Best CBD Oil Reviews by brands (2017 Updated)

The best thing about CBD is that it is legal in all 50 states of North America. As people become more aware of the benefits of botanical remedies, we can expect the growth of pharmaceuticals to slow down. In fact, many parts of the world are now reconsidering their stance on cannabis products owing to the clear and verifiable health benefits.

Using hemp/cannabis to treat a broad range of health conditions might be new to the modern world, but it is actually a practice that goes hundreds of years back. If you aren’t using CBD oil to supplement your lifestyle, then you don’t know what you’re missing out.

And, We have reviewed the best CBD oils we could find in a short period of time below.

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Best Method to Take CBD?

There is already enough info on our website to educate you about CBD. But have you ever wondered what method of ingestion would be best for you? Believe it or not, choosing what’s best isn’t exactly an easy task. Many people like to preach the message that you cannot find out what “works” without treading the path of trial and error.

I disagree. I believe that anyone can find the best type of CBD depending on their needs and the brand’s strength. Whether you are buying CBD for yourself or your loved ones, here are the products you need to look out for.

#1 Tinctures

Tinctures are precisely what the term implies. They consist of plastic dropper bottles that contain CBD oil. Even before the Industrial Revolution, tinctures were used to ingest botanical oil due to their ease of use and quick action. As the demand for natural remedies increases, it’s only likely that more people would drift towards this method of ingestion.

->How do you take the CBD? Easy! Just use the dropper to put a few drops of CBD oil directly under your tongue, hold for a few minutes, and then consume.

#2 Vaporizers:

One of the best ways to ingest a high dose of medicine of CBD is through using a vaporizer. These devices function the same way as a convection oven in which you remove the additional compounds of a substance by applying heat. This leaves you with only the essential components of the CBD flower that’s actually beneficial for health.

->Vaporizers have become a hit in the market because there is no combustion or smoking involved.

#3 Vape pens:

This one is my personal favorite, not only because of the fun factor but also due to ease of use. Using a vape pen is one of the easiest ways to get CBD into your body without screaming for attention. The device is approximately the size of an ink pen and produces very little in the form of smell while using it.

->A vape pen consists of a CBD oil cartridge accompanied by a heating element. Despite the simple mechanism, these things work surprisingly well!

#4 Topicals:

Topical, as the name implies, is CBD in a form that is ready to be applied directly to your skin. Manufacturers create topicals by mixing creams or salves with hemp or cannabis oil and store it in containers. Topicals are decent alternatives to tinctures or vaporizers for people who do not want to ingest CBD.

->In fact, CBD topicals have shown a lot of promise in treating debilitating conditions like arthritis and autoimmune disorders. CBD skincare is also a reality now and is steadily gaining popularity.

#5 Transdermal patches:

The purpose of using CBD transdermal patches is to slow release nicotine in the body over a certain period. This is similar to the idea of using nicotine patches, used by people trying to kick their smoking habit. Most popular manufacturers, however, haven’t really caught up to the trend of producing patches.

#6 Infused foods:

CBD infused food is a relatively new concept, but a concept that’s taking the world by storm. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t like to have treats that deliver the essence of cannabidiol straight to your body? I know I do! What started in the form of dog treats can now even be found as snacks and drinks for humans.

->There are way too many types of infused foods to mention here, but gummies are my all time favorite.

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