The 12 Best CBD Oil Products & Reviews for 2018 [Latest Update]

Buying CBD is no easy task!

To the average first time buyer, having to make an informed decision may seem like being in the middle of an ocean and left to swim back to the shore.

There are just so many, brands, products, variety, of CBD out there, that even a few days of worth of research will seem like nothing.

BUT, there is a solution. A solution so great that buying the best CBD oil will feel like snatching candy from a baby.

And without the guilt too!

How? Just read my reviews of the best cbd products and then decide. Believe me; you won’t get a better deal elsewhere.

Buy the Best CBD Oils of 2018:

I have classified CBD oils into 2 categories: Isolates and Full spectrum. These brand not only work  for pain relief but also works well for other ailments you may have, that is why this subsection is named as “Best CBD oils”: 

Best CBD isolates Oils(0% THC-):

Disclaimer: All the CBD oil products that I am about to discuss below showed to have 0% THC content in 3rd party lab testing and when we tested them out on ourselves. We even mimicked a drug test, and the results came out same every time – negative. Still, I would suggest you consult a physician before taking any of these just to be on the safer side.

#1 SOL CBDBuy cbd from solcbd as its pretty awesome for pain relief and effectiveness of this oil is higher than whatever i have tested.

If you ask me what’s the best CBD is used so far, the first thing that comes to my mind is SOL. This company didn’t take long to make an impression because it really addresses the needs of healthcare people may have. Its founders, Larry and Oksana Ostrovski, are natural healthcare advocates themselves and are credited for publishing a variety of useful healthcare blogs.

SOL CBD has many products in their arsenal, intended to treat a broad range of ailments. The things you can buy right now are the following:

  • CBD Tinctures (normal and cinnamint flavors)
  • CBD Tinctures for pets
  • CBD Vape oil
  • CBD Balm
  • Liposomal CBD

My Experience with Sol CBD:

These products have proved beneficial for me so far, and I am glad to report that it’s been awhile since I felt any kind of joint pain. My anxiety levels are at an all-time low, and I’ve been able to return to leading a healthy life while taking the dosage. And frankly speaking, I’m not surprised because the company takes precautions to ensure you get nothing but pure CBD.

SOL uses only pesticide and herbicide free, non-GMO hemp oil extracted using CO2 method. This ensures that the potency and purity of industrial hemp are locked in. You can try out the tincture or the CBD balm as a starter if you’re looking for a cure for chronic pain, occasional joint pain, back pain, etc. It worked for me!

Not convinced yet? Click on the link below to read the full review of SOL CBD.

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#2 Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs cbd oil review

If you’re oddly specific about where the hemp used in CBD oil comes from, then you’ll be glad to know that Europe happens to be the place where Hempbombs thrives. Not only does the company insist that European hemp is of better quality, but claims that the in-house manufacturing technique is finest in business.

And what about the products? Well, you get plenty of choices. I daresay more options than you might be initially comfortable with. The products are:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD E-Liquid
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Pain Freeze
  • CBD Syrup
  • Max Chill Shot

My Experience with Hemp Bombs: 

Now, it would take me words beyond the scope of this guide to explain what each of those products do, but I will say one thing – you don’t need to try them all. The ones I tried initially were CBD oil and capsules, and both of them proved to be good for my anxiety. Though it would have been great if the products worked equally well in managing my back pain.

I tried out gummies and the E-Liquid, the latter using my own vape pen, and those two proved to be worthy of use. Some added benefits I observed from time to time were better sleep quality due to lack of stress, because trust me I was going through a lot at work when I decided to give Hempbombs products a swirl.

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#3 CBDpure

CBDPure is yet another brand that I wouldn’t mind a fully endorsing. I have used their one and only product – Hemp Oil Extract – to great lengths and have got remarkable results. Like Medterra, this brand also uses hemp that is raised in the USA, more specifically Colorado.

While the company doesn’t boast of any remarkable achievements in the field of pioneering the hemp industry, they certainly do know how to make useful products. The kind of stuff you can use every day to live a better life.

