Cannabis And Yoga: Is It a Perfect Blend?

Cannabis has long been known for its psychoactive properties. However, it was not until recently that its medicinal usage also became mainstream. The legalization and decriminalization of cannabis in various parts of the world have gradually changed its social image.

With responsible use, many people claim to receive tremendous benefits from it. Cannabis has therapeutic potential much beyond our comprehension. For the same reason, the more scientists research, the more this herb, astonishes them.

Let alone, its potential use in treating autoimmune diseases, this product is becoming a part of our daily life and activities. The fitness enthusiasts and yoga lovers particularly find cannabis to be a beneficial addition to their regimen.


The Science Behind the Use of Cannabis

The chemical structure of cannabis is surprisingly similar to the cannabinoids produced in the human body. These cannabinoids attach with CB1 and CB2 receptors spread across the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to maintain several homeostatic functions. When cannabis attaches to these CB receptors, it can change the chemical and neurological activity to manage several issues like pain, inflammation, appetite, mood, and stress.

These activities fabricate as important aspects of yogic practices as well. Pairing cannabis with your yoga can help you benefit in the following ways.

1.  Better Flexibility

Whether you practice a physically demanding version like vinyasa yoga or a relaxing Kundalini yoga, almost all yoga styles require physical flexibility. Also, coordinating between one pose to another requires a great deal of mental agility. Even sustaining a simple mudra for breathwork can take a heavy toll on your back and neck. This is particularly challenging for anyone new to the practice.

With time your muscle adapts, but novice and intermediate practitioners may often suffer from soreness and inflammation. The use of cannabis can help deal with such pain and reduce inflammation.

Cannabis directly combines with the CB receptors in our endocannabinoid system to manage pain and inflammation. Without pain hindering your practice, you will be able to project greater flexibility and control. Cannabis can also subside physical discomfort and pain from injuries, for effective delivery, you can buy cannabis online for quick results.


2.  Increased Focus

Yoga is a sheer combination of breath, movements, and flow, with all the aspects playing their inevitable role in the equation. However, the alignment is sometimes difficult as our minds are preoccupied. Our brain consistently controls and manages cognitive and physical function.

Even though with bare minimum physical activity, it is sometimes impossible to relax the mind. Cannabis can be an ideal solution to such a situation. Cannabis increases the supply of GABA amino acid in our brain that can help manage the brain activity. Thus, settling down the restlessness and increasing focus for a good yoga session.

3.  Keep Stress and Anxiety at Bay

Combining Cannabis with yoga can effectively help reduce stress and anxiety-related issues. Cannabis acts as a stimulant that increases energy and the sense of euphoria.

The strains with a high level of THC exhilarates the mind and make one feel less conscious of the surrounding. A cannabis vape session before the yoga regimen can considerably curb down the social anxiety in the individual.

4.  Manage Other Body Functions

The fundamental yoga sutra from Patanjali defines yogic practices as a strict discipline. Some forms, such as Kundalini yoga and Ashtanga yoga, require a strict diet and sleep schedules. However, regulating bodily habits such as sleep patterns and appetite is beyond our control. Thankfully, cannabis can come to your rescue.

Different strains can help you manage a routine plan by stimulating these ECS activities. Indica strains, for example, provide a relaxing effect and induces sleep, so one can use it for effectively developing a consistent sleep-wake cycle. Likewise, Sativa strains can help energies and kickstart your metabolism and regulate insulin for better conversion of food into energy, thus adjusting your food habits.

With anti-inflammatory properties, cannabis can help manage stomach inflammation and bloatedness, helping in proper absorption of nutrition. Comprehensively, cannabis supports many bodily functions pertinent to good practice.

Cannabis and Blissful Yoga Session

Apart from providing these benefits, cannabis is popular for minimizing inhibition and fostering creativity. Both these characteristics can advance the mediational aspects of yoga. It can unleash the creative potential for visualization and help you get maximum from a positive imagery session.

As the ECS system manages several hormonal activities, cannabis can interact with it to alter the hormonal chemistry in the body. Along with reducing the level of cortisol, it may increase the testosterone to aid muscle development and restore good vibes.

Cannabis is also associated with divergent thinking. Therefore, meditation, along with micro-dosing on cannabis can open avenues to flexibility and fluency of ideas.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis and yoga is a great choice. Cannabis can help the body and brain adjust well to the challenges of the practice. It helps set the right mindset and physical ground for a great session. Since cannabis is famous for its sensory-enhancing properties, it can lead you to a uniquely blissful experience when administered responsibility.




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