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Back pain is something that nobody should have to deal with.

Yet, so many people live their lives in agony not knowing what to do to cure it.

Luckily, I’ve been having a fantastic week while working this time around

Partly, because my chronic back pain has not hurt me much at all and mostly because my kids have been performing really well in class.

Being a parent is a tough job, but when your kids start doing little things by themselves, that pushes you to work harder still.

In fact, the company I am reviewing today comes recommended by a fabulous parent of two toddlers.

So, a friend had a really bad accident a few months ago. While she recovered entirely, she was still going through a lot of post-op pain. Now, she’s a staunch believer of prescribed medicines, but, her pharmacist asked her to try out Herb Strong products for easing out into her life.

She called me up a while ago to tell me how she had become so much more cheerful and been handling her toddlers well. In fact, that was the first tone of joy I heard in her voice ever since she was out of the operation theatre.

I know how hard handling toddlers can be, so, I decided I should give this company a look.

About Herb Strong 

Herb Strong primarily caters to athletes, s, they make super potent full-spectrum products to help you stay on top of the game. It was started by two young gentlemen from Southern California who found out about the use of hemp oil and started researching to craft the best recovery tools for people who work stressful jobs.

Offering locally grown, reliable products for cheap, this company has been making round in the groups of CBD aficionados, and for a good reason, their products are affordable and provide quality and value at the same time.

So, without talking further, let’s get down to their products.

Extra Strong Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Recovery Drops

HerbStrong review

This was what my friend used after her operation, so of course, I had to start with this product. They offer 1000 mg of CBD infused in MCT Oil for our use.

I took a break of two weeks from CBD use to review this product. This was also a week when anxiety around the house was running high because of my kids having some tests.

As a parent, I usually help them out with biology and some other science subjects, however, this time around, the stress got to me. Though I could prep them for their exams, I found that I was getting my old anxiety attacks about exams again.

In fact, in the middle of the second week, I had a full-on attack in front of my kids. Thankfully, they knew what was up, and I recovered quite quickly once I could lie down and breathe quietly for a few minutes. However, the nightmares continued for a while.

What happened after I took this product? We’ll discuss that after the product features.

Product Features

  • 1000 mg of CBD
  • About 4 mg of CBD per drop
  • A product of Industrial Hemp
  • Completely organic

How to use?

Tinctures and oils can be used in a variety of ways. However, for beginners, I recommend pouring a drop under your tongue and letting it absorb. This gives you extra bioavailability so you can experience the full effects.

How was my experience?

In about one hour after taking this product, I started feeling better. Like with a lot of full-spectrum oils, this also started as a tingle on my spine and then spread through my body as it went along.

I could feel a marked improvement in my mood over the next few hours. With regular use, my sleep cycle also returned to normal. I was also able to help the kids. It also helped me in managing my back pain.


This is an amazing product for people who suffer from anxiety or who have some traumatic injury that causes regular pain.

Extra Strong Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Recovery Cream

Herb strong Cream review

A lot of people prefer to use CBD Topicals since they’re very quick acting. Even I have recently started to keep a store of CBD Topicals for when my back gets bad.

As regular readers of this blog would know, my chronic back pain gets worse quick. This means I cannot work, or even walk, on some days. This was the reason I started using CBD in the first place.

When I heard of Herb Strong’s cream offering 20 mg of CBD in every dime-sized amount, I was completely hooked. I took a break of one week from CBD use and decided to give it a whirl.

Now, my back pain worsens quickly when I am working regularly. This was the case during this break too. Since I was working every single day of the week, my back pain got bad quick. By the end of the week, I could no longer move about without feeling terrible.

So, how did this help? We’ll take a look at product features before we get to that.

Product Features

  • It offers a 1000 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil
  • 20 mg of CBD in every dime sized amount!
  • Fully organic
  • Available in vegan and normal alternatives

How to use?

Just like your average pain-relief cream, you are meant to apply it in the area where it hurts and let it do its magic!

How was my experience?

I always recommend full-spectrum oils to people. This is because when you have so many products together, there is a united action that helps you in recovering faster.

When I tried this product, in about 15 minutes, I could feel my muscles relax down. This does not mean was without pain, however, it was helping. Over the course of a couple of hours, it became very manageable, and I could work again.


What else is there to say except go for it!

Extra Strong Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Recovery Concentrate

Herb strong concentrate review

Isolates and concentrates are things I love to try out. These are versatile products that can be used as you like. I prefer making a oil and vaping the isolates, but the versatility it offers is truly something I love about it.

