Best CBD Vape Pen Starter Kits for Vaping CBD 2020

“Why do people vape when they could just use a tincture or pop a pill easily to get the benefits of CBD?” This is a question that I get asked a lot and yet the answer is oh-so-obvious.

It’s because vaping is fun! And it’s useful. Vaping CBD gives you more bioavailability than any other method, including using tinctures, taking pills, or edibles.

More bioavailability equals faster and more effective results with lesser CBD wastage.

Hi, guys! I’m Aaron, and today I want to talk on a subject in which I take a little more interest than usual. Yup, you guessed it right; I will talk about the best CBD vape pens and why you should give these babies try.

Now, I may be a staunch proponent of using your mouth like a chimney, but believe me, vaping CBD is just as good as using tinctures or pills. If you don’t know how to use a vape pen, keep your eyes peeled in the next section.

How do CBD vape pens work?

Without going into mechanical details, let me give you the gist: vape pens or vapor pens work by creating vapor that is to be inhaled by the person using the device. The central heating component of the said device slowly heats up the oil/wax/dry herbs usually at a temperature ranging from 350 to 400 degrees to the point of combustion.

As a result, the vapor produced is in its purest form and does not contain any harmful toxins that are usually present in smoke. Vaping is an extremely convenient, relaxing, and fun way to get some CBD into your system. When you vape CBD, the substance enters into your bloodstream after being filtered by the lungs, surpassing the liver and gut.

The benefit? You get a higher concentration of CBD in your blood circulation, which is just not possible with capsules and tinctures. Also, we can never rule out the aspect of flavor and taste in vaping because they too play a crucial role in its popularity.

 Best CBD Vape Pen Starter kits:

Alright, now that you have some knowledge of how vaping can be beneficial, let me give you some wisdom out of my book about the best CBD vape pens. In the next section, I’m going to tell you why I use the products that I do and how they can help you deal with problems.

Seeing Disclaimer: I’m no medical expert; I’m just someone trying to be a good Samaritan.

#1 CBDFx Vape Pen (Voted #1 Starter kit)

Best CBD vape Pen is CBDfx Vape kit

I recognize a champ when I see one, and Vape Pens from CBDFx are all worthy of that title! Made using premium components, these vaping devices contain premium CBD oil that is processed in specialized California labs. Aside from being easy to use, these models administer purest doses of CBD in a blast of exciting flavors.

Product features

  • CBDFx vape pens are disposable and ready to use out of the box; no additional juice or hardware required
  • Expertly formulated using full-spectrum hemp oil and a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine
  • Is extremely compact and holds 30 mg of CBD to give you a potent dose with every hit
  • Does not require to be charged. Just use and throw whenever you’re done

How to use

Since this is a one-time use product, you do not have to buy additional vape juice or carry a charger around. Just use the pen to take as many hits as you need and discard when empty.

How was my experience?

The thing I like most about CBDFx Vape Pen also happens to be the thing I dislike, to some extent. Yup, you guessed it right – I’m talking about the disposable nature of these pens. While it feels good to vape out-of-the-box and not care about loading cartridges or charging frequently, there comes a time when you feel you’re not getting most out of your money.

If you look past the disposable aspect, this product becomes highly enjoyable. And effective! The hemp used to make the oil are organically grown in European farms and extracted employing the CO2 method. You can buy the product in exciting, fruity flavors to enjoy to the max.


CBDFx Vape Pen might not be as good as their tincture or capsule counterparts, but it’s sure satisfying to use because of the flavors. If you have the cash to spare, this one is worth a shot.

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#2 CBDistillery Vape PenThe new vape product by cbdistillery

Although the CBDistillery Vape Pen might not be a celebrated product or even much promoted, I found the model to be a refreshing change. Well at least, as far as design and aesthetics are concerned. As far as the functions go, it does a wonderful job of letting you vape on-the-go and try out exciting new flavors.

This pocket-friendly product comes with nifty features that I can’t help but admire. Here are a few of them.

