25 Best CBD Oil for Pain Relief & Reviews [2020]

Pain – many people have it. Some don’t take it seriously; others live with it.

I have suffered from physical pain for as long as I can remember.

And it comes back even now, once in awhile to haunt me at nights.

Yes, the kind of pain that keeps one up at nights – twisting and turning, wondering if there is even any relief from it all.

After struggling throughout my mid to late 30s, it finally dawned upon me that I wasn’t doing my treatment right.

That’s when I decided to cancel the doctor’s appointment and look for an alternative cure. Read a News article on “Best CBD oil for pain”.

Then i started my journey to live a better life…


Keep on reading to find out.

Best cbd oils Which can be used to treat pain

My decision to switch to CBD came after a long and hard battle against my debilitating illness. It was a battle I was losing because prescribed medicines were doing no good…

I believe that if I can benefit from the use of CBD hemp oil, so can you!

Today, I’m going to be talking about the topic of Best CBD hemp oil for pain and the reviews of the popular brands.

Why Should you Trust my CBD Oil for Pain Reviews?

Hi, I’m Aaron, and I’ve been reviewing CBD products for a long time now. Like a really long time! As someone who suffers from chronic back pain and anxiety problems, I’ve always been reliant on CBD treatment.

In fact, the reason I started this blog was that CBD helped me tremendously! As your neighborhood CBD enthusiast, I want you to experience the benefits of CBD too.    

I don’t write as a professional, but as this guy who likes CBD and what it does for him, so you do not need to be afraid of any marketing shenanigans here.

How do I Review CBD Oils?

I’ll split each product review into three parts: 

  1.  My experience using the product.
  2. The amount of CBD they offer for the dollar.
  3. Give you the details regarding THC content, and whether it’s a Full Spectrum CBD oil or an Isolate CBD oil.

This will give you the chance to choose CBD oil online, knowing not only about its effectiveness but about its price and whether it has psychoactive substances.  

And listen, I’ve been trying these CBD oils for the past 24 months now, which I believe is enough for me to claim I’m sort of an expert (not to brag, of course).

I’ll tell you one thing right now: if you’d rather not spend time in reading about the CBD oils for pain in the market, you can just go ahead and order one of the top 3 Choices right now. All the products here are legit, tried and tested by yours truly.

Others, let’s move on to business, shall we?

My Top picks of 25 Best CBD oils for Pain:

1. FAB CBD(Best CBD for Back Pain)

Fab cbd for pain


How was my experience?

The regular followers of this blog would know that I suffer from back pain and sleep disorders. So, before I test out CBD products, I give myself a break from CBD to see how the product affects me fully. Fab CBD sells, 4 versions of the CBD Oil with 150mg, 300mg, 600mg and 1200mg. For people who like flavors with their oils, there are different flavors available too.

I started out by testing these two weeks after I took a  complete break from CBD. During this while, my back pain worsened. In a couple of hours, I could feel the pain slowly relax. One of the best things about this product was, how tingly it made me feel after taking the product.

With daily use, it helped me with the sleeping troubles too. It visibly reduced my anxiety and made me feel better.

Though the potency was less than what I am usually used to, I was impressed by the efficiency of this product.

CBD to price ratio

With the 300mg bottle, you get about 5 mg of CBD for every dollar. Though on the steeper side of the spectrum, the 600 mg variant gives a quite respectable 7 mg of CBD for every dollar.  

I would recommend the larger concentrations for the first-time buyers of CBD too. You can turn down your dosage if you are not comfortable with it, instead of getting more steeply-priced CBD.    

Contains THC or not

A lot of people have asked me about the legality of CBD. Companies like Fab CBD offer their products with a trace amount of THC below 0.3%. Since this is also below the legal limit for THC, these products are legal in all 50 of the states in the U.S.A.

Buy Fab CBD Oil using a 20% Coupon: GT20

2. The CBDistillery(Best CBD Hemp Oil for Nerve Pain) 

cbdistillery review and coupon

How was my experience?

I always tell beginners for CBD use to use full-spectrum. The full-spectrum oils contain a lot of terpenes and other good stuff along with CBD and help much more when you suffer from anxiety attacks. CBDistillery also has a wide range of potencies to choose from. Unlike, FabCBD, which offers only limited capacities, CBDistillery’s oils go up to 5000mg per bottle and it is indeed one of the best CBD oils for pain in the market

I took a fortnight off from using CBD for this review too. However, because it was during the summer months when the stress was high, and my back pain became unbearable very fast.