You need to try out the CBDPure Hemp Oil Extract because it contains high CBD content devoid of any harmful herbicides and pesticides. Of course, you don’t need to worry about getting high here as well because it does not contain any psychoactive properties like THC. All you get are natural cannabidiol, cannabinoids, and terpenes that boost your health.

You can buy the hemp oil extract in 100/300/600 mg with peace of mind knowing that you can always avail the 90-day money back guarantee if the product doesn’t work. Believe me; I have used this one for many months to take care of my back pain and have recommended to my friends as well. And they all say one thing – it works!

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#4 CBD Essence

CBDessence cbd oil Tincture review

Now here is a brand that gives you more than what you had bargained for! Not only does the company has an extensive inventory of products, but enjoys a reputation for being one of the most reliable CBD products manufacturers in the market. I tested out a few of their items without any bias and found all of them to be worthy of use.

Most of the products are priced well enough to be affordable for everyone in need of CBD goodness. The products you can buy right now are:

  • CBD Hemp Tinctures
  • CBD Hemp Capsules
  • CBD Hemp Topical
  • CBD Hemp Edibles
  • CBD Hemp Pastes
  • CBD Hemp Pet Care

Oh, the company keeps vape products as well such as cartridges (empty and prefilled) and E-liquids to be sold separately. As you can see, there are plenty of options for a CBD enthusiast to pick and choose what they would like to use. I, personally, enjoy using the vaping liquid because it is not only flavorful but also useful as much as the tinctures.


If I had to recommend CBD Essence products, I would ask them to try out in the order of tinctures> capsules> vape> edibles> pastes> topical. Oh! I almost forgot to mention that Hemp Pet Care is also a decent product and not just a ‘cash grab’ or a gimmick many companies try to throw at you in the name of pet products.

Try it, and you just might be amazed at the results.

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#5 MedTerra CBD

Medterra CBd oil review

100% American, 100% effective – the Medterra brand serves as an example of a standard that almost all CBD companies should live up to. Grown in the farms of Kentucky, the hemp used in manufacturing Medterra’s products are extracted using the CO2 method to get maximum CBD and keep out unwanted substances.

The company does everything within its capacity to keep the level of purity high and customer concern low. Don’t believe me? Just read up on the descriptions of these products:

  • Medoil CBD Tincture
  • CBD Cream for Pain
  • CBD Gel Capsules
  • Medoil Sleeping CBD Pills
  • Med99+ CBD Isolate

To start off, I’d recommend you the tincture (as usual) as they have the highest concentration of CBD and bioavailability to really get the effects going. I was on Medoil for close to 3 months and never felt the need to try anything else to keep my anxiety and back pain in check. But I still went ahead and ordered the gel capsules and isolate for review purposes.

The capsules were a little underwhelming, but of course, that’s just for me. If you don’t like liquid, capsules can be a good option to ingest CBD quickly. The isolate was good enough for my taste and proved to be the ‘quickest-to-act’ though not necessarily, the longest to last as far as effects are concerned.

I’m yet to try out the cream and sleeping pills, because whatever items of Medterra I’ve used so far takes care of sleeping on pain problems incredibly well.

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#6 Greenroads World(Wide variety)

Green roads world cbd oil review

Greenroads World is another brand I swear by when it comes to treating pain. If you read my blog, you probably know that I have a debilitating case of back pain that sometimes refuses to go away. While it’s true that CBD oil has helped me greatly in continuing the battle, not every brand was a success story.

I believe Greenroads World is a company poised for success because they are dedicated to customer care first and making profits second. I was initially attracted to the products because of their comprehensive product list but quickly found out that the tincture and balm are two that work best to alleviate back pain.

Still, check out the full list of products here:

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Syrups
  • CBD Terpenes
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Pain cream
  • CBD Concentrates
  • CBD Tea and Coffee (not kidding)

While the company does have an extensive array of products to boast, their method of extracting CBD also follows the industry standard. Greenroads World employers CO2 extraction method to extract hemp oil and all of the plants are grown following 100% organic practices. Meaning, there is no chance of dilution and loss of purity or potency.

By now you’re probably intrigued enough about the company or at least want to know more. Well, for all you CBD enthusiasts out there, I’ve written this review with the intention of giving you a complete guide on all Greenroads World products based on my experience.

