Charlotte’s Web CBD Review and Coupon Code 2019

Anxiety, depression, pain, stress don’t seem to be showing any signs of receding.

Today, people are trying everything they can to lead a normal life, including CBD.

Recently, with the craze in CBD booming, Aaron and I (your’s truly, Daniel) have been getting tones of requests for suggestions and reviews. So , we decided to do this Charlotte’s Web CBD Review.

Charlotte’s Web was one of the brands that popped up in one of those requests and it took me back to another conversation.

You see, one of my friends has a tendency for epileptic seizures, and he recommends Charlotte’s Web strongly. Now, I wasn’t really sure about buying products of a lesser-known brand like this one, but knowing how my friend struggled with seizures for a long time, I really wanted to give it a fair shot.

About Charlotte’s Web CBD

charlottes web story

This brand is a family owned business, started by the Stanley brothers. What’s interesting though, is the fact that the name of the company is based on a little customer of theirs. Charlotte Figi had a condition that actually made her have seizures every 30 minutes!

Stanley brothers had been developing a formula and they helped Charlotte with it. She’s a thriving 9-year old who likes playing in the Outdoors now!

With such a story to start with, I was immediately hooked to the prospects that this company offered. I am a huge fan of companies that actually care for their customers personally.

With testimonials from Neurologists and Veterans from all around the U.S.A, I became aware that this company is more than just one success story. According to the Stanley brothers, they ensure that only the purest CBD, with no added THC, with broad spectrum terpenes and other natural products goes to our service.

I was pretty intrigued at this point and decided to try out a few products. What did I find? Read them in the sections written below.

#1 Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract Oil

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Charlottes web cbd review and coupon

I won’t lie; I was very excited for this product because of my experience with tinctures. It was available in three varieties, Regular, Plus and Advanced, with increasing order of potency. Just for reference, the Advanced Potency was the original product given to Charlotte Figi. I chose the same 50mg/ml concentrated product for trying.

It was also available in the Mint Chocolate flavor, however, I chose the natural one for my case. How was my experience? Let’s look at Product features before we get to that:

Product Features

  • All products are the USA grown by the creators themselves
  • Hemp is extracted through CO2 extraction to give the highest purity
  • Completely natural
  • Filled with more than 80 kinds of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that make you feel all kinds of good
  • Graduated dropper provided for accurate dosage

How to use?

For beginners, I would recommend a drop under your tongue (so that you get the most out of). If you do not like the taste of CBD Oil, go for mixing it with the cooking.

How was my experience?

I decided to take a break from CBD before I could try this product. However, that also coincided with a very hard week at work. I was having constant back pain from the long hours of work, and the stress had simply piled up. I took the oil mid-week and showed a huge amount of improvement.

Within an hour of using it, I felt tingly all over my body and could feel my body relaxing. Over the rest of the week, I actually could turn away my depression for a while.

Taking the Stanley brothers’ advice, I also put this into some food just to see how it would work. Though, not as fast as the tinctures, within a couple of hours I felt a difference. Over a week or so, this also helped me with triggers and night sweats.


This Hemp Extract Oil is one of the best I’v ever used albeit a bit slow acting. For the price, I’d say it is one of the best deals you’ll ever get.

#2 Charlotte’s Web’s Hemp Capsules

CW hemp review

Available only in 15mg and 35mg variants, these were not the most potent capsules I had taken. However, the variation might be very good for a beginner who is scared about after-effects or just is not sold on the idea of capsules yet. What got me excited was that they also claim that it helps the muscle to recover.

I took a break of two weeks from CBD before trying out the “Plus” variant with natural flavors and 35 mg of CBD capsules.

Product Features

  • Hemp is grown and sold by the Stanley Brothers
  • Owners personally oversee processes to ensure quality
  • No THC
  • Full spectrum of phytocannabinoids and flavonoids to help you with your experience
  • CO2 extraction to get the purest CBD

How to use?