Product features

  • Lightweight and portable model compatible with CBDistillery 510-Threaded vape cartridges and oil cartridges
  • Durable 280 mAH battery that will let you vape for long hours before needing to be recharged
  • The USB charger is incredibly useful, and with its help, you’ll be able to recharge without needing long cables or fancy equipment

How to use

Load up the CBDistillery 510-Threaded vape cartridges and oil cartridges and inhale using the pen. Recharge when necessary by plugging it into a USB jack. It’s simple, really!

How was my experience?

Believe it or not, my ever so skeptical wife gave me this product as a gift after seeing how much I was enjoying the Koi Stik. As surprised as I was, it dawned on me that people eventually realize what’s good for them and good for others around them as soon as the right product comes along.

Silver Stylus Pen is easy to use, aside from that there’s not much to talk about. What I must tell you is that the vape cartridges by CBDistillery are one-of-a-kind. Regardless of your choice of flavor, I can guarantee that they’ll help you in dealing with symptoms of anxiety, joint pain, and other troubles. If not anything, you can expect a better night’s sleep for sure.


For a product as cheap as the CBDistillery Silver Stylus Pen, it would be a loss even if you didn’t get any benefit out of it (which I assure you, will not be the case). Go buy now; you don’t have anything to lose.

#3 Vape Bright Thrive Vape bright thrive vape pen with cbd review

VapeBright, as the name implies, is a company that only produces CBD vape pens and related accessories. So, you can probably kind of guess why I am including its name in the first position of my review. When the vaping hype was at its peak, I wondered if this trend would be worth checking into.

And it wasn’t until I tried VapeBright that I realized that there were good reasons behind the meteoric rise of its usage among millennials. Why this company and not any other? Keep on reading to find out.

Product features

  • VapeBright Thrive is 100% pure hemp oil without any traces of THC, nicotine, or propylene glycol
  • Only CO2 extracted oil is used in the cartridges, which maintains purity and gives you the most out of your dosage
  • You ingest 1 mg of CBD with every inhale
  • Get up to 100 inhalations before the battery runs out; recharge the battery in just 30 minutes!

How to use

The starter kit comes with three things – 1) Vape cartridge 2) Portable battery charger 3) Carrying case. Use the cartridge to take puffs of CBD, each puff delivering 1 mg of CBD oil. Microdose to the exact amount you need.

How was my experience?

Honestly speaking, if not for VapeBright, I would have probably discarded vaping as a waste of time. The products I tried before it was absolute trash and mostly I felt sick or nothing at all. Anxiety was eating me up from inside every moment while back pain just kept repeating every alternate day, over and over.

This product was quick to show its action (from the very first day, if I remember correctly) and I felt nothing but relief. Not only did I survive my vacation because I was carrying by handy vaping gear with me, but I came back home with a fresh perspective on life. Anxiety, lack of sleep, and recurring back pain were no longer the Demons I had to fight daily.


I got immense help out of VapeBright, but I cannot say with 100% certainty that you’ll experience the same. Nobody can. After all, CBD has different ways of acting on different people. As far as the product’s value is concerned, I’ll give it two thumbs up!

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Vape Pens

#1 Are CBD Vape Pens legal?

Yes, CBD is legal in almost all states of the US, but you still need to be over 18 years of age to buy vape pens.

#2 Are Vape Pens a good alternative to tinctures or capsules?

Yes, the right brand of vape pens will give you the same benefits as using tinctures and capsules. You additionally get the option to microdose to the necessary amount with every hit.

#3 Are there any side effects to vaping CBD

None whatsoever; unless you’re allergic to some substances used in the vape juice. If you experience symptoms of dry mouth, itchiness, puffy eyes, or a general sense of discomfort, consult a medical professional immediately.

#4 Can I carry my vape pen without being questioned or detained?

Of course! Vape pens are entirely legal, and I can guarantee that he will not have any problems whatsoever with the authorities.

Where to buy CBD vape pens?- Check Above

All the products I recommended above can be purchased online and delivered right next to your doorstep. All you have to do is visit each brand’s respective sites, choose the product you want to buy, and place the order. Most companies even offer free shipping when you place an order over a certain amount.

I’ve been a proponent of using CBD Vape pens for quite a long time now and will continue being so till I see more people using these products without hesitation or fear. You too can join me to bring the change!

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