CBDPure Review: Best Dietary Supplement 2020

What’s the first thing you look for while buying CBD products? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably price…

…But Potency, purity, shelf life, the method of production comes later. Let me tell you guys- this approach is a mistake!

Hey all, its Aaron here, and in this CBDpure review I’m going to talk about a wonderful product that puts quality first and why you should prioritize quality above all as well.

CBDPurewhat is it?

It is Hemp oil manufactured by a brand named Nutra Pure. What’s unique about this company is that they concentrate solely on producing hemp oil – not topicals, edibles, isolates, or anything else.

Keeping the inventory limited to one product has allowed them to research and develop the item to a level of quality that is supposedly unmatched. I kind of believe it…

…And I say that as a person who has tested at least three dozen varieties of hemp oil, priced from very low to staggeringly high. So, how does this product fare against others in the market?

Before we move on to my personal experience, let us take a look at the company.

About CBDPure 

CBDPure is cannabidiol oil of the finest quality, derived exclusively from hemp grown in Denmark farms. You do know that the Danish and the Dutch are pioneers in the cannabis industry, right? Well, now you do! The hemp plants are raised in a 100% organic method that does not involve the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides.

This industrial quality hemp is especially renowned for the high CBD content and excellent purity. The company, Nutra Pure, follows a strict production guideline and then follows it up with many stringent quality control checks to ensure that the product consumers get on hand is top notch!

Here are some of the their core features:

  • The hemp oil is only made using quality hemp grown in the farms of Denmark and does not contain any contaminants
  • Every product is put through rigorous quality testing by an independent third party to ensure optimum quality
  • Only CO2 extraction method is used to extract the full spectrum cannabinoids, preserving its natural properties
  • Works great to promote better mental health, and restore the balance to our endocannabinoid system

Now, being the skeptic person that I am, all these tall claims didn’t initially float with me. The other CBDPure reviews also looked too salesy for my liking. So, I decided to dig a bit deeper and find out how the company arrived at the claims they make.

CBDpure Review: Here’s My Thought and Opinions on their CBD Oil

If we equate purity of CBD oil to the trustworthiness of the company manufacturing it, then CBDPure would be fairly trustworthy. “But Aaron, didn’t you say this manufacturer is one of the best in the industry?” Yes, I did say that, and I stick by my words; however, the company could have done a bit more to be reassuring to the buyers.

First of all, the proof of third-party results that are supposed to testify of the product’s purity didn’t seem entirely convincing. Slightly disappointed, I went on to the FAQ page to check for relevant info. While the questions and answers did dispel a lot of my doubts, I was still not 100% convinced about buying.

As a last resort, I went over to check for testimonials, and surprisingly almost every testimonial said only good things. Sure, a lot of times companies fake testimonials to boost credibility, but this one didn’t seem to be that way. It was just a hunch, or call it a gut feeling if you will that made me buy the first bottle.

My experience with the product

Taking a leap of faith, I ordered the 600 MG hemp oil bottle costing $ 79.99. It was a small amount of money I could risk losing, so no problems there. The package was delivered promptly, and I began taking the dosage on my own. Note: since this product falls under the category of health supplements, I recommend you consult a doctor in case of any confusion.

Each serving of CBDPure delivers 20 mg of cannabidiol, and I took 2 servings daily – once in the morning and once in the evening. There’s nothing to talk about in the flavor side of things because it tasted like natural hemp. Honestly speaking, it’s the natural hemp flavor that I like most.

Now, the effects: I’d say this stuff started showing its results faster than I had anticipated. I stopped taking my previous CBD medication a week in advance to test CBDPure, and it felt like my anxiety was once again starting to tighten its grip. Just two doses per day allowed me to begin my normal life. I couldn’t be happier!

So, I can safely say that CBDPure did work as good as the previous cannabidiol I was taking. Did I mention that this substance – like almost all CBD oil products – I review, is non-psychoactive? That means you can treat many symptoms without fearing the feeling of intoxication or “getting high.” After all, that’s what CBD is all about!

How to consume

There is no dosage mentioned officially as such, so my best bet would be to take the trial and error approach. Start with one serving daily of 3.3 mg and observe the effects. Slowly increase from there to a maximum of three servings if you feel the need. Better yet – get in touch with a physician for guidance.


Look, this product isn’t perfect. In fact, I wish the company had put more effort in publishing more lab results of their third-party tests to boost credibility. However, if you can look past the initial impression, I’m sure CBDPure will prove to be useful. Why don’t you order the smallest bottle and test for yourself?