With capsules, you can just take one and gulp it down with water. These are very easy-to-use.

How was my experience?

As I already said, I was getting into depression by the time I came around to trying this product. With such a low concentration, I did not have much hope, but I took the recommended dosage of 1 capsule a day for a while.

I do not know if it is all the extra natural products available but, this product helped me with a lot of things I was starting to develop a problem with. I began talking to people normally, and ran with the kids one evening too! The capsules took a bit long to take effect though. The first sign of my mood being uplifted came after three days of use.

However, as Aaron says, the effects of CBD depends on the individual individual, so you might feel the effects a lot faster than I did.


With the full-spectrum products offered along with this one capsule, I would not shy away from recommending it to anyone.

#3 Charlotte’s Web’s Hemp Infused Cream

CW-Hemp-Cream online review

Product Features

  1. Completely USA grown hemp
  2. Also, has over 80 kinds of phytocannabinoids and flavonoids for a complete effect
  3. Available in easily usable tubes
  4. Development is overseen by the Stanley Brothers themselves
  5. CO2 extraction to get the highest purity of cannabinoids

How to use?

Apply the cream to the painful or stressful areas of your skin. I also used it on my face for a while to see the difference.

How was my experience?

In about 4 hours after using this cream, I started feeling refreshed. Now, I like topicals, and seeing the effect, I immediately took a break from CBD to give it a proper try. By the time a week rolled by, the stress of work meant I could feel my muscles and joints tense up.

About the skin, while, it helped in making me feel fresh and better, its effects on the skin were not very notable. I did get compliments from the missus about how handsome I look by the 3rd week of regular use though.


I would recommend keeping this product around for people who have stressful jobs. It helped me feel relieved about the stress, and in sleeping better. I don’t know much about the way it helps you beautify yourself, but there is a noticeable glow that does come around eventually.

#4 Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Balm

CW-Balm review online

I did not want to give this a shot, but my missus convinced me to. She had heard about Charlotte’s story and wanted to give the brand a try but, was unsure about anything else but, this product. This also kicks quite a punch with 150mg in a 1.5 oz package. You should see the product features before I say anything else.

Product Features

  • 100% natural CBD products
  • Infused with goodies like Sunflower and CBD butter
  • The overseeing by the Stanley Brothers on every stage on the process
  • Purest quality of extraction through CO2 extraction

How to use?

Use it on any of your areas which are tense or painful, and you’re done.

How was my experience?

I took a two-week break from CBD myself and started helping my wife use this balm to soothe herself. She said that the soothing smell and the way it worked out the stress on her back was quite excellent.

For me, I could get myself out there and go on a one day trip with Aaron. We went to the jungle and enjoyed nature’s beauty. Throughout the time, I did not even feel the need for tinctures.


While this might not be as potent as cream, this should be the topical of choice who are coming into CBD for the first time.

#5 Charlotte Web’s Paws

CW hemp paws review online

I would confess, I had only heard about this product from Aaron, who used this when Rufus got into an accident with the lawn mower and was hurting for several weeks. I have been skeptical about the product, but, I would second Aaron’s recommendation, seeing Rufus now.

Product Features

  • Completely USA grown hemp
  • About 25 mg of CBD per ml
  • Made with high-quality MCT oil
  • Production is overseen by the Stanley Brothers themselves

How to use?

Mix the oil with your pet’s daily food requirements or drop the tincture into their mouths for seeing effects.

How was my experience?

Rufus took a while to get on the feet, but within one and a half day he was quite fine. Aaron and I could take him out for walks after that, and he took a healthy interest in everything around him.


Use it for your ailing pets if you want to, however, be careful about the dosage and follow instructions

Where to buy Charlotte’s Web products? is the right place to buy Charlotte’s web product because they take their customers seriously, have better shipping times,  more discounts and you will get the best Customer Service too.

Here’s hoping we get our own stories. This is Daniel, signing off.


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