When I started using the product (the 5000mg variant, since, I suffer from chronic back pain), my back pain became manageable in about an hour. This product is very potent and works very well in calming me down.

After a while, I found myself working again, and I could even take out the old boy Rufus for some walks while I was at it. I would highly recommend this to people who suffer from chronic diseases and have problems with pain management.    

CBD to Price Ratio

At 20.8 mg of CBD per Dollar, the 5000 mg variant of CBDistillery is a steal no matter how you see it. However, I got it on a sale. At usual 260 $ rate, the concentration comes around to 19.2 mg of CBD per dollar, which is pretty great on its own.  

Even the smaller concentrations of 2500 mg offer about 19 mg of CBD per dollar, makes  CBDistillery’s products some of the best for their prices.

Contains THC or not

With only 0.21% of THC, these products are legal throughout the U.S.A.

Buy the CBDistillery CBD oil using a Coupon: GT15 (Radar25 for 25% over $125) 

3. Nuleaf Naturals (Best CBD oil for Chronic Pain) 

Nuleaf naturals is one the best cbd oils i have ever used

How was my experience?

I had already tried Nuleaf Naturals’ CBD Oils before and loved them, so it was a no-brainer for me to give it a fresh try. Their offering goes up to 4850 mg CBD oil. For this review, I used the 4850 mg CBD Oil.

Like, for all the other products listed here, I took a break from CBD for a while, to let my chronic back pain hit me in full swing. This was also the time, where my little boy was having some project work from school. While helping him with it, I could feel my anxiety levels rise.

It is very difficult to be anxious around kids. It can scare you, and you might even start blaming or doubting yourself. So, I started my course with this oil. In about an hour, I could breathe easy again, and I could work without having to feel threatened by my anxiety.    

However, its effect on chronic pain was slower than I liked. While very potent, it took about 4 hours before, I could feel any pain relief from the product. I do not blame the product, however, since it helped with my back pain, it became much easier to deal with external stresses.

But that’s just me; others say this product works fine.  

CBD to Price Ratio

The 4850 mg variant offers about 11 mg of pure CBD oil for a buck, which is quite respectable. However, they also offer bulk orders which increases the overall CBD to price ratio to about 15 mg. So you can order in bulk, instead of ordering just one pack.

Contains THC or not

All of Nuleaf Naturals’ products contain less than 0.3% THC and are legal in all the 50 states of the U.S. and over 40 countries.     

Buy Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil at 20% Discount: TCR20

4. Hemp Bombs Hemp Bombs cbd oil review

How was my experience?

Hemp Bombs comes recommended by Daniel himself, and I can see why. With their production coming out of Europe, the best place for CBD, and their amazing variety was a win for me. The CBD Oils from Hemp Bombs come in many varieties, from 300 mg to up to 4000 mg.

I went with the 4000 mg variant for this review and took a break from CBD products to see how this affected me.

When I get terrible chronic pain, it becomes almost impossible to walk my dog. This is what had happened by the time I got around to trying this product. However, in about an hour from using this product, I could feel a relief settling in.    

For the pain to get to manageable levels, it took about 3 hours. Over the span of two days of regular use, I started being able to make old boy Rufus down for walks again without a problem.  This comes highly recommended to me for its potency.

CBD to Price Ratio

At about 13 mg of CBD per buck, the CBD to price ratio of the 4000mg oil pack was quite good. It is not one of the most economical CBDs around but, with the quality hemp imported from England, it is a hike I can get behind.

Contains THC or Not

Hemp Bombs have their products tested by third parties to test for THC content, so you need not worry about anything.

Buy Hemp Bombs CBD oil using a 25% Off Coupon Code: RADAR25

5. Medterra CBD

Medterra CBD review in strongest cbd oils in USA


How was my experience?

Medterra CBD offers their CBD in three concentrations of 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 3000 mg.  For this review, I chose the 3000 mg variant.

I took a break from CBD for two weeks to give this a fair try. Sadly enough, this was also the time I had to spend working in the summer. If you suffer from mental health problems, summers are difficult. So, many different factors caving in, make it a season for a lot of anxiety.

