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Hey everyone, it’s me again – Aaron, here to review another CBD product. I tried out this brand – not for myself, but to give back to the community so that you don’t have to go through the whole trial and error routine. In this Kat’s Naturals review, you’re going to learn about my experience and how you can benefit from its products.

Finding good CBD companies is not a walk in the park, guys. And I say this as a person who has been scouring the market in search of good products for the last five years. As always, I’d recommend you do not treat my words as health advice, but rather a conversation between two friends.

Before we move on to the products, let me give you a quick brief about the company itself. Keep on reading to find out.

About Kat’s Naturals

This company claims that their mission is to produce the highest quality CBD products in the world. To achieve that objective, they stand by the highest standards at every possible step of manufacture. The even go so far as to claim that other manufacturers mix their items in large batches, which causes the CBD compounds being unevenly distributed throughout the bottles.

Now obviously, Kat’s Naturals says that they do not allow such occurrences to take place and have at stringent third-party quality assurance test in place to make things doubly sure. Does this sound believable? I’d say YES! I had my doubts, but after using their products for close to 3 months, I must admit I’m happy to be proven wrong.

Here are some standout features:

  • Only pure CBD isolate is used in making the products
  • The hemp is sourced from all natural farms in the Netherlands
  • The company blends the hemp extract only with the highest quality essential oils
  • Mixes CBD only in small batches to maintain consistency
  • Contains NO trace of THC, so no risk of getting tested positive in drug tests

Does all of this sound impressive? You betcha!

#1 CBD Oral Drops

kats naturals review

The CBD oral drops are basically standard tinctures and are arguably the most famous products in their lineup. This category is even further classified into six different varieties, each promising to give you unique results. What are they?

Heal – To make you feel better through the use of high potency CBD containing peppermint essential oil

Naked – This is like Heal but without the added essential oils, giving you better kick

Balance – Contains a delicate balance of full-spectrum CBD and isolates to improve your mood and maximise digestive health

Relax – Get the ideal dose of CBD and sleep like a baby. Contains the essence of sweet orange and has mild potency

Metabolize – Set your metabolism to skyrocket with this CBD liquid of medium strength that curbs appetite and boosts metabolism

Pet care – Give your four-legged pal a couple of drops in their ear to make them feel energetic, free of anxiety, and have better digestion

My experience

So far, I’ve only managed to use 3 among 6 of those products, because let’s face it – blazing through one after another without evaluating their effects helps no one. The ones I’ve been able to test are Balance, Relax, and Metabolize. I figured Balance could help me with my anxiety, Metabolize with my weight (you can see the bulging tummy), and of course the Relax with sleep.

No, I don’t have insomnia; just that the back pain keeps coming back every once in awhile and keeps me awake a random night or two. Besides, who couldn’t use a better night’s sleep? Thankfully, all the three products proved to be good, if not great. Balance didn’t treat my anxiety per se, but it did help me attain better focus and remain calm.

Relax did the same thing, so I can’t honestly tell if there is a difference between the two. The names just might be a marketing gimmick, but hey, who knows, they might have had the promised effects on other people. Metabolize is the one that is truly impressive, and I owe it many thanks for helping me gain the “holiday body” I wanted to get.

Yes, holiday body is a real term (because I said so lol). Jokes apart, Metabolize did help me lose close to 10 pounds over a three-month period. Not bad, right? I’m planning to try out the remaining three products throughout the first quarter of 2018. I’ll keep you guys posted.


I recommend that you buy just Balance and Metabolize for now to be on the safer side. If you do try something that I haven’t so far, do let me know in the comments. I’d love to know your opinion. I also feel the price could have been slightly lower, but then again that’s just me.

#2 CBD Topicals

CBD pain relief cream

For those dealing with skin ailments, muscle and joint pain caused by inflammation, but do not want to consume CBD – Kat Natural’s CBD topicals is the answer. This category also comes with three unique products, meant to treat three unique conditions.