And, CBDpure is also voted the #1 CBD oil tincture, read this article here.

Visit CBDpure.com to buy.

About the new Softgels: Your Portable CBD

Why not have some CBD capsules as a back-up for those long days at work? The new CBDPureSoftgels offers all the goodness of their oils in capsule form. Since the same level of quality is maintained throughout, I have no qualms about recommending it to you guys.

Some Features of Softgels

  • They offer 25 mg of CBD per capsule!
  • They have used CO2 extraction used to ensure you have the purest CBD
  • These capsules are extremely easy to use
  • Completely natural and organic, so, you can count on there being no side-effects.

My experience with the product

I love using CBD Oil, the feeling you get while vaping is great. However, I also get that vaping in public places or at office bring a lot of unwanted stares. To be frank, when I heard that CBDPure has added to their arsenal, I bought the capsules to use when things get stressful at work.

I started taking two capsules a day for testing this out. Before trying this, I had already taken a break of a week from all CBD products.

The effects were quite amazing. Capsules don’t work as fast as oils do, but, even with that, I would be back in no-stress mood in about an hour. Over time, it also helped me deal with my chronic back pain. In about a week, I was back on track and running.

I can happily testify that these capsules were potent and very helpful in dealing with my issues.

How to consume?

Since there’s no recommended serving value, I would advise you to go with one capsule a day for starting out. You can increase the dosage if you feel the need.


Better and more potent capsules will always be available, but, these small and economical containers pack quite a punch! Why not give it a try to see if it works out for you?

Visit CBDpure’s Official site to buy this product

About CBDPet: CBD Oil for your pets…

Cbdpet review and coupon for the website and its products

If you believe in getting the best for your health, then why not give your pets the same? CBDPet brings all the goodness of CBDPure with a little tweak to make it perfect for your furry companion. Nutra Pure upholds the same level of excellence in maintaining quality here as well, which is why I have no problem in recommending it to you wholeheartedly.

Some of the standout features of CBDPet are the following:

  • It contains full range of cannabinoid and terpenes, which is far better than just CBD
  • The company makes use of CO2 extraction method to preserve the full spectrum cannabinoids
  • They also use the cold press extraction technique to keep the hemp’s natural composition intact without adding any chemicals
  • Simple to administer – just add it to pet food or treat

My experience with the product(or should i say my dog’s?)

I’ve been giving my old boy Rufus CBD treatments for as long as I remember. Quite frankly, I decided to go against my inhibitions the first time, which indeed pay off. CBDPet does a good job in keeping my dog active enough to stay healthy. The company says it can help with other issues such as aggression, self-trauma, excessive vocalization, and cognitive problems.

While Rufus has never been the one to trouble with excessive barking, age seemed to have slowed him down quite a bit. Thankfully, it is with products like CBDPet that I was able to treat him and bring him back to his regular mood. His bones aren’t as healthy as they used to be right now, but it’s a separate issue that I am consulting with the vets.

If you give this to your dog or cat, I promise you’ll notice positive results at least in behavior, if not in health. Hey, you always have the 90-day refund policy to go back to if the product shows little to no desired effect. Sundays have become fun again at the doggie park for my four-legged kid and me.

How to use

This product is easy to administer and 100% safe for your cat or dog to consume. Just mix the CBD oil with their favorite food or treat and the substance will be ingested naturally.


Nutra Pure has earned its name in my good books, for which I am willing to recommend CBDPet in a heartbeat. And that’s not just me! Just go to the ‘Success Stories’ section of the website www.getcbdpet.com, and you’ll see what I mean.

The game changer – CBDpure Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee

Both CBDPure and CBDPet come with a 90-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with product results. Not only is a promise like this incredibly bold, but something that we should all admire. After all, not many brands will go out of their way to replace or return a product up to 3 months after purchase.

Just to read the terms and conditions correctly to know how to go ahead with the claim.

Here’s how i Bought their CBD Oil, You can also get it the same way:

You can purchase CBDPure from the website www.cbdpure.com and CBDPet from www.getcbdpet.com. I honestly don’t know why Nutra Pure decided to use two separate domains though. Right now, the company delivers to every state in the US, except for Indiana, Arkansas, Kansas, and Louisiana.

You can order online and have the products delivered right to your doorstep. So go ahead and place the order if you like my CBDpure review; let me know of your experience later. 

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