I was very anxious and barely able to sleep when I started using this product. After about thirty minutes of taking this product, I could feel a warm tingle all over. My stress reduced dramatically over the next few hours. If there’s one thing that disappointed me, it was pain management.

Though their product is potent, because of so much stress, my back pain kept coming back, until about four weeks of use. After a month of use though, my back pain was manageable for a long while.

While I won’t recommend it for quick relief in cases of chronic pain, this is an excellent substituent for your anxiety problems.      

Read the full Medterra review here…

CBD to Price Ratio

At 20 mg of CBD for a dollar, this product is pretty much one of the cheapest CBDs you will get on the market now. I would attest to its potency too, so I would recommend it to beginners.

Contains THC or not

Medoil CBD contains 0% THC and is perfectly safe to consume.

Buy Medterra CBD oil using this 15% Off coupon code: GTV15

6. CBDPure

CBDpure Review under the strongest cbd oils

How was my experience?

CBDPure, much like Fab CBD, only offers a very limited range of products. Their highest potency was only 600 mg, which is much lesser than the concentration I usually try for myself. However, I decided to go with that bottle for my review.

I had to try CBDPure through a sudden anxiety flare-up. My wife had been having health troubles because of the weather change, and I had to keep up with a significant amount of housework. This meant that I was constantly under stress about her health and working both at the office and at home.   

By the time I got around to trying the product, my anxiety was neither letting me sleep, or work properly.

Perhaps, because of the potency. It took about 4 hours for complete pain management with this product. However, this was also accompanied by the tingly feeling that I so rarely get. With regular use though, managing anxiety became much better.

When the missus had to visit the hospital, I could take care of all the household chores without worrying about anything or getting an anxiety attack. I even managed to fix some lunch for my kids daily without letting tension or stress set in.

I’d recommend the folks over at CBDPure to consider adding a higher concentration to their products, so as to help us with chronic back pains. This is a very good choice for beginners though.  

CBD to Price Ratio

CBDPure offers only 7.5 mg of CBD for a dollar, which is a poor estimate given their competition. It is one of the steeper products out of this list, however, because of the quality, I would recommend it to people who are dealing with daily stress.

Contains THC or not

All products from CBDPure are tested so that they follow all federal THC limits. So, you can be sure there won’t be any unwanted effects.

Buy CBDpure with 15% Off Coupon: ALLCBD15


CBDfx reviews in best cbd vape oils

How was my experience?

This had been on my radar for a while. A very dear friend had been using CBDfx’s CBD Oil to keep her son’s epileptic tendencies in check. Over the period of three months, this had reduced his seizures by a significant amount in frequencies.

They offer their CBD Oil in concentrations of 500 mg, 1000 mg and 1500 mg. I chose the 1500 mg version for this review. Like, for all the other products here, I took a break from CBD use for a while, before using this product.

By the time I got around to trying this, my back was in a terrible condition. I was suffering from an intense pain that prevented me from doing anything. It was one of those flare-ups that chronic patients know of very well.

In three hours after trying this product, my muscles finally started to quiet down. Over the period of the next couple of hours, my pain returned to a manageable intensity.

With regular use, I saw a visible change in my sleeping patterns. With the proper amount of sleep, I was able to return to work without worry.  

I would recommend this quick-acting formula to people who are dealing with chronic back pain and other ailments.   

CBD to Price Ratio

At about 9 mg of CBD for a dollar, their offering regarding CBD to Price ratio is respectable enough. However, there are cheaper variants on the market.

Contains THC or not

This product contains a low degree of THC, so please maintain caution if you are going in for a drug test soon.

8. Vape Bright

Vape bright thrive vape pen with cbd reviewHow was my experience?

Vape pens with good concentration of CBD are my favorite way of taking this stuff. With Vape Bright, I get just that. The concentrations range from 200 mg to 250mg, and they promise over 1 mg of CBD every time you inhale.

I used the 250 mg variant for my review of this product. For testing out how efficient it was, I took a break from CBD for about a week. This meant that my chronic back pain got worse over the entire duration.

Despite, its low potency, the effects of this product were faster. In about an hour, my back pain was relieved considerably enough for me to work around and do daily chores. Remember though, this product did not, even with regular use, bring down my back pain to a level that was to my absolute liking. However, it did help me a lot with my sleep terrors and anxiety.

