Endoca Review: The Best CBD oil in UK?

Buying CBD is not easy!

Especially so when you’re married with two kids, and are already struggling with anxiety.

But that didn’t stop me from writing this Endoca review.

I’ve been going through some difficult time lately because one of my kids got himself injured at school.

As a parent, you would know how crazy it gets when a child ends up hurting themselves, so I was very much on edge and anxious for the entire duration.

Sometimes I calm myself by reading my own blog. And while checking out Daniel’s review of Hempbombs, I remembered that I had not done a full review of Endoca yet.

It is Europe-based, created by a world traveler, and claims to produce the “best CBD oil in uk”

But do they deliver on their word, or is it all a farce?

We’ll get to that part, but first let me tell you a bit about the people behind the company.

What and why i found about Endoca, before this Endoca CBD oil review?

Endoca was founded by this Danish man named Henry Vincenty who liked to travel the world. In his footsteps, the company has grown to be one of the most significant presences in the online CBD market. It is pretty hard not to have heard of Endoca if you have been following CBD articles and reviews for a while.

What gets me about their products is how they use a low temperature in the extraction process to keep most of the ingredients intact and undamaged. This means that all of their products contain full-spectrum CBD. Now, I cannot overstress the benefits of this. You can, of course, have the regular CBD extracts and be able to manage pain. However, the full-spectrum variety offers you a lot more benefits regarding health.

A huge plus is also the fact that though all their CBD is grown in Scandinavia, they have been pretty huge in the United States. So, when you order yourself a batch, you will get it from the Sunna State of California.

Endoca also is a supplier to several hospitals and hence, all their products undergo rigorous testing to provide you with the best quality available. In the short time that the CBD industry has boomed, it has even managed to brag a prize from the U.N. about how they process CBD.

Today I am going to take you through my experiences from some products from Endoca.

Experiences with Best CBD oil Company in uk: Endoca

#1 Hemp Oil Drops

Endoca Hemp oil review 1500mg CBD

This was the first product I got from their website. It was available in two packages. The 3% package with 300mg of CBD, and the 15% package with 1500 mg. The moment I heard about the 15% pack, I knew I had to try it.

To give Endoca their due, I went ahead and went a fortnight without taking any form of CBD. By the end of the period, my anxiety had returned in full swing. I could feel myself trying to avoid important interactions and trying to hide away from the world.

What changed after I tried this product? I believe we should look at the product features before we get to that.

Product Features

  • 100% natural and organic
  • One of the most sophisticated extraction processes in the world
  • Pharmaceutical grade testing to see that you get only the best
  • With hemp seed oil and terpenes
  • Filled with over 400 natural molecules

How to use?

I usually use oils for the sake of vaping, and I have a guide already up for that. However, for beginners, I recommend a drop under the tongue and keeping it there for a few seconds. Using it under the tongue will give you that extra bio-availability that makes sure you get the most CBD out of the product.

How was my experience?

As I said by the time I got around to using this product, I was getting very anxious. However, in about 2 hours after using, I could feel myself relax and calm down visibly.

The effect was tingly and much easier than I expected. I can attest to the potency of this product because over the next few days I could see a visible change in how I performed my work.

Regular readers of this blog would know I suffer from chronic back pain, which often makes it difficult for me to approach work like normal people. However, with regular use, I saw a remarkable improvement in how my pain was being managed.

After a week of regular use, I found myself being able to walk Rufus again.


  • CO2 extracted for potency and purity
  • Great for anxiety
  • Works on chronic pain equally well
  • Full-spectrum oil


  • Limited number of concentrations available


This product is powerful and potent. It works very well and is one of the best tinctures I have tried till now. I would recommend it to people who have busy lifestyles and need some respite from it all.

#2 RAW Hemp Oil Capsules

Endoca capsules review

These were on my radar for a long time. I had heard about them from Linda who was all praise about it. Now, I think I have talked about Linda before, and when she recommends something I take it very seriously.

Their packages are available in the same 3% (300mg) and 15% (1500mg) package. For this review, I went with the 15% one.

I took a one-week break from CBD before trying this out so that it could hit me fully. My back pain had returned in full-swing by day three, and after that, I could feel it worsening. In fact, the reason I did not take a longer break as I did with the tinctures is that I felt very anxious and was having difficulty managing my pain.

Product Features

  • 50mg of CBD+CBDa in each capsule
  • CO2 extraction so that you get the purest quality product
  • No heat used in the process of extraction
  • Filled with over 400 types of natural products
  • Completely Gluten-free

How to use?

CBD capsules are very easy to use. Just like any of your medicines: take one of them, and gulp it down with water.

How was my experience?

As I said, my little one was having trouble with school. I would not have cut my CBD break short but, I had to visit his school urgently, and with my chronic back pain it was becoming quite impossible. So, the morning of the meeting at the school, I took one of the pills.

In about 3 hours, which is longer than CBD usually takes, I felt a calm settle over me. I could talk with their teachers, and sort stuff out.

My back-pain management was a little bit delayed though; it took about 2 days of regular use for my back pain to come down to a manageable level. However, that might be an individual experience because everyone reacts to CBD differently.


