Best CBD oil Affiliate programs from legit companies 2018

You know what’s better than getting to try some of the best CBD products? It’s trying out the best CBD products and getting paid for it! “Aaron, do you mean to say that you never really buy the CBD items you review on your blog? How is that possible?” Well, I do buy the CBD, but every product pays for itself BECAUSE I run this blog.

Yep! You guessed it right. I help you pick the best products on the market and in return earn affiliate commissions (and of course, loads of your love). In fact, I believe I wouldn’t have been able to devote time to trying out new items, and writing reviews had I not been earning anything from it.

But enough about me; this guide, like always, will be about YOU. More specifically, how can you follow in my footsteps and get a slice of the booming CBD pie by being an affiliate. What you will learn from this blog are the following:

  • Why you should consider becoming a full-time CBD affiliate marketer
  • The best affiliate programs out there right now
  • The easiest way to get started and start making money

So, better keep on reading!

Why become a CBD affiliate marketer?

Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the US right now due to its legal status and myriad of proven health benefits. Aside from physical stores and dispensaries, online shops are also making a ton of money selling this stuff. Given the fact that most customers prefer shopping from home now, I’d say the chances of running a successful online business is much higher.

The mindset of people has changed over the last decade. Most people now have no trust issues in buying online because companies are now either putting customer satisfaction first on their own or being held accountable by the government. So, now is the best time to enter the affiliate marketing industry if you’re willing to put in some work and play the cards right.

But what are the companies that offer the best CBD affiliate programs? We’ll discuss this at length in the next section.

Best CBD affiliate programs for the US

#1 CBD BioCare

CBD BioCare is another one of my favorites. This company has an extensive and attractive catalog of products that are bound to catch anyone’s fancy. So, you can expect to make easy sales and earn steady commissions without putting too much effort. What do you have to do? Just drive traffic to your blog and earn away!

Here are the benefits of becoming an affiliate for CBD BioCare:

  • Earn up to 25% commissions on every sale
  • Get 90-day cookies for a higher commission window
  • Quick payouts to all marketers
  • Easy to use affiliate interface and responsive support

What does this mean for you?

If you partner up with CBD Biocare, you have an abundance of opportunity to make affiliate commissions. They have a large selection of products, including CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD topicals and so much more. So even if a person lands on the website looking for CBD oil, they will help you make even more money by ordering extras such as gummies.

The 90-day cookies option sweetens the deal even further because you never know when you might make a sale from a potential returning customer. I like it; I’m reasonably confident you will too.

You can join their affiliate program here

#2 CBD Essence

CBD Essence is another one of my favorites. I’ve been their customer for a long time and can attest to the fact that their products work! Working as an affiliate is also a breeze because they have simplified every process to the point where you barely have to do any work. Just use the resources given by the company, drive traffic, and make good money.

Here are the benefits that CBD Essence offers you:

  • 20% commission on every sale, working as an Affiliate
  • Lifetime cookies so that you can make an unlimited amount of sales in the future
  • The broad lineup of products offering a myriad of health benefits
  • Extremely easy-to-use sales funnel to drive traffic where it needs to be

What does this mean for you?

Thanks to the company’s continued efforts in making their affiliate’s life easier, you’ll get the benefit of tiered commissions and hands-on assistance whenever needed. I can state from my personal experience that CBDEssence pays on time and takes the personal interest in your success. The products are also of a holistic nature and have proven to be beneficial for anxiety, pain, and many other issues.

This is one of my favorite affiliate programs, from which I am earning consistent money. I’m confident you will too!

#3 CBD Pure

CBD Pure is perhaps THE most famous company in the industry today, and for good reasons. They have been researching and manufacturing CBD over the last decade and have handsome payouts for their affiliates. Personally, I feel that they have the best offer right now both regarding consumer products and marketer rewards.

Here are the benefits you can expect to get by being an affiliate:

  • Earn 40% in commissions on every sale, which is the highest in the industry
  • Easy monthly payment credited to your PayPal account
  • Excellent support

What does this mean for you?

More money, what else? Imagine making 40% of a $ 200 purchase – that’s $ 80 on a single order. And you can make money pretty much non-stop by providing the right information to the right people. There are no fine prints here, people! What you see is what you get. I am delighted with this company’s affiliate program and would recommend anyone to try it.

Check out this link www.cbdpure.com/affiliate to know more details. Of course, you can always ask me as well if you need help.

Best CBD affiliate program for the UK

Love CBD

Love CBD is another brand that I hold dear to my heart, and not just as an affiliate marketer. I fell in love with their CBD oil from the very first time and decided that I should tell people about it. This company is based in England and is quickly gaining popularity in the country. So, for the folks living there – this is the brand you can promote.

Unfortunately, the company cannot claim that their products have any medical benefits due to stringent MHRA regulations, so you’ll have to leave it to your customers to find out.

Some of the benefits of being an affiliate of the following:

  • 15% commission on every sale and 2.5% 2nd tier commissions
  • Cookie tracking and in-depth linking features that should help you get more sales
  • CBD sourced from a highly reputed European merchant
  • Monthly payments direct to your PayPal account

What does this mean for you?

It means that you have an excellent opportunity to promote health and wellness in the UK and make money in the process. Click on this link www.lovecbd.org/affiliate-area to go to the registration page and apply. Let me know how your experience goes, will you?

How to promote the brands

There are plenty of ways you can market these brands.

  • You can start a blog using WordPress
  • host a talk show on YouTube
  • Through Facebook Groups
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter and many other ways.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions of every CBD company to find out what mode of promotion they do not support.

Many people are making a living as affiliate marketers; if this is the path you want to follow, now is the best time.

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