What Are The Different Types Of Medical Cannabis Strains

The demand for CBD is on a continuous rise, especially in the field of medicine. The cannabis market will grow at 22.2% between 2019-2025 and will be worth more than $23.6 billion by the end of 2025. That is because cannabis acts as a popular substitute for painkillers as it holds medicinal properties. Possession of medicinal properties is one of the key reasons why cannabis has gained popularity over the past few years. There are three primary varieties of medical cannabis, used to produce different strains.

Here are the three principal medical cannabis.

1.  Sativa

Known for energization, Sativa is one of the most potent cannabis used to treat anyone facing medical problems related to a lack of energy. Sativa is a plant with higher THC and low CBD counts, enabling it to release an uplifting and energetic effect. It induces an electric amount of energy, which is the need of the hour for many given the hectic life schedules everyone adheres to. For the same reasons, Sativa is also used to make CBD foot cream. This one is best to reduce muscle tension and provide much-needed relief. Sativa strains are also helpful in increasing creativity and focus. They help fight against depression and provide an overall feeling of well-being, stimulating the body. Patients take medicines made of Sativa strains during the day time.

2.  Indica

If you are looking for relaxation and relieving stress, then Indica strains are right for you. They provide a sedating effect due to a higher percentage of CBD and a comparatively lower THC count. This particular medical cannabis can help promote sleep, relax muscles, and also decrease inflammation. It can also reduce seizures and relieve anxiety. Medicines made of Indica cannabis are known for their full-body sedative effects, and most people prefer to take them at night for a peaceful sleep. If you have been having sleep-related issues, then it is probably time for you to consult a doctor for some natural prescriptions.


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3.  Hybrid

Hybrid is the combination of many cannabis plant seeds, primarily extracted from Indica and Sativa. Strains made out of mixtures and sophisticated proportions can medically help release stress and anxiety. These provide physical and mental relief to the client. Hybrids are mainly of three types and the categories which can further lead to the creation of various strains used for medical purposes. The three types of hybrids are:

  • Sativa-dominant Hybrids

They have a higher percentage of Sativa as compared to Indica. These hybrids can induce a relaxing body effect on the body, perfect both mental and physical relief.

  • Even Hybrids

These have a 50-50% ratio of Sativa and Indica. These strains are ideal for patients dealing with balance issues in the body as they induce alertness among individuals.

  • Indica-dominant Hybrids

These provide full-body pain relief.

Strain development is exceptionally critical and enables an understanding of cannabis impact on the human body. In fact, with time, researchers have now gained knowledge, which indicates that differently specific cannabis can be created to have a particular medical impact on the human body. Different strains have associations with different medicinal characteristics. Some medical marijuana is consumed during the day time, some during the night.

Following are some different types of critical strains used for medical purposes:

1.   Cannatonic

It is said to be a powerfully relaxing strain, that has lower THC levels, between a percentage of 7% and 14%. Meanwhile, the CBD range falls somewhere between the percentage of 18% and 23.5%. People suffering from chronic pains such as muscle spasms, migraines, and other severe conditions must take cannatonic marijuana. It makes the person feel uplifted, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

2.   Lemon Haze

Lemon haze relieves mental health issues as its THC range is about 17%. It makes the person feel happy, uplifted, euphoric, energetic, and relaxed.

3.   Amnesia Haze

Amnesia haze is commonly used by people who have mood disorders as its THC level is around 22%. Its CBD level is below 1%. Moreover, it is a Sativa strain and is said to be the perfect strain to start the day with a smile. Amnesia Haze is a strain that uplifts people and makes them energetic.

4.   Blue Dream

It is apt for people who suffer from pain, nausea, depression, and anxiety as its THC range falls between 17% and 24%. It helps an individual feel calm, creative, euphoric, and relaxed- all at the same time.

5.   Green Candy

This is one of the most touted medical cannabis strains. It is a cross between candy kush and green crack with a THC range of around 18% and can make the person feel cerebral, relaxed, euphoric, and energetic.

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6. Raspberry Cough

It is a Sativa dominant hybrid, and as the name suggests, it smells and tastes like Raspberries. Its THC level is between 16% and 23%. It is for people suffering from fatigue, anxiety, and stress that consume medicine. It can often leave the person feeling euphoric, focused, and uplifted.

7. Purple Trainwreck

It is a balanced hybrid with THC levels of approximately 18% that can make people feel calm, sedation, social, happy, laughing. Moreover, this strain is a perfect antidote for people suffering from stress, sleeping problems, and depression.

8. Sour Diesel

Sour diesel is for chronic pains, anxiety, and depression as it is fairly Sativa dominant with a THC range of 12% to 24. It has a citrus, lemon, and various other flavors, and it makes the people feel creative, energetic and uplifted.

9. Jack Herer

Named after the well-known marijuana legalization activist, the THC level of Jack Herer is between 18% and 23%. This hybrid is Sativa dominant, and it gives the people an energetic buzz that makes them happy and reliefs pain. It leaves the person feeling stimulated and is a perfect antidote for people suffering from stress disorder.


Marijuana is one of the most profound products which is vital for multiple medical discoveries. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that medical cannabis can bring about revolutions in medicine-making history. Though controversial, it has already made its way to various countries, globally. Thus doctors must provide all the information to the patients to make a well-informed decision about the use, dosage, and strain to maximize benefits.

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