Before, trying this product, I took a two-week break from CBD use. Now, this was also the time when I was feeling down about some family matters.

Rufus has been going through some stuff lately, and he got hurt by our lawn mower. This meant that I had to shuttle him to the vet and home a lot of times. This made my back pain worse. In fact, by the time I got at the end of the second week, I was also having trouble in lifting anything at all.

My anxiety also got bad because it is very hard to maintain your mood when your dog is suffering. So, what made me so interested? Let us look at the product features.

Product Features

  • 1000 mg of CBD for your use
  • Can be used for cooking, making your oil or dabbing
  • 100% Organic
  • THC way below the legal limit

How to use?

I have a full guide for people who wish to use isolates. However, for absolute beginners, I would recommend mixing a gram of the concentrate with olive oil to make your tincture.

How was my experience?

In about two hours after using this isolate, my back pain was brought down to manageable levels. This was surprising because usually, it takes much longer to get going. However, this was very quick-acting. My muscle knots relaxed almost immediately, and over time I felt confident enough to go for a walk.

My anxiety also reduced over the span of half an hour and I felt my mind being cleared of stress. After using this product, the one week of treatment with Rufus was a breeze.


This is highly recommended for people in stressful jobs, and people who suffer from chronic pain.

Strong Paws Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Recovery Pet Drops

Herb strong for dogs

As I told you guys earlier, Rufus got hurt because of the lawnmower. It was no one’s fault. I was working, and Rufus got hit by a stone chip by mistake.

Now, Rufus is a sturdy old guy, but no one can get out of this kind of accident unhurt. Between shuttling him to and from the vet I found out that he had become very quiet and was hurting.

This was when I decided to give the pet drops a try. What sold me on the idea? Let’s take a look at the product features for that.

Product Features

  • 250 mg of CBD infused in MCT oil
  • A product of industrial hemp
  • 100% natural

How to use?

Put a drop under your pet fur ball’s tongue and let it do its thing.

How was my experience?

The first day, I did not see much difference. However, on the second morning, Rufus was back onto playing around the garden and being his same jolly self.

What made me happy was that despite the bandage, he began running and walking with me regularly after that. This was a surprise, since Rufus has become lazy lately due old age.


If your pet is hurting, this might be the perfect product to try. However, I just want to make it clear than CBD treatment is NOT an alternative to vet care. Take your dog to the vet first and then decide.

Extra Strong Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Vaporizer Cartridge

herb strong vape review

Vaping is one of my favorite things to do with CBD. It is easy, provides ample bioavailability and works well. With full-spectrum oil, vaping becomes a joy, because it acts quickly on your system too.

I tried this product, after taking two weeks of break from CBD use. While my anxiety remained more or less in check, my back pain worsened a lot throughout this time. I could feel my body becoming stiff, and I found it very difficult to do my regular work.

I could push through most of my family matters throughout, until the last two days, when getting out of the bed became a real struggle.

Product Features

  • 500 mg full spectrum CBD
  • Fully organic
  • THC content way below the legal limit
  • Easy-to-use

How to use?

Add the cartridge to your regular vape and smoke away. It involves no fuss, and is perfect for no BS people like myself.

How was my experience?

This was pretty nifty! In about an hour, I could feel myself becoming calmer and my muscles relaxing. Over the course of the next few hours, I had no problem in carrying on with my regular work without my pain.

My first feeling of tingling came about a week later when I felt my body visibly become warmer and more stable as soon as I consumed this product. It was all smooth-sailing from then on.

I walked Rufus after a week of using this product and took my missus out for a long overdue dinner. Throughout, I did not feel any stress or suffer from my back pain. This was good for me, because often even while using CBD products, you cannot wholly prevent pressure from getting to you.


This comes highly recommended for anyone suffering from stress and back pain.

Disclaimer: I am not a trained medical professional, but just a guy who likes how CBD has helped him. This is in no way a medical endorsement, but I do want you guys to benefit from CBD just like I did. If you feel any adverse effects from using CBD (though unlikely), consult a doctor immediately.

Where to buy Herb Strong products?

Give their website a visit and get yourself some nifty deals. The company is getting their due recognition after quite a long time, which is an amazing thing do bout. They have special discounts for vets too. Try something out and let me know about your experience.

It is also ranked on our “best cbd oil” Article.


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