Can You Travel in Planes With CBD Oil?

I took a flight from New York City to my friend in Sta. Barbara, California. I have fear of heights and have natural fear of falling off high places, so you can imagine how difficult it was for someone as nervous and old as I am. That’s why I always need my CBD oil whenever […]

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Here’s How CBD Feels Like For First-Time Users

I didn’t know about CBD until I experienced mild anxiety due to a stiff work environment. I would experience palpitations and back pain because of long hours working in front of a computer doing all sorts of financial analysis and encoding. I set up an appointment with my doctor, and I was told, “Michelle, you […]

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What Happens if You Overdose on CBD? Is It Safe?

I searched a lot online before taking CBD, and overdosing was my prime concern. My concerns were extinguished by learning that CBD is non-psychoactive unlike the THC, another compound present in cannabis. Before my discovery about the amazing benefits of CBD, I was suffering from insomnia. It started when I had a major life crisis […]

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