Deep Pain Cream – to treat pain (naturally) in affected joints and muscles


Capsaicin cream – to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation

Skin serum – to address skin issues, eliminate wrinkles, and make you look younger

My experience

Again, I didn’t feel the need to try all of the above skin care products and went with one. I’ve been struggling with back pain since forever, so getting the Deep Pain Cream made sense. This product contains a base of avocado and almond butter, coconut oil, emu oil, hemp seed oil, and quite a few other essential oils.

But does it work? I’d say, yes. But that’s not a resounding yes, but more like a “yea, it kind of does, but I’m not sure if it will work for you.” Don’t be alarmed; topicals usually take some time to show their effects, and you need a bit of faith to guide you along the way. While the product did manage to suppress my back pain, I can’t say it is the best product ever.

I’ve used better topicals from other brands, which you can read about by the way in my other reviews. Get the creams and ointments only if you have inhibitions against ingesting CBD.


You know what, the Skin Serum is pretty great as I found recently from my wife. I’m excited to give it a try as well. Overall, I’d say Kat’s Naturals Topicals are a hit and miss, but definitely worth giving a shot once.

#3 CBD Vaporizer

CBD Vaporizer

Oh no, Kat’s Naturals did not forget about us – the vapers. They have reasonably priced vaping kits and E-Liquid that should suffice for all your needs. If you’re someone like me, who would rather vape than consume CBD, then these products are probably worth checking out, despite being somewhat underwhelming compared to the CBD drops.

The products available in this category are:

Personal Inhaler Cartridge – This is the actual disposable pen that can hold 25 mg of CBD. Use it for a quick puff and enjoy the calming effects of Kat’s Naturals E-Liquid.

Prefilled Inhaling Pens – Vape pens that come prefilled with the company’s E-Liquid so that you can start taking puffs right out of the box.

E-Liquid – The CBD liquid with high bioavailability that goes inside of vape pens and cartridges. Allows you to enjoy CBD on the move.

My experience

Like I said before, this product is good; not great. I’ve used cheaper vape pens and e-liquids before, and they weren’t much different than this one as far as the effects are concerned. Yeah, the cartridge is definitely of a higher quality and should last you quite a while if you use it responsibly.

But as you know the saying goes “proof is in the pudding,” the E-liquid (the pudding) didn’t impress me much. Sure, the orange and peppermint flavors were cool, but aside from enjoying it, I didn’t feel it was having any effect. Or is it possible that I’ve gotten accustomed to vaping and built up a higher toleration?


I’ll leave it up to you to find out the answer to the above question. Don’t forget to let me know what your thoughts are on the vaporizer line-up of products. This stuff isn’t expensive, so I guess it is worth one try at least.

#4 CBD Edible

Activated hemp edible

I must admit I was not too eager to try out the edible by Kat’s Natural. Instead of gummies, chewys, and candy, this company sells only one product that can be best described as a dietary supplement. It is something called ‘Activated Hemp Flower’ that is supposed to have an all-in-one effect, ranging from alleviating pain to curing digestive disorders.

My experience

Surprisingly good! At least better than vaping, I can say. I used to mix this decarboxylated hemp flower, which comes in the form of small grains by the way, with my daily morning smoothie before heading to the office. By the time I reached my cubicle, I had already entered a calm state of mind and ready to start the new day with renewed vigor.

Can’t say how much of digestive problems or pain this can alleviate, but this dietary supplement certainly makes you feel good.


Just take 1 teaspoon which should approximately contain 9 mg of CBD and go about your day. You’ll certainly notice the difference sooner rather than later.

Dosage disclaimer

If you haven’t noticed yet, I didn’t bring up the topic of ideal dosage in this guide. That’s because I cannot say what should be the right amount for you. I encourage you to do your own research and read the product label carefully. Bro tip: it always helps to start out small and go higher up in dosages if you feel the need rather than the other way around.

Where to buy Kat’s Naturals products?

Visit the website katsnaturals.com and check out the Shop Products section to see the catalog. The company currently delivers to all 50 states of the US, so feel free to order from the comfort of your own home.

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