Bota Hemp Review

Hey guys, I’m Harvey.

Aaron and I go way back; we met at the vet’s and we bonded over the fact that we both were stressed out of our minds about our pets.

When I met Aaron, I had been using CBD irregularly on the suggestion of my pharmacist. I have been suffering from anxiety since a very young age, and I find it difficult to manage stress properly.

Aaron showed me his website, and I have been using his reviews to get my CBD since then. To be very frank, CBD helps me do my daily work in peace. As anyone with anxiety will tell you, with this condition it becomes extremely difficult to balance life and work.

Now, however, it helps me focus, and get more work done. So, when I started talking about Bota Hemp to Aaron, he convinced to write a complete Bota Hemp review and my experience with their offerings. Now, I haven’t been doing this for very long, so please don’t mind much.

So, let’s get started

About Bota Hemp

Bota hemp review

A proud member of the “National Hemp Association”, Bota Hemp has been making rounds of the CBD forums for a while now. They offer completely UA grown, organic and natural hemp products without any THC, for your use.

While, their catalog seems emptier than other companies, they make up for it in terms of quality, as is certain from all the praise I have heard.

I love when a brand promotes a healthier lifestyle as a whole. In fact, I came across Bota Hemp because of their blog, which had articles about how to live healthy. This made me try out all their products one by one, just like Aaron had recommended.

#1 Bota Hemp’s CBD Tincture Full Spectrum

bota hemp tincture review

I was recently telling Aaron about how hard it gets to have proper conversations with anxiety. Before I started using CBD, the normal medicines would make me drowsy for hours before I could hold a conversation.

So, when I started using CBD, it was mostly out of feeling desperate. I had been having a series of anxiety attacks one after the other, and I decided to give CBD a shot. It had been recommended by a pharmacist I used to regularly visit back then.

I was apprehensive about Bota Hemp’s tincture, because a lot of people I know had benefited from this. Now, I am not a huge fan of tinctures, I don’t actually like the natural flavor of CBD, and because I work long hours, the oil seems like a hassle.

However, Aaron convinced me that tinctures are one of the best ways to have CBD, so, I gave Bota Hemp’s CBD Tincture a try. I took a break from CBD for a week before I tried this. They had made it available in three concentrations of 250 mg, 500 mg and 1000 mg. Since, I usually use the 500 mg variant in daily life, I went along with that.

Product features

  • Made with Coconut MCT oil and hemp pil
  • Very small amount of THC (0.19%) which is way below the legal limit
  • Full-spectrum oil, which gives you the whole range of hemp good-ness
  • Completely natural and organic

How to use?

Aaron gave me the guide about using the tincture for vaping, but, I work full hours and it is very hard to do something like that. So, I used to take a little of the oil and drop it under my tongue for extra bioavailability.

How was my experience?

As I said, I work full hours. This often means that I have little time to take care of myself throughout the day. So, when the time comes around to relax, I am usually so stressed that I cannot function normally. Without CBD this gets worse and I end up closing myself to the world around me.

When I took the one-week break from all CBD products, this was what was happening to me. So, when I took this product, I started seeing an improvement.

In an hour, my mind had cleared up and I could concentrate on the things around me again. In the space of a couple of hours, I was confident enough to make myself some delicious dinner and call it a day.

Over time, I could see that my stress levels at work reduced a lot, and I could work without feeling terrible all the time. The potency of this product was amazing in that regard.


Go get this if you, like me, suffer from anxiety and have busy lives. It’s easy to take, works like a charm, and is potent enough.

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#2 Bota Hemp’s CBD Capsules

Bota hemp capsules review

I love capsules. They are easy to take after a long hard day at work, and even if they don’t act as quickly, they offer me relief. So, I took on the CBD capsules from Bota Hemp next.

I took a one-week break from CBD for this too. Now, I work the whole days and I often get overtime. This means that my usual social life goes for a toss because I am so tired by the time I come home.

This is not only physical tiredness, which is not really that huge, but mental exhaustion too. CBD often helps me cope up with the work and feel good enough to go out and be with my friends. And Bota Hemp’s CBD capsules? Let us look at the product features before we get to that.

