Best CBD Oil for Depression: Does it help?

Depression is a serious mental health condition that causes negative thoughts in a person, which shows up in the way the person dresses and behaves. The person experiencing depression usually stays aloof and may experience a complete lack of interest in society or even the activities they once enjoyed getting involved in. Since depression takes a toll on both the mental and physical health, it can greatly affect the person’s emotions and productiveness both at home as well as at work.

Depression can vary from mild to severe. The common symptoms include sadness, losing interest in all the pleasure activities, loss of appetite and weight gain, sleeping disorder, persistent fatigue and lethargy, spending a lot of time in purposeless activities, feelings of guilt and low self confidence, difficulty in concentrating, inability to make insightful thoughts and in the worst case, suicidal tendencies. However, depression is a treatable condition and with the right medication and proper adjustments to lifestyle, it is possible for the patient to make a full recovery.

Why is depression becoming a serious concern?

The number of people suffering from depression is growing at an alarming rate. Since the early signs of depression are not easily recognized, it is not always easy to tell if a person has been going through depression just by observing their activities and behavior. However, it cannot be denied that depression can seriously degrade the quality of life for all the patients. If left untreated for a very long period of time, it can even lead to severe consequences. It is becoming a serious concern mainly due to the sharp rise in the number of suicides that have been taking place. It is not only the common people but even celebrities and Rock stars who have lost their lives to depression.

Even if the person has no suicidal tendencies, it is likely for him/her fall into addictive habits in a bid to get out of the depression and then finally succumb to it. For an e.g. combination of depression, drugs and alcohol can prove to be downright fatal. One thing that can help a depression patient is to believe that the hardest of the times are going to pass and stay put together. It is important to keep a close track of the diet and medicines. More than often, a change of air can also do a great thing for depression patients. In either case, the condition should not be taken lightly, as there will always be chances of the patient inflicting self-harm upon oneself and impulsive, uncontrolled behavior, which can lead to life-threatening injuries, further degradation of the condition and even accidental deaths.

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Can CBD oil be used for the treatment of depression?

Cannabis has been used since ancient times for relaxation and better mental health. In the recent times, there has been a lot of research in this area and many patients have already started the use of CBD oil for treating various mental health issues such as depression. CBD oils are derived from the cannabis plant and contain CBD as the active compound. Depending on the strain of the cannabis plant used, some oils may also have relatively higher concentrations of THC, a psychoactive substance as the active component.

Unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive substance and does not cause a high after use. In fact, if taken together with THC, CBD actually tries to inhibit the psychoactive effects of THC. It is also known to control anxiety and psychosis.  CBD has been known to be highly effective in the treatment of depression and shows results very quickly, i.e. within hours of administration. People who have taken CBB on a regular basis have reported a significant decrease in hyperactivity and claim it to be a great mood lifter.

How does it work?

CBD oil works by impacting the serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is a naturally occurring chemical in the human body whose level can sometimes get altered due to both environmental and physical factors. When this happens, a number of regular bodily functions are thrown off balance which can rapidly give rise to mental health issues. Since CBD has a direct effect in altering the CBD level, it can help provide relief from anxiety, depression, as well as various other mental health conditions.

The other reason why it can be helpful to take Cbd for depression is that it allows the patients to have a natural and undisturbed sleep at night, thus preventing insomnia which can have a debilitating effect on depression. When the body is properly rested, it is more likely to be in better health than when it is put under constant stress and lack of rest. Therefore, CBD can actually help the patients by treating two different conditions, depression and insomnia through a single medicine.

Benefits of taking CBD for Depression

  • It helps reduce anxiety
  • It can enhance memory and improve mood
  • It can improve appetite, sleep, and immune system
  • It can help reduce seizures
  • It does not give a high

Why is CBD a lot better option than antidepressant drugs?

CBD is seen as a better option mainly because it is highly tolerated by the body, gives quick results and causes none of the side effects like suicidal ideation, extended withdrawal symptoms, fear, anxiety, violence and serotonin imbalances which are bound to happen with antidepressants.

Who can benefit from antidepressants?

There are no adverse side effects associated with CBD oils. Therefore, it can be used by one and all. Only keep your doses under strict medical supervision if you have a pregnancy or have other permanent health issues. If you are already on some medications, consult your doctor so that you are not under the risk of dangerous drug reactions.

Best CBD oil for Depression


Here's what i use for depression and its kinda awesome

Fab CBD has earned many accolades in the CBD user circle and is one of my personal favorites. It works well for anxiety and well enough for depression (though indirectly, in my case). The company doesn’t offer much in variety sure but makes up well for it in quality. I tried out their CBD oil and got commendable results.

Now before I go any further, let me just say that I DO NOT have depression. So the effects I observed on my mood are entirely anecdotal. But don’t let it distract you; this product has many excellent features that make it worth buying.

Product features

  • 100% organic substance that does not contain any pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals
  • Only quality hemp grown in the US is used in making of the CBD oil
  • Quality tested and Non-GMO full-spectrum CBD, with only a trace amount (0.3%) of THC

The feeling of depression is nothing less than a demon glued to your back. One can ignore it as much as they want, but it will never go away. The only way forward is to proactively treat it with medication that’s not necessarily always something you’d have to have a prescription for. Consider Fab CBD is an alternative form of medication.

Even though I’ve been lucky enough to never fall into the clutches of this crippling disease, I’ve seen people lose their life because of it. Fab CBD tinctures have helped some of them lead a little better lifestyle by taking away the effects of associated disorders like stress and anxiety.

For me, the thought of having another anxiety attack makes me depressed. And I’m glad this that this product helped me deal with thoughts that are unproductive and downright toxic.


If you have clinical depression, go see a doctor. But CBD-based alternatives are worth trying as well. Fab CBD turned out to be a lucky charm for me; it might be the same for you too.

Dosage of CBD Oil for depression

How i get my dosage

The average dosage of Cbd for depression is 40 to 160mg, to be taken orally every day. Instead of taking the entire amount in a go, it is better to divide the dosage into different meals.



Using Cbd oil for depression has more positives than the negatives. It causes no severe reactions in the body and promotes an overall health while treating depression at the same time. Furthermore, the patients who have used it before have claimed it as highly effective.


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