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Best full-spectrum CBD Oils(0.03% THC):

#1 FAB CBD(Best full spectrum CBD oil)

Here's what i use for depression and its kinda awesome

With over 25 years of experience in the health industry, Fab ventured into manufacturing CBD to impact the lives of ailing mothers and grandmothers. You what’s so attractive about this pitch? It’s the fact that we can all empathize how we need to be treating the sick and the elderly better.

But that’s a story for later; now, let us check out what products they have on offer:

  • CBD Oil Drops
  • Muscle and Joint Topical
  • CBD Chews

Fab CBD can expand and produce other varieties, but it’s a company that puts quality first. And I can attest that the effectiveness of all the three products can be counted to be among the best in business. No pesticide or herbicide is used in manufacturing any of these and is safe to consume by anyone.

Though I must mention that the CBD oil does contain below 0.3% of THC, which isn’t usually close to the quantity that’s enough to show up in drug tests. Aside from enjoying non-psychoactive effects and great flavors, you’ll also receive an incredible kick to your daily living. Yup, you guessed it right; this stuff works extremely well for joint pain and anxiety.

You’ll also get better sleep as a result of a relaxed lifestyle. The Muscle and Joint Topical can be used directly on pain points while the CBD chews offer a fun and relaxed way of ingesting cannabidiol. Try these out, and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.


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#2 Nuleaf Naturals (Strongest CBD OIL)

Nuleaf naturals is one the best cbd oils i have ever used

Last but not the least, the one brand I would absolutely recommend anyone to treat pain symptoms is Neuleaf Naturals. This company was founded only three years ago and has already garnered a lot of attention from CBD enthusiasts and occasional users alike. I don’t like to attach labels to myself, but I’d say I enjoyed using their product as a critic.

As always, this company also boasts of offering the finest quality CBD oil, extracted following the industry standards and lab tested for potency and purity before releasing in the market. I was pretty skeptical about these claims, but then my opinion changed after experiencing the results for myself. Neuleaf Naturals only sells these two products:

  • High-Grade Max CBD Hemp Oil
  • High-Grade CBD Oil for Pets

Sure, the product list of this brand might not be as expensive as the others we discussed here, but the quality is just as good. The CBD oil is 100% organic and lab tested to ensure the purity is kept intact. There is no need to worry about getting high inadvertently because there is no THC in the CBD Oil.

What you pay is what you get! While the pricing might appear to be a little on the expensive side, I can assure you that it is worth it. To read my full review, just click on the link below.


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#3 The CBDistillery (Best Tinctures)

Cbdistillery review and coupon codes online


I use CBDistillery products for many things. One of them is to treat my back pain that comes back from time to time. This company from Colorado aims to make the CBD movement go public by providing people free access to research, education, and real-life testimonials. I’ve been a user of CBDistillery’s products for quite a while now, and a happy one at that.

What makes this company worth a shot? It is their dedication to bringing country-produced, high-quality CBD products at affordable rates. As far as the product types are concerned, you have many to choose from.

Here are the things you can use to keep your pain in check:

  • CBD full-spectrum tincture
  • Pure CBD Isolate Slab
  • CBD Capsules
  • Topical CBD Salve
  • CBD Terpsolate
  • CBD infused soft gels
  • Disposable CBD Vape Pen
  • CBD Skin Care Cream

Phew! I’m exhausted from naming all these. If you struggle with joint pain or general arthritis, I would recommend beginning with the tinctures. My next favorite would be the CBD capsules. Both of these are my main choices because they contain the maximum CBD concentration and are quick to act.

However, feel free to check out the other products as well, mainly the isolates if you’re someone who appreciates taking things “as it is.” These products worked miraculously well to keep my back pain in check, and they might work for you too.

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#4 Vape Bright (Best Vape CBD)

The best cbd oil for anxiety and pain relief and best thing about it is that it can be vaped. So its the best cbd vape oil we have tested from vapebright

Okay, I’ve got good news for all you vapers out there. If you are fed up with inferior grade CBD oil that shows no results after vaping, then you need to try out Vape Bright. Seriously, this substance doesn’t contain any propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin that dilutes the concentration of pure CBD.