Product Features

  • 25 mg of CBD in every capsule!
  • Completely natural and vegetarian
  • Causes no high (only 0.29% THC)
  • Easy-to-use

How to use

CBD capsules are easy. You just pop one in your mouth and swallow.

How was my experience?

Long hours of work are the worst! They take everything out of you. When my one week break had ended, I was exhausted and tired of all the work I had to do still. So, when I tried this capsule, I was hoping that it would offer a miracle.

In about 30 minutes, after taking the pill, I could feel a tingle up my spine. I immediately felt relaxed as the tingle spread throughout my body. Over time, I was not even feeling tired, and was ready to tackle anopther day at work.

After using this for a week, I called over some of my friends and watched a game with them too. As someone with anxiety, this is a huge achievement and it felt amazing to have some time for myself.


CBD acts differently on everyone, so, your experience might differ, but I am keeping a bottle of this for my use always.

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#3 Bota Hemp’s Pure Relief Topical CBD Salve

Bota hemp salve's opinion

Salves are another easy-to-use CBD product. Though, they are mostly used by people who suffer from bad episodes of pain, I use it for getting rid of muscle fatigue. I always keep something like a CBD Topical at home when I know the work will get stressful.

This helps me actually take care of my body without falling into one of those patterns where I end up hurting myself by over-working.

In this case, I took a break of one week from using CBD products to see how it works without any bias. So, how did it work? Let us look at the product features first.

Product features

  • 500 mg of CBD per container!
  • Zero high (THC below the legal limit)
  • Filled with essential oils to give you a pleasant-smelling experience
  • Completely natural

How to use?

Just apply it on the area that needs help and let it work its magic!

How was my experience?

I have to use CBD Topicals on my lower back every day after office. Otherwise, my muscle fatigue gets bad, and I cannot function normally. So, when I took a break from CBD use, I saw my muscles become stiff over time. The last day of work before I tried this product was almost a nightmare. I could not concentrate because my body felt so tired.

After applying this product, in about an hour, I could feel the muscles relaxing. I began feeling good enough to walk and run errands in a couple of hours and it has not gone back, even with regular use.

For me at least, what the favorite part of this is about how it works quite fast. I can sneak off a break during the beginning of work hours, and I don’t have to worry about carrying the entire exhaustion home at the end of the day.


I have been carrying this around for about a month now, and I don’t plan on stopping. You should give it a shot too.

#4 Bota Hemp’s Pure Radiance Topical CBD Face Cream

Bota hemp's face cream reviews

I have dry skin. While, usually this is something I would put in the category of “pretentious” too, for me my dry skin is a constant problem. When it gets cold, my skin dries up so much that I start bleeding, and when its summer, I experience extensive cracks on my face.

So, I have to use face creams always. When I saw that Bota Hemp offered a face cream too, I was overjoyed. I wanted to see how CBD worked when repairing my skin. So, let us take a look at the product features

Product Features

  • 500 mg of CBD!
  • Filled with the good-ness of lots of essential oils
  • Zero high
  • 100% natural

How to use?

Just like any other face cream, I applied it to my face twice a day

How was my experience?

There’s a reason I don’t use CBD creams much. The milder variety is not super-effective on my dry skin. However, this was not so. Maybe because of the essential oils, my skin felt a lot better.

After using it for about a week, I could feel my skin becomes visibly smoother and it was a joyride after that. I have got tonnes of compliments at work about how young I look lately, and I thank this product for that.


This is an amazing product for people who have dry skin like me.

Disclaimer: I and Aaron are not medical professionals, just a bunch of dudes who love what CBD has helped them do, and want to spread the love so, that it can help others.

Where to buy Bota Hemp products?

Just visit their website and get yourself some of the CBD goodies they have to offer. They also offer same day shipping if you need to products immediately. I’ll admit that I’m not a CBD veteran like Aaron is, but I do hope to reach his level some day.

Well, that’s it for now! Expect more CBD reviews from me in the coming days.

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