Best CBD Oil For Weight Loss: A Natural Appetite Suppressant

The medical benefits of CBD are well known. After the CBD hemp oil was made legal in all the 50 states, the popularity of the CBD has been growing every day. People across all age groups have started using CBD as a treatment for various ailments. Another thing to note out here is that the CBD oil derived from hemp does not have any THC, which is a sedative and causes psychoactive effects. This is also the main reason why CBD oil is available as an over the counter product without any requirement for a prescription. The legality, however, varies depending on the strain of cannabis used for extracting the CBD oil and the amount of THC present in it.

The commercially available CBD oil has a no THC. Due to this, it is rather seen as a supplement than as a drug. It is considered safe to use hemp CBD without prescriptions. In fact, the trend of vaping CBD oils has gained a huge momentum and is known to be the best method for administering CBD into the body. It is also a much safer habit for people who are used to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Obesity a major concern of the modern age

The alarming rate at which obesity is infesting the masses has led to the framing of a new word known as globesity or a global obesity. If you look around, you will find out that more than 15% of the people are obese[Source]. Although obesity is definitely not considered as something healthy, once it happens to you, it seems to affect the quality a life quite much. Also, it becomes increasingly difficult to come out of it. Everything from a modern lifestyle to daily diet is to be blamed. In the midst of these, CBD has again succeeded in catching the limelight as an effective treatment for weight loss. Since weight loss is an entirely natural process, one does not have to worry about facing the horrifying side effects that are common with other pharmaceuticals.

How can CBD help you in weight loss?

Cbd oil can help in weight loss too

Almost everyone who has used cannabis knows that it naturally increases your appetite and includes a craving to snack on the munchies. This might make it seem a little confusing. However, this only happens due to the presence of THC in cannabis and opting for strains with less THC can actually have the opposite effects and help you lose weight. Here are some reasons why CBD helps with weight loss.

  • Controls appetite

You can either use the CBD oils in the raw form or go for specific CBD appetite suppressant to put a curb on your appetite. It does not affect the appetite so bad that you do not feel like eating at all. It only controls your cravings thereby reducing the tendency to overeat. Hence, by using CBD, you will be eating in significantly less amounts.

  • Blood sugar management

CBD is one of the most effective treatments for diabetes and this is all because of its ability to efficiently control the blood glucose level. Therefore, the same mechanism can also prove to be useful in the reducing obesity. Various studies have already found that regular cannabis users have a normal and healthy blood sugar without having to make a lot of adjustments to their lifestyle.

CBD oils also have small quantities(0.05% per 100mg) of THCV or tetrahydrocannabivarin. This is the main compound that improves the sensitivity of insulin in the body. Since insulin is responsible for the body’s tendency to store or convert the blood glucose into energy, it produces a marked effect on the way the body handles blood glucose. Hence CBD can prove to be highly effective in reducing the glucose intolerance related to obesity. All the trials conducted with CBD in connection to weight loss have yielded highly successful results.

  • Increases focus

Cannabis may cause you to lose focus and get high. However, there are different strains of it and some of them actually help you have a better focus. Moreover, CBD is not a psychoactive compound and does not have any sedative effects. Due to this, it keeps you from zoning out. On the contrary, it increases mental alertness and attentiveness. Therefore, it can be highly helpful when you are lacking in motivation to get up and tackle that one task in hand. Whether it is hitting the gym after work or going for a jog in the evening, CBD can help you get there. Furthermore, it also makes the exercise sessions much more enjoyable. Hence, using CBD is a great way for self-encouragement and staying hooked into the present.

How to take CBD to assist in weight loss?

There are various methods to use CBD oil for weight loss. You can opt for vaping, oral administration of oils, CBD edibles, and capsules. However, the best method is vaping as it helps in a faster reaction of the body to the administered dose of CBD. Taking a few drops of oil sublingually before meals can also have the same effect.

Best CBD oil for weight loss

Sol CBD is probably the best Cbd oil for weight loss. The brand upholds very high standards of manufacturing and has a very careful method for selecting the cannabis strains. I am a great fan as my wife was able to lose over 5 pounds in 1 month through a regular use of this oil.

CBD can also help with:



Taking CBD in the right dose can have highly positive effects on weight loss. You can also adjust the dosage to achieve just the desired results. Since CBD does not trigger any serious complications, it is highly advisable stable to use it on a regular basis. It is even better if you do so under a doctor’s supervision.

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