I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to manage their daily stresses better. However, for individuals with chronic pain, Vape Bright should provide higher concentrations.    

Read the full Vape Bright review here…

CBD to Price Ratio

This was more of a disappointment. Even their most economical value offers about 5 mg per dollar, and the 250 mg version gets you only 4.5 mg of CBD for a buck. While steep in price, most of these products come along with the batteries too, so that has to be taken into account.  

Contains THC or not

Vape Bright’s CBD oils contains only traces of THC below 0.3%. They’re legal through the states of the U.S.

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9. CBD EssenceCBD-Essence review at allcbdoilbenefits

How was my experience?

As much as I love CBDEssence as a brand, I must admit that their CBD oil offering is very poor in terms of concentration. With only 300 mg and 600 mg variants available, I was skeptical about its ability to help me with back pain.

At first, I tried it without taking a break from CBD products. Combined with the other products though, it seemed to provide quite a respectable amount of pain management. So, I decided to give this another shot and took a week’s break from CBD Products.

Now, CBD does not help me get completely rid of my back pain. It helps brings it down to levels which I can manage. So, when I take breaks from CBD, one way or the other, my chronic back pain starts flaring up again.

By the time I tried this product, my back pain had become so severe as to give me sleepless nights. This product kicked in over days instead of hours. In about three days, the back pain went down to manageable levels.  

My anxiety, however, fared a lot better. My mood became better in about two hours from the time of ingesting the product. Over time, I feel that this can be of benefit to people suffering from chronic pain. However, this does not provide quick relief, so that is something users should keep in mind.    

Read the full CBD Essence Review here…

CBD to Price Ratio

At only 7.5 mg of CBD for a dollar, this is more of a steep choice in this list. However, given the fact that CBDEssence swears by the bioavailability offered by this product, I would recommend giving it a shot nevertheless.

Contains THC or not

All of CBD Essence’s products are free of THC. 

10. Endoca

Endoca Hemp oil review 1500mg CBD

How was my experience?

Endoca recommends their RAW range to any beginners who are just trying CBD. This range, made without the application of any heat apparently offers every single benefit that the hemp plant can offer.

I have reviewed Endoca before, so, this time I took a shot at their 2000 mg variant for this review. Less concentrated oils were available too.

I took a long break from CBD products to give this a try. During this time my back pain became pretty much unbearable. It became incredibly hard to work or do anything at all. Now, people who have anxiety know how bad inactivity can be.

Since my back pain had increased so much, I felt more anxious about not being able to work at my full capacity, and guilty too.

When I finally got around to trying this pure cbd oil, I was in a pretty bad spot. The product took about half an hour to take some effect. Firstly, my mood became a lot better, and in about three hours, I could feel my muscles relaxing and letting go.

Endoca prides itself on getting their hemp from Europe, just like Hemp Bombs, and it works! This product comes highly recommended from me for anyone who suffers from chronic back pain or anxiety attacks. I did not expect it to manage both, but it did so quite efficiently.    

CBD to Price Ratio.

At only about 10.5 mg of CBD for a dollar, their offer is quite respectable. Given their pharmaceutical work, and presence in so many countries, I would recommend giving their product a shot nevertheless.

Contains THC or not

Endoca tests its products in a pharmaceutical grade lab, so that it contains almost untraceable amounts of THC.

11. Verified CBD

Verified-CBD-Oil-Cannabidiol Review

How was my experience?

Verified CBD offers its products in a range of concentrations, from 250 mg to 1500 mg of CBD. I chose the 1500 mg variant for this review.

To feel the product’s full weight, I took a two-week break from CBD. My back pain was back very soon because of some trouble going on at work. By the end of two weeks, I had had to call in sick because of my worsening condition.

In about two hours from taking this product, I felt a tingle down my spine. Later, my muscles relaxed and I could finally get some much-needed rest from the entire ordeal. One of my favorite parts of using the product was how quick it acted.

Over the next two weeks, I started sleeping well. It takes time for any of my CBD Products to help with sleep, but this worked very fast.

CBD to price ratio

At 11 mg for a buck, this is quite a respectable amount of CBD. However, this is not the most concentrated CBD, and neither does it have the best deal of all the products.  

Contains THC or not

All VerifiedCBD products are guaranteed to contain 0% THC, so, you do not have to worry about any psychoactive substance being in your system.

