What are Terpenes: Types of Terpenes and Their Benefits

What’s so unique about full-spectrum?

Well, we know now that whole plant products are much more useful than individual compounds. If you want your CBD to be hitting all the right spots, you will buy yourself some full-spectrum oil.

And one of the best things about these oils is the terpenes they offer. Now, you may be wondering what terpenes are and what they can do. Well, today, I will be walking you through that same question.

What are terpenes?

You know that smell you get when you crush an orange peel in your hand. These are the essential oils that are made by plants, and in science, they are called terpenes.

Terpenes are these oils made by plants for their protection. These consist of units which are known as isoprenoids and are pretty complex compounds. However, at the end of the day, these are these oils with a beautiful smell which have tonnes of therapeutic effects.

They have been used for ages now, in traditional medicine, in perfumes and other things. It’s so famous that there are tonnes of research papers dedicated to just making terpenes for industrial use.

Now, you may wonder, sure, terpenes protect plants and smell good, what’s there for me?

How are terpenes important in CBD Oil?


I recommend full-spectrum for a reason. Terpenes and flavonoids start something known as the “entourage effect” along with CBD. This adds to the effectuality of CBD as a whole.

How are terpenes important? Let’s see

1. They increase the blood flow to the brain

Terpenoids and cannabinoids together can increase the blood flow to the brain and make you feel much more energised. This is also associated with greater brain health.

2. They help in regulating pain

Humulene, Caryophyllene, and Linalool, the terpenoids found in plants are all implicated in pain management. Just check out the research here.

3. Terpenes work in very low concentrations

Terpenes are known to work in very low concentrations too. You can just inhale some and it will affect you therapeutically.

4. They work together with other compounds

CBD and terpenoids act together to have a stronger cumulative effect that in total adds to the entire experience of the user.

5. It acts to reduce THC’s effects

Worried about the trace amount of THC in your CBD? Terpenes and CBD together are known to buffer the psychoactivity of THC as a whole too.

6. They are potent antidepressants

Several terpenes in the CBD plants act as strong antidepressants. Not only that, people who have been researching terpenes for years say that several of Cannabis’ terpenes have potent antidepressant effects.

7. Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-inflammatory

Remember how I said that terpenes are protective oils from plants? Well, this means they have a protective property against most of the bacterias and funguses. Some of them, like Limonene are very good anti-inflammatory agents too!

So, what exactly is this “Entourage Effect”?

So, your body does not function alone at all right? It operates as a whole. Your brain, your heart, everything contributes to your good health. The same is true for plants. The products from CBD to terpenes all act together to create a beneficial effect.

What happens then?

1. Stronger together

Terpenes, CBDs, Flavonoids, all have individual effects which are magnified when they are taken together. This gives the entire experience a boost and makes your medication completely worth it.

2. Cross-talk

As your body shares a lot of proteins that receive CBD and terpenes, these proteins talk to each other. This cross-talk enhances the actions of the compounds that you are taking, making your experience, much more full as a whole.

3. Synergy

Imagine all the anxiety in the body, leaving all at once. Terpenes and CBDs act diffusely throughout the body and activate different kinds of pathways, ultimately making you a much happier person.

Types of Terpenes and their benefits

terpenes Benefits

CBD has quite a few terpenes, let me take you through them one by one.

1. Myrcene

This is a monoterpene (it has two isoprenoid units) which is the most famous terpene from any cannabis plant. Here are the properties.

  • Has a musky smell that is likened to that of a clove
  • Is found in mango and citrus fruits
  • It is known for its sedating properties and for being very anti-bacterial
  • It’s also anti-fungal, antiseptic and helps in inflammation!

2. Limonene

Remember that smell from orange zest we talked about? That is limonene. The fun part is a lot of your Cannabis strains have a massive amount of limonene.

What’s does it have other than the smell? Let’s see

  • Has an overall relaxing effect
  • Has potent antidepressant effects
  • Also helps in digestion
  • Helps in reducing stress

3. Humulene

If you have ever wondered why your CBD smells so Earthy, you might be getting Humulene-rich strains for yourself. This is not a very common terpene in Cannabis but, it kicks ass, how? Let’s see

  • It is known for suppressing appetite
  • Is found in Hops and Coriander too
  • Is very good for pain management
  • Has great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties

4. Pinene

If you love the smell of pine you are already in love with Pinene. Again, this is not one of those terpenes you will find in every single strain of Cannabis in a high quantity, but, it has amazing effects

  • Helps in memory retention and creating alertness
  • Again another wonderful anti-inflammatory compound
  • Helps with Asthma

5. Linalool

Yes, I know the name is kind of funny. This is one of those terpenes which has a very unique smell. Think birch forests and citrus. The fun part? It is also one of the potent terpenes in CBD, what does it do?

  • It is one of the most relaxing terpenes available
  • It helps people who have regular convulsions
  • Has a sedating and relaxing property
  • On top of all this, it also is a pretty kick-ass antidepressant

6. Caryophyllene

I saved the best for the last. This is the only dietary terpene that binds to the same receptor that CBD binds with. What does it do? Well

  • Helps with pain and muscle spasm
  • Is a kick-ass antidepressant and antianxiety medicine
  • Has antioxidant properties
  • Helps tackle insomnia

The list of terpenes in Cannabis hardly ends here. However, these are the significant terpenes you will find in most of your Cannabis strains. The plus point to all of them? They act together!

Imagine an entire bunch of molecules combining their power to become, well CBD. These molecules add to the overall effect of CBD and create a healthier body and mind.

Where to buy Terpenes?

Green Roads recently released a whole line of Terpene enriched CBD oils. These CBD Terps come in 100mg packages and are supplemented with every single terpene available in the Cannabis plant.

1. CBD Terps Oil

These are the main products, available in bottles and with droppers. What are the features? Let’s see.

  • 100 mg of CBD in each bottle
  • Enriched with all kinds of terpenes
  • Available in multitudes of flavors including strawberry, nectar and pineapple
  • Lab-tested
  • No THC
  • Easy-to-administer using dropper
  • Each dose has about 15 mg CBD + Enriched terpenes

2. Daily dose CBD Terp Oil

These are for your needs on the go. Available in syringes these are meant to put the oil under your tongue and to enjoy the CBD and terpenes

  • Easy-to-use syringe
  • 7 mg of CBD in each serving
  • Enriched with terpenes
  • Available in three easy-t-digest flavors


I might know my fair bit about CBD but, I am hardly a medical professional. I am just a person who has been using CBD for my chronic pain, and I would love for you guys to experience the benefits too.

However, CBD acts differently for everybody, so, I won’t say you will have the same effects I have had. It has worked wonderfully for me, and I hope it does the same for you!

Wrapping up this article about terpenes benefits

Terpenes are kick-ass compounds overall. You need to go ahead and try them for the full benefits. Know that the whole range of CBD a terpenes and flavonoids together is what makes CBD so high, and that’s why it is necessary to have them all in one place.

Here’s Aaron, wishing you guys a beautiful day!

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