Instead, you’re getting CBD rich in only terpenes that make the flavor smell like real cannabis. And I know how much you value authenticity of the cheap, plastic flavor some companies sell. Me? I’m an all-out vape guy and love experimenting with all kinds of products. Some of the items the company has in stock are:

  • Vape Bright Starter Pack (Includes 1 Thrive Vape cartridge, 1 Vape Battery, Charger, and Case)
  • Thrive CBD Vape Cartridge (200 MG)
  • 3 Pack- Thrive CBD Vape Cartridge (600 MG)
  • 5 Pack- Thrive CBD Vape Cartridge (1000 MG)
  • Vape Bright Battery Charger & Case

As you can see, the brand sells everything you need to get your vaping journey underway. If you haven’t used a cartridge before, I would recommend getting the entire kit for obvious reasons. I ordered the starter pack despite being a regular vaper because I had come to the conclusion that this brand is worth it after doing enough research.

As far as the quality of CBD goes, you get only CO2 extracted, pesticide and herbicide free product that is perhaps the best available for the money. And if you’re wondering why should you vape to treat pain instead of consuming CBD, read our full review by clicking the link below.

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#5 Ananda Hemp:

Ananda Spectrum 600 review

There’s something about the word ‘full spectrum’ that gets everyone talking. Ananda Hemp knows that and uses it heavily in their marketing efforts. But do their products work how they claim? Of course! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be mentioning the name.

Aside from pioneering a movement that brought acceptance to CBD all over the United States, the company also has been at the forefront of creating products of superior quality. You can read about many of their accolades here: As far as the products are concerned, you can buy these:

  • Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture (200mg and 600mg)
  • Spectrum Gels (450mg and 900mg)
  • Spectrum Salve (125mg)

Yeah, not quite a lot going on with their inventory but believe me, all the three products are rockstars in their own way. I’ve tried all and got remarkable results from the very first try, which is not all that common I assure you. The tincture worked great in suppressing my anxious thoughts and got rid of the back pain I experienced from time to time.

Spectrum Gels are the company’s alternative to ‘capsules’ and let you carry the goodness of CBD anywhere. Their effect is as good as the tincture, with added portability and ease of use. Salve is a topical cream consisting of over 20 natural ingredients that all combine to give you smoother skin.

I have no issue admitting that I am a fan of Ananda Hemp, not only due to their products but also because of far-reaching achievements in the world of legalizing and spreading the word of CBD.


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#6 Elixinol:

elixinol review for anxiety and pain relief

Elixinol is perhaps the most famous CBD brand of among the ones mentioned here. And, many other experts claim that this stuff works best for nerve related disorders like epilepsy. But how does this CBD oil perform for joint pain and other chronic pain? As good as you would expect any different brand of CBD to perform.

In fact, I first purchased Elixinol Tincture when my anxiety was an all-time high. I used to remain so anxious that every other ailment like back pain took a back seat. After experiencing fruitful results, I decided to try out other products by the company as well. Here are the items you can buy through their website:

  • Hemp Oil Tinctures
  • CBD Oil Capsules
  • Hemp Oil Liposomes
  • Hemp oil Oral Applicators
  • Hemp Seeds and Protein

Now, if you ask me to choose products among the five mentioned above, I’ll go with the tinctures and oral applicators. Tinctures, be it of any brand, are my staple for CBD dosage as I find them easy to use and efficient in results. The Oral Applicator by Elixinol, however, modestly surprised me with its efficacy.

The X-Pen Oral Applicator delivers an exact dosage of 15 mg CBD with every press, allowing you to microdose to the necessary amount. As far as the quality is concerned, the company only uses CO2 extracted industrial hemp oil that is free of any additives, herbicides, and pesticides. I could talk a lot more about this brand right here, but its best you check out my full review below.

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Which CBD Oil do I recommend?

CBD Oil, as you probably know, is a substance that reacts differently in different circumstances. So, I wouldn’t go so far as to claim that “I know it all” and ask you to put your money on a certain product. Personally, SOL CBD and FAB CBD are my go-to CBD brand because I feel they provides maximum value for my money. I suggest you don’t shy away from trying out different products before coming to a conclusion.

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