Best CBD Oil for Epilepsy and Seizures: Definitive Guide

How widespread is epilepsy?

About 150,000 Americans are diagnosed with epilepsy every single year.

Turn that number around in your head. At this very moment, there are about 3 million people with epilepsy living in this country alone!

However, if there is one community we continue to fail again and again it is the epileptic community.

I am sure you all have heard the stories, the little kid who has not smiled in the first decade of her life, the young 20 year old who cannot hold a job anymore, all because they’ve not been treated properly for this condition.

Makes sense? It does not to me!

Hey guys, it’s Aaron again, and today I’m going to be talking about the use of CBD for epilepsy and seizures.

Basically epileptic medicine, at least the kind we have available traditionally has been a dangerous avenue. These are strong chemicals that can cause a million side effects.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Traditional medicines for epilepsy

  1. Tranquilizers like Valium, Clonazepam and Lorazepam

When was the last time you used Valium on yourself? It was something recommended to me by the doctor when I was suffering from regular panic attacks.

Even during treatment of seizures, this tranquilizers can cause long hours of drowsiness, overall fatigue, make you vomit incessantly and make you feel more sick than you were before.

Many patients complain that these tranquilisers also make them feel less like themselves.

  1. Carbamazepine

This might be the first drug the doctor prescribes you. For something this popular, you assume that it is safe right?

It is, except that it can lead to suicidal thoughts and can damage the bone marrow. Yes, the same bone marrow that makes you healthy antibodies.

  1. Phenobarbital

Literally the oldest epilepsy medicine that used till today, this can causing loss of consciousness and has the potential for abuse.

There are hundreds of these traditional brands out there, and you can see for yourself what kind of problems they cause.

Which is exactly why I say that we have failed epileptics for years now.

So, why am I writing About Epilepsy all of a sudden?

These are the medications that have made many a friends life miserable in school. I remember Marvin, the brightest kid in our grade, who started getting seizures when he was a bright kid of 10.

Two years on medication and he could barely make the passing grade anymore. It was not that he was not bright. I would often talk with him and he would still be the brightest kid in the room. It was just that, with the tough medication, he could barely keep up with school.

Recently, while, I was reading a testimonial about how CBD helped someone deal with their epilepsy, I remembered the old chap.

It’s been 25 years since then, and I just wonder if this bright young boy had access to CBD, he would have been much better.

This is not me boasting because I like CBD, there has been a huge amount of scientific research going into this.

Research on CBD and Epilepsy

As a parent, seeing your child suffer from seizures is heartbreaking. I cannot even imagine what it would be like for parents who have faced this day in and day out. For adults, having a disease that can get them kicked out from school, from jobs. But, CBD can help

  1. It reduces pediatric-resistant seizures in 84% of children

When, scientists did a study on children suffering from pediatric-resistant seizures, they found that a lot of them benefited from using CBD on a daily basis. In fact, it reduced seizures in the majority of them!

  1. It can reduces the excitability of receptors causing epilepsy

When you use CBD, it can cause the parts in your brain causing epilepsy to calm down, just like your normal prescription medicine. The best part? CBD’s effects are not reversed if you add another medicine in the mix. You can check out the research here.

  1. It actually performed well in double-blind trials

So, some scientists designed a double-blind trial for people with epilepsy and gave them CBD. They found that a almost all of them showed improvement. And more than 50% of the patients, did not have any seizures while using CBD.

  1. It has an anticonvulsant property

So, scientists who performed experiments with CBD on mouse who show epileptic conditions, and found that CBD positively affected all the test subjects! There was a reduction in partial as well as tonic seizures!

  1. Effective in almost all major forms of epilepsy

So, comparative studies have shown that CBD can be effective in treating 3 out of 4 major epileptic conditions. The same study also showed that it causes pretty unique effects that is not seen in the classical medicines.

So, what effect does CBD have on seizures

  1. It makes your brain work better

CBD helps by making the chemicals produced in your brain more effective. As a natural product, it does not add something toxic into your system.

What it does instead is elevate the small parts that play a huge part in your brain using some properties.

  1. Calms down your brain

If the brain was a car, CBD would be the water you have to put into your engine to make it less hot. Basically, during seizures, your brain starts firing at all pistons.

