Buy CBD Oil Online: Remember these 10 things [Video Tutorial]

Getting quality CBD is no walk in the park.

And I say this as someone who’s been using CBD for anxiety and pain for a few years now.

I managed to gather up enough experience to not get robbed by fake CBD suppliers in broad daylight, but the same cannot be said for beginners.

There are a lot of scammers out there, who take you for a ride and leave you distrusting all CBD products in one go.

If you don’t want to end up as “one of those people,” I recommend you stick around and hear what I gotta say.

Hey guys, this is Aaron, and today I’m giving you a ‘101’ on getting the best deals on CBD in this market!

By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to choose the best CBD oil in no time.

To Buy CBD Oil: Get wiser and Learn About CBD!

Just a week ago, one of my friends came to me saying that CBD wasn’t working for him. I was pretty surprised to say the least. This guy has been using CBD for months and it had been a great help for him, so I asked him about where he was buying it from.

Of course, he had found a new local dealer!

The guy he was buying from had offered him CBD that he could buy in bulk at half the price. And he fell for it. My friend has a chronic pain problem, and for him getting CBD at the right time matters. So he went with someone who could provide him with the CBD he needed whenever he needed it.

I’m not judging but here’s the raw, naked truth about the CBD industry: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

What could happen?

Well, according to a recent study, over 70% of the CBD companies don’t fulfill their guarantee of CBD! The entire premise of this blog was based on the fact that I wanted you guys to only have the best.

However, it’s a pretty cut-throat world. In fact, even FDA issued warnings to several online CBD companies about their claims of CBD content in their products.

Let’s face it, some companies are just out for your money. You need to be super careful about your vendors and know about the different varieties of CBD available.

Learn about the different varieties of CBD Oil

You might have heard that where your CBD is extracted from makes a whole lot of difference. Basically, what we have are two major types of CBD oil available.

  1. Marijuana-based: Now, this has all the benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil that I keep raving about. Only problem? It has THC. Basically, marijuana-based CBD oil is extracted from resin-rich plants that give you the best combinations of CBD and other cannabinoids! However, it also is psychoactive and banned in many states.
  2. Industrial hemp CBD oil: This is the CBD you will probably end up buying (and I strongly recommend you do). It is safe, has minimal THC (you won’t fail any drug tests!). However, it only has cannabidiol and other unrelated compounds.

Now, plant products are not like pharmaceuticals. Basically, if you’re only taking regular CBD, you’re probably not getting the full benefits hemp has to offer.

So, what’s a man to do?

Buy full-spectrum CBD, of course! What a lot of CBD companies do is add extra cannabinoids during processing. Which means you get all the varieties of cannabinoids you need, without any of the THC coming in between.

Look for these features while buying CBD

  1. Make sure it’s Lab-Tested

If your vendor doesn’t want to give you lab tests, they’re probably hiding something! Not only are the lab results necessary to get you the full idea about what they offer. It also saves you from additional infections from any contamination that might’ve happened.

  1. Make sure it’s concentrated

Buying low concentration CBD is equal to throwing your money away! The higher amount of CBD is simply better in dealing with your issues. Also, it gives you so much more to use per buy.

  1. No need for unnecessary ingredients

Vendors that charge you extra because they added two more compounds into their CBD are simply not worth it. What you need with your CBD buy is simply a full-spectrum oil, anything more is mostly just for show.

  1. Look at the labels

So, some of my readers go like, “Why is Aaron so fussy about labels?” Well, there are two reasons! One, if your label isn’t clearly stating what you’re offering, you might be hiding something and two, I always want to know what I am getting.

  1. Get yourself some full-spectrum oil

Look, I told you this already! Plant products are superb when you get them all together. When you don’t however, well, let’s just say you’re not doing it well enough. So, yeah, get yourself some full-spectrum oil and see the difference. I just recommend CBD Isolate oil for Anxiety.
or the people who are drug tested in their offices.

  1. Safe extraction

If I told you I used some poisonous chemical to extract your medicine, will you take it? No, right?!

Same goes for CBD! Ethanol, hexanal extractions etc have a lot of problems. Always go for a safer extraction method, like CO2 or cold press extraction to get the full benefits.

  1. They shouldn’t list health benefits

Though they have allowed some marijuana-based drugs, the FDA does not allow CBD oils to advertise health benefits. So, if your vendor-of-choice is promising miracles, there might be something amiss there.

  1. Buy naturally-flavored oil

If the product is genuine they probably would not mask it with some flavoring! Plus, a lot of these flavorings are not approved for consumption, so be very careful when buying flavored products.

  1. Don’t get a high amount of THC

If your product has more than 1% of THC it can’t be shipped everywhere. It will also be detectable in drug tests.

Remember, FDA has a legal limit of 0.3% of THC, which must be approved of!

  1. Ask companies

Look back at my reviews. I always make sure that companies provide me with lab tests and other things. Don’t be afraid to ask whatever your questions are and you will be in a safe space.

That’s why I love FAB CBD‘s Community, The founder Josh Delaney is pretty helpful with everything. Yes, The founder of the company answers your questions 🙂

Always buy your CBD Oil online!

One of the reasons my friend got scammed was because he trusted a local guy with no track record of selling quality CBD. Look offline vendors may try to sell you on products that are only sub-par, plus, you probably won’t be getting any warranties there too. Here, are some reasons why I prefer online traders to offline ones.

  1. They have low THC – You can’t ship to all 50 states if your THC content crosses the 1% limit. So, if you don’t want to fail a drug test, online is a pretty safe bet.
  2. Warranties – A lot of companies have money-back guarantees if the product doesn’t work for you. This means that you can safely try a product and see if it’s alright before making a decision.
  3. Quick shipping – You deserve the best, and you shouldn’t have to rely on your offline vendor for a  day when he can get you the best CBD.
  4. Lab-test results – Companies know they have to catch your attention online, so they usually have full lab reports in the websites for you to browse and decide!
  5. Testimonials – Knowing from other genuine customers is the best way to know how a CBD product works. Online you get tonnes of those testimonials too.

So, to conclude

Don’t fall for scams! Be safe, and buy your CBD from confirmed vendors. You can look over the reviews on this blog to get a list of vendors and CBD products you can trust.

Be safe, until next time, this is Aaron signing off!

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