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I’m a sucker for CBD oil; you know that already. What you don’t know is that a lot of times I try out different brands to see how they compare with my favorites. In my mission to bring you unbiased reviews of some of the CBD oils available in the market, I set my sight this time on Vape Bright. Does this product pass the high standards I set for myself? You’ll find out in this Vape Bright Review.

The first impression was positive as I immediately felt the CBD affecting my anxiety and back pain. What else did I observe? Keep on reading to find out more about the company and how Vape Bright CBD oil helped me cope up with some serious health ailments.

About Vape Bright 

Vape Bright is perhaps one of the few companies that produce CBD oil derived only from organic hemp. There are no artificial additives aside from the natural cannabis terpenes found in cartridge oil. For the longest time, I was only dependent on flavored liquids that contained CBD diluted with vegetable glycerin or polypropylene glycol.

The dilution made the act of vaping not only less enjoyable but also sort of a chore. At the age of 56, I have better things to do than taking puff after puff to get an effective dose. Vape Bright’s CBD cartridges came at a time when I was almost about to quit vaping out of frustration.

Finally, I could enjoy the purity and potency of natural CBD oil instead of artificially flavored junk that gets passed on as a CBD. Look, you don’t have to take my word for it; just head over to the company’s website and confirm yourself. The reason I don’t condone conventional additives like PG is that many perceive the substance to be toxic.

Sure, you might get a kick out of the extra cloud of smoke that gets released when you exhale but is the visual delight worth sacrificing your health? With Vape Bright, you might not see a huge cloud of smoke, but rest assured you’re getting the kind of hit that you deserve. In fact, you get 2 mg of CBD per inhalation, which should be enough for recreational use.

My Opinion with Vape Bright thrive

Vape bright review And Thrive Showcase


Vape Bright’s uniqueness comes from the fact that they use only CO2 extracted hemp oil in their cartridges. CO2 extraction is one of the best technologies out there as it makes use of temperature and pressure to extract oil in its purest form, leaving out the chemical solvents. The result: You get a full flavored hit every single time.

What’s included in the package? 

With the purchase of every package, you get a vape cartridge filled with 200 mg of organic CBD with no additives or chemical fillers. Every puff you take out of the easy to use carrying case delivers a 1mg dose of extra strong hemp derived cannabidiol oil without any added preservatives or artificial flavors.

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Its features and specifications can be summarized as follows:

  • 100% pure hemp oil with no nicotine, propylene glycol or other additives
  • Only CO2 extracted hemp oil that delivers the finest quality
  • 200 mg of CBD oil per cartridge
  • 1 mg of CBD in every inhalation
  • 100 inhalations in per battery, which takes only 30 minutes to recharge
  • Made in the USA

This is a premium product that’s been formulated to give you the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil, a non-psychoactive substance that is derived from real industrial CBD hemp. Consisting of 100% natural terpenes, you get a dose of CBD that can often be 10 times more potent than what other vape brand’s sell as “premium.”

About Vape Bright’s purity

Again, don’t take my word on when I say that this company’s CBD oil is one of the best available in the market. Just go ahead and see the lab results posted on their website to get an idea. Lab results indicated that their oil contains 54% CBD by volume, which is by far the most potent result a lab has returned.

Oh! You don’t have to worry about THC either when you buy Vape Bright’s cartridges because negligible traces were found during the lab inspection. In case you didn’t know, THC is the cannabis compound which makes people feel “high.”Now I’m not going to go so far as to say there isn’t a trace amount of THC, there is THC but wont every come on your drug test.

VapeBright is also Rated amongst the Best CBD Vape Oil online

Here’s why you should invest on your health with Vape Bright:

Vaping CBD is the fastest and safest way of obtaining the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of CBD oil, and that is not just an opinion! This product doesn’t include any added chemicals or other synthetics that can cause adverse side effects. It has also been formulated to be of very high potency so that you don’t have to keep puffing to get the desired result.

Its 3.24V setting lets you take more intense draws to get maximum vapor. However, the company advises the users to take only short puffs to prevent burnout in the cartridge or overheating the CBD. The battery gets activated automatically when you inhale, making the product very easy to use.

What’s included in the starter kit? 

Here are the items included in the Vape Bright Kit:

  • The company’s very own CBD vape cartridge
  • Portable battery charger
  • A handy carrying case.

This vape pen has been designed keeping in mind the need of portability, hence you can count on the battery to charge at a speed fast enough to keep up with your vaping.

How to consume this  CBD Vape Oil? 

You consume Vape Bright CBD oil by vaping. Also known as vaporizing, vaping can be defined as an act of simply inhaling water vapor through a vaporizer-like mechanism. Unlike smoking, this method doesn’t leave behind bad breath, foul-smell, cigarette burns, or any other unpleasant signs. The likelihood of being exposed to carcinogens is also low.