CBD has been shown to calm this down significantly and help in seizure maintenance.

  1. Works smart

CBD does this amazing thing where it changes actual proteins which get signals from other parts of the body. And while a medicine changing your brain sounds scary, it really isn’t.

In particular this helps us get it all the bad changes causing epilepsy out.

Best CBD Oils for Epilepsy


1. CBDPure Hemp Oil

My friend had this beautiful daughter a few years back. She was this amazing little human being, with just one problem.

She had epileptic seizures since, the very day she was born. This did not stop even with her growing up, and by 2 years of age, she was facing it regularly.

My friend had tried everything under the sun to get his daughter back, but it simply was not working out for him. Traditional medicine made her into this quiet, sad girl who kept to the corners, and the surgery was not an option since, she was so small.

This is when they started using CBDPure’s Hemp oil regularly. They had been impressed by the following.

Standout Features

  • Completely organic Hemp Oil
  • Natural hemp flavor
  • All industrial hemp grown in Colorado
  • Contains terpenes and flavonoids

How to plan your dose

Just add the oil to the part under your child’s tongue and let it work its magic! The dose is 1 dropper per day, which would give you 20 mg of CBD!

What they liked?

Megan started showing improvements after regular CBD use. She learnt speaking after trying this product and being at it for a few months. She was smiling and laughing like every kid should be.

Her parents could not stop gushing to me about how he had grown, and seeing her play with Rufus, I could say that I was  feeling it too. It was amazing to think that before she came to my house that day, I had only seen her in hospitals.

She’s a 5 year old now, she still gets seizures, but, that is under control for the large part. She has grown to be a real lady and loves running around and showing the family’s two cats their place.


While, the low dosage might not work for adults, it works perfectly for kids and comes highly recommended.

2. FabCBD CBD Oil Drops

One of my older friends is photo epileptic. This means that while, he can handle anything else in the world, bright flashes of light makes him get violent seizures. Now, that’s something terrifying.

He was one of those teenagers who never got to see Power Rangers or Pokemon on tele. He could not even bring himself to watch the longer shows and be happy with it.

It was when Doctor Strange came out that he told me about how much he wanted to see it but, he could not. So, I recommended CBD Oil, and, since, I had FabCBD’s CBD Oil around, I gave it to him.

He watched the movie with me without any problems at all, and had a gala time at that!

Standout Features

  • 100% Organic CBD grown in America
  • Available in three concentrations 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg
  • Available in different flavours
  • Specially grown hemp to maximise CBD content
  • 100% legal

How to use?

I gave him a ½ a dropper from the 600 mg bottle before the movie show. Ever since then he uses a full dropper’s worth every day. This is meant to be taken under the tongue for increased bioavailability.

What did they like?

Except for “Doctor Strange”?

Well, everything. He still keeps thanking me every other day for saving his life. This is something I did not do. However, ever since using the product, he has been able to have a fuller life and has been going out a lot more often.

Recently, he told me that he got a new job and he has not had a seizure in months! For me that is as good a recommendation as any.

However, he has also been very active ever since, using CBD. This helped him get over the fear of having an attack whenever it’s the July 4th anyway.


Comes highly recommended for epileptic treatments.

3. CBDistillery CBD Tincture

Remember, how I always tell you to go for lab-tested CBD?

Well, with this particular tincture, a friend got over a bad CBD nightmare. He has had tonic seizures for a while, and uses CBD to treat it.

However, some months ago, he thought he would give his local dealer a try. Turns out that was a bad idea! He ended up having a seizure in the street and keeling over.

Thankfully, his better half was there and he was able to get on his feet. However, he called me soon after asking for recommendations. CBDistillery’s amazing Lab tests and their helpful customer care made it a no-brainer for me to recommend it to them.

Standout Features

  • Third-party Lab Tested
  • Pesticide-free
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Grown in America

How to use?

My friend used a whole dropper’s worth of the 1000 mg pack of CBD Oil. He applied it under the tongue and let it absorb.

What he liked?

He told me after just one week of use about how this was his favorite CBD Oil to use! What was happening was that he could get back to his life just fine, but added to that he also had the benefit of being completely stress-free!

