CBD Should Be In Your First Aid Kit(Why?)

As the cannabis industry takes over the lives of many now healthier individuals, its products have been in many legal states. Although it’s only available to those in “legal” states, there’s been a product that’s superior above all others, CBD oil. CBD is also known as, “Cannabidiol”. It’s an element in cannabis all on its own that’s extracted from the cannabis plant. The element itself is then converting into oil which is now known as CBD oil. CBD oil eases illnesses pertaining to Parkinson’s, Seizures, Arthritis, Cancer, and high blood pressure.

Moreover, there are many more illnesses and CBD Oil benefits, that researchers are still uncovering. If CBD Oil helps illnesses in a way that can alleviate pain even chronic pain, then why wouldn’t it be prevalent to have this in our modern health system? If not the health system then at least as a first aid kit you can carry in case of emergencies.  Let’s further our understanding of CBD oil by exploring the science, effects and the overall benefits for keeping CBD oil in your first aid kit.

The Science of CBD Oil

CBD oil study

The science is an important part of understanding CBD oil, because of its close relation to the cannabis plant itself. Many individuals are still in the dark about what cannabis or “marijuana” is. This factor may leave others to misinterpret the medication of CBxcD oil. As we uncover the process, you will see its contrasting elements from consuming it through oil to inhaling it from a pipe.

Cannabidiol is one element within the cannabis plant that’s extracted and converted into oil form. According to the “U.S Patent 6403126 “, it goes through many processes before it’s mixed into oil form. The first process is taking the seed with the husk from the cannabis plant. The husk is then taken from the seed. The second process is part of extracting the husk with a solvent which is then called an extract. Thirdly, it is then passed through another process where it results in the isolation of a cannabinoid. This process leaves the cannabinoid into a hemp extract, cannflavin or essential oil.

There are many processes in which extraction takes place in many shapes, but one factor is the ability to extract without any THC or psychoactive properties. CBD oil takes care to give patients a non-high euphoric feeling when taken as medication. This the reason why some patients take to CBD oil easily than smoking it. It’s very different from smoking the plant as the oil gives a more mild and safer way to consume for medication.

Effects of CBD Oil In Patients

cbd oil effects on people

Besides the science of CBD oil, the effects make it a primary alternative medication than traditional medicine. CBD oil is a neuroprotectant that helps prevent any toxic chemicals from contaminating the brain.  In a scholarly research article by the NCBI, Cannabidiol and (−)Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol are neuroprotective antioxidants, states:

Cannabidiol was more protective against glutamate neurotoxicity than either ascorbate or α-tocopherol, indicating it to be a potent antioxidant

This tells us that cannabidiol protects against harmful chemicals affecting the brain. Therefore it’s considered to be a powerful antioxidant.

Another effect of CBD is its prevention of hydroperoxide-induced oxidative damage. Which means it prevents the imbalance of the detoxifying process within your body. It also prevents any damaged cells that’s prohibits the body to run more smoothly.  This allows your body to run its normal function when taking in antioxidants to detoxify the body.

The third effect of CBD contributes to the therapeutic agents in the brain. It’s a therapeutic treatment for neurological disorders such as:

As you can see, the CBD effects on the human brain provides enough information to consider carrying it in your first aid kit.

Now the question begs, Why wouldn’t you have this in your first aid kit? You would be helping yourself  to a healthier environment and you’d prevent a problematic illness from happening. Now, if you’re unsure of its to amazing results on other illnesses, let’s explore the other benefits of CBD oil.

Overall benefits of keeping CBD oil in your first aid kit  

Now that we’ve laid out all facts and scientific research of CBD oil, it’s time to evaluate the benefits it provides.

One benefit is its ability to ease epilepsy children with seizures at any time. An article, EPILEPSY – MEDICAL MARIJUANA RESEARCH OVERVIEW by Medical Marijuana Inc, reported a study on epilepsy. They quoted that 84% of parents reported that cannabis treatments lowered their Child’s seizure frequency. This is amazing in itself, because what kind of traditonal medication stops or lowers seizures right in the moment it’s happening? The answer is none.

Morever, there is another benefit that includes its’ durability to heal pain from head to toe. This can change the way you take medication to relieve the pain. Instead of taking a pill to relieve pain, you can take CBD oil. Understanding this gives you another reason why it needs to be in your first aid kit.

The last benefit contributes to alleviating headaches or migraines. In a setting where a patient smokes the cannabis plant to help relieve a headache, they receive the “high feeling”. In contrast, CBD oil does not give you the high feeling. It’s better to take this whenever a migraine comes instead of smoking especially when you’re in a work setting.

All in all, there’s many more benefits of hemp oil and we just scratched the surface of its amazing medicinal properties. As you may now understand why CBD oil has been the top product in legal and non-legal states, it’s imperative for you to keep it in your first aid kit. It’s a natural medicinal property you can take anywhere as long as its legal in your state. Now let’s help the world one CBD oil at a time.


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