Vaping lets you get all the benefits of CBD instantly without producing a thick cloud of smoke that arises as a result of combustion. There is no residue of tar or other chemicals left behind your clothes or inside of your lungs. The water vapor you exhale disperses immediately and doesn’t draw attention to yourself, either by sight or smell.

Using Vape Bright will allow you to draw the goodness of CBD inside of your lungs through the vapor. The compound will almost immediately get absorbed into your bloodstream due to the lungs thin membranes. So, it wouldn’t be technically wrong to say that vaping is the fastest method to deliver CBD into your system.

Personally, I enjoy vaping because it has allowed me to free up more time to pursue my other passions. Just a few puffs in the morning and I’m all set for the day. But is it fun? Oh yes! There is no loss of excitement due to reduced smoke and vape time.

Benefits of vaping over smoking 

CBD vape oil is concentrated cannabidiol available in liquid form, inhaled through a vaporizer. The oil is usually purchased as a one-time use cartridge for a vape pen. The substance contains active cannabinoids and terpenes that give you all the benefits of CBD without producing the intoxicating effects associated with THC.

Vaping is non-habit forming; neither does it get you high or psychoactive. Unlike smoking marijuana, vaping CBD oil doesn’t lead to the possibility of experiencing cottonmouth, red eyes, paranoia, munchies, etc. You will remain in complete control of your senses while enjoying the performance effects on your mind and body.

Ideal dosage

The convenient Vape Bright cartridge is easy to carry and use anywhere, at any time. It is discrete and delivers 2 mg of organic CBD that tastes all fresh and natural. Because each puff gives you 2 mg of pure CBD oil, you can expect to get 100 puffs from the 200 mg cartridge. This will give you the ability to micro-dose your way to the exact amount in a short amount of time.

To make the most out of the benefits of CBD, you must let your body absorb it immediately. And this can be best done through the use of the Vape Bright pen. This is one of the most potent and the purest forms of delivery mechanisms available right now.

How does Vape Bright smell and taste? 

Because Vape Bright is devoid of any artificial sweeteners or chemicals, there is hardly any smell on exhale. Now I might have 99 problems but my nose ain’t one, so I know what I’m talking about. Even though the lack of smell can be a dealbreaker for some people, I can guarantee that you’ll be glad that it doesn’t attract too much attention towards itself.

Like the smell, the taste is also pretty flavorless, though I would put this up for debate because I’m not the world’s best CBD taster. Some say that there is a subtle taste of amber molasses, so if you want to believe this substance has a taste then go ahead and believe the others. I’ve got no problem!

This product is meant to be enjoyed in short and sweet puffs, without the recognizable artificial fruity flavorings. If you are a fan of subtle tastes that lingers rather than hits you like a jolt of lightning, then Vape Bright will leave a mark on your taste buds.

How do I know if it’s the real deal? 

The original Vape Bright has a color that resembles amber-gold, which is a trademark characteristic of CO2 extracted oils. Don’t be distracted with oils that are darker, greener in color as it means that the oil hasn’t been properly filtered and may still have remnants of the plant material.

More golden the CBD oil is in color, the more filters it has been put through. Oil extracted through CO2 is considered the best in the industry because it preserves the beneficial elements of the hemp plants like cannabinoids and terpenes. The ideal blend of terpenes and cannabinoids create a product that has an enhanced effect on one’s health.

Additionally, you should also look at the contents of the oil before buying a CBD cartridge. Just by looking at the ingredients list, you can make out of the company is focused towards providing value or just making more profits. Take this advice with a pinch of salt though, because this isn’t an exact science; just something I do to be safe.

A host of different ingredients added to oil sends off red flags in my books because I believe the best CBD is pure CBD. If this is the case, then the company is surely trying to make up for the product quality with unhealthy gimmicks. There is, however, one exception when additives in CBD oil are acceptable.

Since pure CBD oil is too concentrated to be vaped in a tank, companies have to add VG, PG, or both. Keep in mind that CBD oil turned into an e-juice mixture is a lot different than Vape Bright cartridges, so it wouldn’t be right to judge both of them with the same yardstick.

Final thoughts

Vape Bright is one of the better products I have used in recent times, and I say this as a person who has experimented with a lot of hemp derivatives. It has not only helped me deal with anxiety, a condition that has plagued me for as long as I remember, but has also made me confident and outgoing.

I say you give it a try and see the effects it has on your body and mind. Hey, you have nothing to lose here because the company offers a full refund within 60 days if you’re not 100 satisfied with the product. However, I must mention that 60 days is a bit too soon to judge the effects of a substance like CBD oil.

Hope you liked my Vape Bright review…

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