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Hey! It’s me, Aaron, here, and I am back again with another CBD brand review. A couple of months ago I read some reviews about a brand named CBD Essence. Usually, it takes more than reviews to convince me to buy a product, so like always I decided to try the product out by myself. After months of using, here I am with the CBD Essence review to share my experience.

Word of caution as always: do your own due diligence before buying any CBD oil product because its effects are largely variable. Did I benefit from using CBD Essence products? Yes, absolutely. I’ll share my experience after giving you a quick intro to the company.

About CBD Essence


Browsing the website, I found that the company is based in Colorado and is owned by a couple named Don and Melissa. Since its inception, this company managed to grow itself from a boutique shop to a nationwide brand that distributes CBD to all 50 states in the US. But these are not the features that make CBD Essence unique.

This brand’s uniqueness lies in the fact that they use their own, patented liposome formula that promises to give you better results than most. “But Aaron, doesn’t everyone say that their product is the best?” Yes, that’s true, but not everyone lives up to their promises. After trying out their entire lineup of products, I can testify that the company is 100% legit.

Some of the core features of the company are the following:

  • The company employs the highly coveted CO2 extraction process through their experienced employees, giving you products of maximum potency and purity
  • The wholesome botanical extract contains all the essential ingredients like terpenoids, cannabinoids, and other essential oils found in hemp
  • The company sources hemp from only the best American and European farms, ensuring you get your money’s worth
  • Moreover, CBD Essence puts their product through third-party testing so that no doubt about its quality exists in your mind

Now, onto the real deal – what do I think about the product lineup.

#1 CBD Hemp Tinctures

CBDessence cbd oil Tincture review

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you probably know already that I like testing different brands starting with their primary product. So naturally, I went ahead and ordered tinctures for starters. Tinctures are a no bullshit way to consume CBD oil, and I have had many good results for my anxiety and back pain through the years.

Check out some of the product’s features to learn more.

Product features

  • This is the company’s flagship product geared towards making you relaxed and stress-free
  • The CBD oil does not contain any alcohol, THC, soy, gluten or sugar
  • Only CO2 extracted CBD oil goes into the making of this patented liposome-based formula
  • Doesn’t contain any added ingredients or preservatives

How to consume?

Two drops a day keeps the doctor away,” reads one of the reviews posted on the company website. I wholeheartedly agree. You can ingest the CBD oil using tincture or mouth absorptive sublingual drops to get its full benefits.

How was my experience?

To be frank, I went in with zero expectations for the first time around, and this product really surprised me. Like really! The drops had an instant effect on my anxiety, making me feel relaxed like never before. Any doubt that I had while buying the item had vanished, forcing me to give in to the sweet sensation of being “CBD high.”

The substance also kept back pain under control for the entire time I took the dosages. I say you give the tinctures a shot even though you might be a vaper at heart. While the process might not be as enjoyable, it certainly is effective.

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#2 CBD Hemp Capsules

Cbdessence capsules review

Just like every other famous brand out there, CBD Essence also has capsules for those who prefer an even more instant method of ingestion. These are basically CBD oil pills that promise you to bring the same benefits as any other mode of consumption. But does it live up to its promises? Let’s find out.

Product features

  • The best in class CBD formula to give you the benefits of full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Specially formulated for the best bioabsorption to give you instant relief from joint pain, muscle pain, and anxiety
  • Easy to consume and priced cheaper than the competitors

How to consume?

Just pop a pill with water or a drink of your choice, no more than two times a day when starting out.

How was my experience?

Ah! To be honest, capsules are never my preferred mode of CBD dosage because I’m more of a vaping guy. But as far as the results are concerned, I wouldn’t be the one to complain. I tried out the capsules after going off the tincture dosage and found its effects on my anxiety and back pain more or less same but takes a lot of time to hit in my honest opinion.

If you are someone who travels a lot or just consider tinctures and edibles a hassle, these capsules should serve your purpose just fine. Refer to the official website for more info.

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#3 CBD Hemp Edibles

CBdessence edibles

I have a soft corner in my heart for edibles, and I can’t help but try them out time and again. Why so? That’s because there are so many exciting varieties to experience! However, CBD Essence edibles only have hemp oil infused Candy in their repertoire. And when it comes to Candies and other sweet things, I’m not the kind of guy to wait till Christmas.

Product features

  • Available in the form of chocolate hemp chewy taffy, peppermint hemp oil taffy, peppermint white chewy candy, and taffy peppermint and green hemp
  • Made from all-natural ingredients, including Golden hemp paste
  • You get 10 mg cannabidiol content per piece
  • Tastes good!

How was my experience?

Oh, I just love them! Every time I get CBD edibles, I end up finishing them quicker than usual. This time was no different. These wholesome taffies are infused with 100% non-GMO CBD rich hemp oil and other flavoring to enhance both health and taste. There are no artificial sweeteners present, so people with diabetes are not at any risk.

Once you get the taste of these edibles, I promise that you won’t go back to regular candy again.

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#4 CBD Hemp Pet Care

hemp care for pets

The CBD Essence, pet care lineup, has six different products – CBD edible hemp oil large dog biscuits, medium dog biscuits, hemp oil infused rawhide dog chews, dog capsules doggy drops, and dog Lick. I can’t speak about the effectiveness of each one because I only gave Rufus (my dog) and doggy drops and dog biscuits. And boy was he ecstatic!

Some of the common features you’ll find in these products are:

  • Hemp oil of the highest grade, offering maximum potency and purity
  • Contains essential vital nutrients and other healthy properties like terpenes, fatty acids, and flavonoids
  • Legal in all 50 states in the US

How to administer the dosage?

You know what; it would be a lot easier if I just asked you to read the label for instructions. Let me assure you that this is no rocket science; if you bought doggy chews or doggy biscuits, then throw them the damn treats and watch them jump in joy. If you’ve bought CBD capsule, then be sure you know how to make your dog swallow it properly.

How was my experience?

Awesome! My old boy looked like if he was in the best mood of his life and begged me to play with him after a long time. Taking him on a walk after a long week is indeed one of those things that make my life complete. And I’m sure Rufus would say the same if he could talk. I did, however, limit his access to the doggy treats because he’s diabetic.

As for the drops, he wasn’t too keen on taking them. So I mixed a bit with his morning and nighttime meal. Overall, I’d say that the pet care lineup of CBD Essence is really good and entirely safe for pet consumption.

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#5 CBD Paste

Actually, I haven’t tried out this product yet, but it is on my list to buy soon. If you take a look at the pastes, you’ll see that they are not really cheap. Are they worth the price? I guess I’ll know soon enough.

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How to buy CBD Essence products?

Visit the website cbdessence.net and select the things you want to buy. The company has made the checkout process incredibly easy so that everyone can get themselves the miraculous benefits of CBD oil. Go ahead and try it; try it!

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Final thoughts on CBD Essence

CBD Essence is a brand that is as legit as the other brands reviewed on my blog. I certainly believe that this company deserves more recognition as they are truly dedicated to bringing you the best in the industry. I wouldn’t mind recommending the products to anyone who asks, including family, friends, and my dear readers.


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