitate me to go back to my old ways. No, thank you.

By now, it must be pretty clear to you how I value running like my life depends on it. It was all rainbows and butterflies until it was not. In the 4 years that I ran, I have never had a single injury. I always thought that if I would get injured, it would be because of this hobby. Clearly, I was wrong.

One day, I took my usual path when I ran my 10 km. I finished early, so I decided to cool down by walking my way home. I didn’t notice that the earth I was walking on was uneven so I tripped. My instinct told me to protect my knees (because wounds would be uncomfortable to run with), so I shuffled my body on my back before hitting the floor. I didn’t realize that there was a twig on the floor and my back hit it.

It was an unimaginable pain. I literally cried as a passerby saw me. He called for an ambulance because clearly, I needed to be placed on a stretcher due to so much pain that I couldn’t walk.

I was hospitalized, but I recovered after how many days. Unfortunately, the doctor told me to give running a rest since they had to do some adjustments on my back because of the impact of the fall. He also said that some nerves that were connected to my lower extremities’ functions had been damaged. Go figure.

More than the physical pain, that was the most devastating part, but I obliged anyway. However, even if I rested and did some therapy, there were points in a day that I would cry out because my back was badly hurting. Apart from running, the most affected aspect of my life was my sleep. I couldn’t get a full-night stretch because my back hurt at the slightest movement if I was unaware of it.

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I Will Be Forever Grateful for CBD Oil

I tried going to a chiropractor to have some “adjustments” on my back, thinking that the “cracking” would do the trick. It was indeed a relief, but only for that moment. I still found myself crying because of the pain.

I was resolute to finding the best remedy, if not the cure, for it. Luckily, a friend of mine introduced to me CBD oil, which she uses for her sleeplessness.

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I was thinking that a good night sleep would at least lighten the burden that I carry. I mean at least I would only deal with the pain after I woke up. To my surprise, it did not only help me sleep comfortably, but it actually alleviated my back pain significantly.

I am still using CBD oil for my back pain, and it works every time. I am also slowly starting to get back on track again. Prior to the knowledge of CBD oil, I was ready to give up running. I was ready to give up my identity. So I cannot thank CBD oil enough for its help.

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Final Thoughts on CBD

CBD oil has proven helpful for me in dealing with my back pain. For those who also deal with back pain and being sleep-deprived, I suggest you keep on reading and researching about CBD and its products, particularly CBD oil. It pays to go the extra mile to feel that comfort lost once again.

Thank you for reading my story, and I do hope that you find relief in CBD oil too.


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