  • Hassle free usage for every one
  • Completely raw extraction without using heat
  • You get CBD + CBDa
  • Full spectrum benefits that gets you results


  • Takes time to start working


For people who lead busy lives, CBD capsule is a boon. I would recommend this to anyone who has problems with anxiety or depression because it worked very well for me in that regard.

#3 CBD Lips + Skin

Endoca lipstick review

I have only recently got into using CBD products for my skin seriously. It’s hard not to when there are so many good products around. So, when I heard that Encoda had some products up, I bought myself the Lip and skin balm to check it out for myself.

The heat around here has been quite bad lately, and with everything happening around, I have had to move about a lot. Given all these, I always need something to use on my skin so that it does not feel dehydrated.

On that line, I used Endoca’s CBD Lips + Skin.

Product Features

  • Contains decarboxylated CBD
  • Filled with natural products that moisturize your skin
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Provides your skin with Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids for moisturizing

How to use?

Like most topicals, this is easily absorbed into the skin. So, use it as a moisturizer and lip balm.

How was my experience?

My lips felt renewed after a few uses. There’s a lot about CBD that is not under research right now, but, it does help in repairing skin, so, I was not surprised by the overall effect.

It works better as a moisturizer in my opinion, because it is so much lighter. In case of lips, it tends to wear off relatively faster than usual. It might just be me though; I tend to wipe my lips now and then.


  • Moisturises and renews skin
  • Helps in keeping lips soft
  • Wonderful long term effects
  • Gives natural radiance to your skin


  • Very mild, might not be suitable for dry skin


I would recommend it to professionals who work in polluted settings and could use a natural moisturizer. I can attest to the fact that it makes you feel much better than the usual over-the-counter ones.

#4 RAW CBD Hemp Oil Paste

Endoca hemp extract review

This was one of the most potent products available on their websites, and I was very curious to try it. Available in 2000mg and 3000 mg varieties, these are grains which can be used in place of tinctures. For this review, I used the 30% formula with 3000 mg of CBD.

Because these were very potent, I ensured I had a two-week break from all CBD products before I took this up. However, to be fair, this was also a hard week of the summer, and I was having trouble in keeping up with my back pain and my anxiety.

Within these two weeks, I became very depressed and it became very difficult for me to turn in work at the same pace I was doing earlier.

Product Features

  • Completely natural
  • No heat used in the extraction process
  • CO2 extraction used
  • Can be used for oral consumption, and for the skin
  • Filled with phytocannabinoids and terpenes

How to use?

I recommend a grain in your mouth three times a day for beginners; you may increase the dosage as it fits. Personally, I used 3 grains for three times a day, and it fits me very well.

How was my experience?

Endoca is not kidding about their potency! In about half an hour, I could feel a tingle run up and down my spine and eventually it became much more prominent. The product works very well and is very soothing.

Along with easing my anxiety, it also helped me return to my normal sleeping patterns without disturbing anything. Over time, it helped me build up enough of a stability to take my family out for a picnic, something I had not done for ages.


  • Very potent
  • Filled with phytocannabinoids
  • Effective in maintaining sleep patterns
  • Wonderful in treating back pain
  • Works in stressful situations


  • No lower concentration available
  • Limited ways to use the product


I would recommend it for any professional with hard jobs. However, beginners may try starting with smaller concentrations of the product.

#5 CBD Chewing Gum

Endoca CHEWING GUM review

CBD snacks are one of my favorite things to try. I still have a stash of CBD Gummies that Dan got me addicted to. With Endoca offering 15 mg per chewing gum, I was quite surprised.

Usually, snacks are not high on potency and are meant for casual use, but with such a high potency, I decided to give my regular CBD use a break for a week before trying this out.

Let’s look at the product features before getting to my experience.

Product Features

  • 15 mg of CBD per gum
  • Alcohol sugar which is safe for diabetic patients is used
  • Sunflower Lecithin added which adds to brain function
  • Peppermint flavor
  • Completely organic

How to use?

Just like your usual chewing gum, you can pop it in your mouth and chew away as you please.

How was my experience?

It may be enough to say I immediately ordered two more packets after using this for two days. While this was not something very potent it did help in reducing my back pain significantly.

Also, as sweet things are also linked to reducing depression levels already, I felt much more comfortable after using this product. My stress was visibly reduced. However, I confess that this was not a hard week for me, and I did not get very anxious, so this might not be a very good read,

The back-pain reduction was very high when I take into consideration that it is a snack though.


  • Safe for diabetics
  • 15 mg of CBD with every gum!
  • Flavored varieties available
  • Good for stress and anxiety
  • Quick relief


  • Very expensive for a snack


This is meant for the busybodies and people who do not like the natural taste of CBD for anxiety and chronic back pain syndromes.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional; all opinions expressed on this blog are personal. As a person who has used CBD extensively, I just feel like I must share it with the greater world.

Where to buy CBD Oil in UK or CBD oil in Europe or Internationally for that matter:

Buy Endoca products in bulk from their website and get huge discounts now.

You can buy these products from Endoca’s official website.

You may also visit uk.ma-time for CBD oil related products in UK.

They ship internationally and have a presence in many countries.

Now that you have read my Endoca Review:

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Here’s Aaron, wishing you an amazing day!



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