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FAB CBD Review and Coupon Code(15% Off) 2020

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Hello again and welcome to yet another blog episode of “Aaron Reviews CBD.” Well, that’s not a real name of my blog, but it doesn’t hurt to imagine, does it? Anyway, let’s get down to business. Today I’m going to be talking about a brand named Fab CBD and in this fabcbd review you’re going to learn if their products are worth your effort.

Word to the wise (or not so wise): don’t treat my opinion as facts. I’m merely here to guide you to make a better decision; not provide medical advice. I’ve learned to trust my gut feeling in trying CBD products, and I urge you to do the same. Or better yet, read about my experience and then decide if it’s worth a shot.

As always, I’ll begin by giving you a brief introduction of the company and then talk more about my experiences. So, let’s begin!

About Fab CBD 

FAB CBD Oil review and coupon

My Setup to go out

Fab CBD, just like any other top CBD brand, claims to care about the physical and mental wellness of the people. The health and wellness professionals working for the company have been in the space for over 25 years and have pioneered many movements to get the status of CBD where it is today.

Their motto is to help people live a preventative lifestyle, break away from the chains of prescribed medication, and reach the peak of complete well-being. They believe that they can eliminate the world of disease, anxiety, depression, and obesity by using a combination of nutrition, supplementation, and the right physical activities.

I must say, the company has done an excellent job describing itself. But does it do equally well in keeping up with their promises? Take a look at some of their key features and judge before I butt-in with my opinion:

    • The hemp used in manufacturing CBD is 100% natural and grown organically in the US
    • Every product is quality adjusted and certified to be Non-GMO
    • No product contains any amount of THC, reading any chance of getting high
    • They produce only full spectrum CBD that comes with a host of benefits
  • Unlike other companies, Fab CBD does give you advice on proper dosing

If you shop for CBD products online, then you probably know that the points mentioned above are rather standard. Except for the information on dosage, of course. Now that you know what the company stands for let’s move on to reviewing their products.

#1 FAB CBD Oil

Here's what i use for depression and its kinda awesome

Among the three products in Fab’s lineup, I got to try the CBD oil first. The reason is simple: I prefer starting out with the most active substance for maximum effect. While I’m not much of a sucker for flavors, the Mint variety really did work for me. I tried citrus the second time around before settling for the natural flavor that I like best.

Here are some other key features of Fab CBD

    • Made from organic hemp and does not contain any herbicides, pesticides, or other chemical solvents
    • The hemp is only processed using the acclaimed the CO2 extraction method that preserves all its goodness
  • The end product is Non-GMO and only contains trace amounts of THC (even less than 0.3%)


As recommended by the company, I began with a potency of 150 MG. Unfortunately, that didn’t work for me (probably because I build up modest toleration in all these years). I tried the 300 MG next time, and that did the trick! You can go up to 600 MG to get your fix

How was my experience?

I must admit that Fab CBD Oil leans kind of towards the realm of impulse buys. Meaning, I didn’t go digging about third-party reviews before placing an order. One week later, I found out why that was a good decision. This product took its sweet time to show effects, but once it did, boy was I glad!

Though I was already kind of mellow from the previous CBD product, this one seemed to have amplified the experience. That too without making me feel exhausted or sleepy. Sure, this CBD oil can work as an excellent supplement for sleep, but it’s the effect on anxiety that makes me exceptionally satisfied.

Not only did I feel relaxed at all times but the thought of getting anxious when doing a presentation at an office meeting did not cross my mind. I can’t vouch for its effects on pain because my back has been fine from regular CBD use for quite some time now.


Fab CBD is just Fab! It is one of those companies that shows less and does more – precisely the kind of attitude I like. Now I can’t promise if you’ll experience the same results, but there is one hell of a chance of getting more out of the CBD oil.

#2 FAB CBD Muscle and Joint Topical


Now, this product is – as you can tell by the name – pretty self-explanatory. This is a CBD infused cream that’s supposed to help with joint and muscle pain. The company explains that they make this product by infusing the best Colorado hemp oil into regular pain relief cream. But does it work as you expect?

Let’s check out the features first:

    • Easy to apply and fast acting CBD cream, containing rich hemp oil
    • Other ingredients include elevator, cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil, blood orange essential oil, vitamin E, and potassium sorbate
  • Smells nice and has a smooth, creamy texture that makes applying it a breeze

How to use

Scoop a little bit of the topical using your fingers and apply directly to your affected areas. The hemp-derived nutrients get almost instantly absorbed into your body and relax your muscles and joints.

How was my experience?

Let me remind you once again that I wasn’t suffering from back pain while trying out Fab CBD products. Coincidentally, my wife happened to be struggling with a recurring ache in her glutes area – making it the perfect opportunity for me to test out this cream. I’ll tell you about the results, but you don’t have to tell her I described her pain as “perfect opportunity.”

I’d like to live for many more years, thank you! Wifey is not much of a CBD believer, but this product changed her mind. Yep, you guessed it! This stuff worked from the very first application, leaving the wife completely flabbergasted. Hah! Take that. Think you can talk shit about my CBD, can you?


If this stuff can work on a nonbeliever like my wife, then it can work on you too. Order a jar today; they are affordable and can literally do no harm. As for my wife, well, let’s just say that she is more open to trying out CBD solutions now.

#3 Fab CBD Chews

Fab CBD chews

Chews are edibles that are 100% vegan, consisting of organic CBD with no genetic modifications. You can use them as a health supplement or as candy treats whenever you’re in the mood. I usually try edibles for their flavor, but this one offered something a bit more.

Features of the product

    • Fun and tasty, these CBD chewies are delightful to eat
    • 100% organic product and safe to consume by vegans
  • Can take care of your sugar rush without any harmful effects

My experience

While the company doesn’t claim that this product has many health benefits, I beg to differ! If you take one or two of these chews daily, I can bet you’ll experience a sense of relaxation at least. I mean that’s how I felt most of the time. You can take these edibles anytime you want and enjoy the rich fruity flavor that is bound to linger in your mouth.


CBD treats are great! I like munching on them instead of regular candy due to their low sugar content. I’m confident you will like this too.

Where to buy Fab CBD products?

Right here Fabcbd.com. You can also find out more about the company and how CBD can improve your health in the ‘Mission’ and ‘Educate’ section of the website respectively. For now, Fab CBD is offering free shipping throughout the US on orders of $ 79 or more. Why don’t you go ahead and try something out?

Do let me know about your experience in the comments section. I’d be happy to know how it went.

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