He started going out with his wife far more often and could lead a better life. He would tell me often before about how the conversations with his wife had become less frequent due to some problems in his life, but, with this he could learn to breathe again.


This is an amazing product, coming highly recommended from someone who has dealt with epilepsy for all his life, what more could you want?!

4. Sol CBD Tincture

Tonic epilepsies can scar you for life. I met my friend Michael during a counseling session. He had just been fired for his condition, from a job he had worked at for a decade. In a scary turn of events, his seizures, which his parents had dismissed as childish back when he was young had returned in full-swing in his late twenties.

He would have episodes that lasted hours and made him feel more and more constricted. Lot of factors went into creating this. He lost his girlfriend of half a decade owing to the fact that he was getting very depressed.

He could not work anymore and had to start living off of the kindness of strangers for about a year before, he got another job.

At his worst, even with medication, he could go into an episode right in the middle of doing something, and wake up hours later.

He started trying CBD after a pharmacist recommended it to him. And thankfully, the first CBD Tincture he took, something he swears by even now, was Sol CBD’s tinctures.

Standout Features

  • 100% organic CBD from Northern Europe
  • Fully legal in all the 50 states of America
  • No harmful chemicals involved
  • Large range of concentrations available

How to use?

Because of the nature of his problem, Michael uses the 3600 mg variant of the Sol CBD Tincture. He takes 1 mL every day, which comes to 30 mg of CBD

What did he like?

Changing jobs is hard

It’s harder when you are someone like Michael and your needs are very high. However, after using this product Michael got a really good job.

His epileptic tendencies were not cured, but his attacks became much less frequent as time went on. At the end he was having only one attack every two-three months,

He told me that the best thing about Sol CBD was how it made him feel. He was falling rapidly into depression due to the intense attacks, He could not concentrate, he could not work or anything.

However, just after a few days of CBD treatment, he was back on his feet and trying hard to get into rhythm. Though, a slow process, it worked wonders for him in the end.


Michael recommends this for anyone with tonic seizures who are facing a lot of difficulties in life.

5. Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil

Megan did not develop a tolerance to CBD, however, her father started looking for higher concentrated ones so that he would not have to stock up every other day. This is where the highly concentrated Nucleaf’s 4850 mg Full Spectrum oil came in.

I had gushed to him about full-spectrum oil before and he did not think twice before trying it out. The transition was smooth, since the dosage increased by only a little.

However, here she could go without CBD for longer periods. Also, he had to spend much less overall because he was buying in bulk.

Standout features

  • Organically grown CBD
  • Over 2000 drops in one bottle
  • 2.4 mg of CBD in each drop!
  • Full-spectrum, you get the benefits of the entire plant

How to use?

8 drops a day and Megan was on her way! She still look it under her tongue to maximise the effect.

What they liked?

Megan was happy and seizure-less while, using this. One of the brightest changes this ade was that despite all the problems she faced for joining school late, this smoothened things over.

Since, she was having a lot of anxiety from school, that would come back to haunt her as seizures. It would be haunting and terrifying to say the least. However, with Nuleaf she started beginning to adjust to her new life well.


I asked Megan about this one day and she gave it two thumbs up!

Dosage information

This is the tricky part. We do not really know the exact amounts. However, most testimonials point to this.

  1. For adults

Go with a daily dose of 3 mg/kg of the individual in case of serious seizures. Tonic seizures can be helped with this kind of high dosage.

  1. For kids

This becomes trickier here, you have to work towards making the dosage about 1mg/kg of your baby. However, I always tell people to try increasing or decreasing the dosage if you think it works better than way.

Disclaimer : CBD is not a glove, and I cannot make it fit your needs, what I know is that it works, and that’s what Megan knows too! Also fair point, I’m not a medical professional. I’ve just been using CBD for years and I would love for you guys to reap the benefits too.

Conclusion: So would i recommend CBD oil for Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is one of those conditions that scares me to no end. It can be relentless and destroy entire lives.

Good thing?! With CBD there’s a good chance it won’t.

With chronic diseases like these we don’t really have an entire arsenal to fight them, just small guns. CBD is a small gun which does not hit you back, and that is amazing.

This is Aaron signing off, hoping you have good days and months.

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