12. Elixinol

Elixinol review and coupon

How was my experience?

Elixinol offers their CBD oils in a very varied range. Going from the small dosage of 300 mg to the large dosage of 3600 mg, their products provide you with a lot of variety to choose from. In that line, I chose the 3600 mg variant for helping with my chronic back pain, because it was the strongest CBD oil available.

I took two weeks to break from CBD products for the sake of this review. By the end of the two weeks, I had managed to flare up by anxiety so bad that I couldn’t manage to talk with people freely. This meant that even my missus could not get through to me.

My mood got better after about one hour of taking this product. My stress visibly reduced and I could converse with well enough in some hours. As for my back pain, this helped manage is much better than some of the other products.

Within about 3 hours of taking this product, I could feel my back pain go down, and stay there. Over time, in about a week of regular use, I could start on my evening walks again. As it happens when I am using CBD regularly, I experienced no flare-ups while I was using this daily.  

CBD to Price Ratio

At about 15 mg of CBD for a dollar, this is quite an economical product to buy. With their brand value and quality, I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from chronic pain and wants to make dealing with it a little bit easier.

Contains THC or not

While Elixinol’s products are taken from the high amount of CBD  containing hemp, it is tested repeatedly to ensure there is no THC.   

13. Koi Naturals

Koi Naturals cbd oil review in top cbd oils in USA

How was my experience?

KoiCBD is one of those brands that has garnered a lot of popularity. Their full spectrum oil blend comes in three versions, 250 mg, 500 mg and 1000 mg. For this review, I used the 1000 mg one.

The full week break from CBD I took before trying this product was tiring, to say the least. Rufus had to be taken to a vet because the old boy had swallowed some of my kid’s toys. So, I had to survive through back pain and go for repeated visits with doctors.  

By the time the week ended and Rufus was fine, I was down with a very bad bout of chronic back pain. I was having trouble sleeping, and even sitting straight for a length of time.

A couple of hours after taking this organic CBD oil, I felt a lot more relaxed. It becomes hard to notice anything except the pain when I have one of my flare-ups, so I was pleasantly surprised when I could feel my mood improve.

Over the next week, the pain returned to manageable levels, and my stress levels reduced considerably. With Rufus doing well, I took him out for a few hours of walks and played too. I recommend this to anyone who has problems with stress and anxiety or depression. This is relatively quick acting and will help you in managing your day.

CBD to Price Ratio

Offering about 10 mg for a dollar, Koi CBD falls in a quite respectable range of the products I am reviewing today. With added full-spectrum benefits, this is not a steep purchase at all.   

Contains THC or not

Koi CBD oil contains no THC at all, can help you feel better, and that too without giving you a high.

14. Ananda Hemp

ananda product reviews and cbd oils.

How was my experience?

Ananda Hemp is a tempting brand to say the least. They source their seeds from the largest hemp seed bank in the United States and have generational farmers grow their products. Plus, they offer excellent customer service with their products. However, I was disappointed that they had only two concentrations of tinctures available, one amounting to 200 mg and other being 600 mg.

Personally speaking, the most potent CBD oils help me in dealing with my chronic back pain better. So, I was actually in a dilemma when I took a break from CBD products to try this out. What if the low concentration did not help me at all?

Thankfully, on the day that I took the product for the first time, I could get some sleep. Over time, the back pain reduced considerably enough for me to get back to my daily activities without any problems.

As expected, this concentration was not enough to completely manage my back pain.  However, it did help in bringing it down considerably.

CBD to Price Ratio

With only about 7 mg of CBD for a buck, Ananda Hemp’s CBD Oil is a steep climb. However, I can also attest to its efficiency in dealing with back pain and anxiety.

Contains THC or not

Ananda Hemp prides itself on having their THC always below the legal limit of 0.3%, so you do not have to worry about drug tests or any unexpected high from ingesting of this product. 

15. Kat’s Naturals

Kat naturals review at allcbdoilbenefits also rated purest cbd oil

How was my experience?

Kat’s Naturals Heal range of products has been under my radar for quite long. What they’ve done here is create a solution using pure CBD isolate, which means this product is very pure to start with. I tried the 1500 mg version of the oil tincture, which was their highest strength available.

While taking a break from CBD to review this product, I felt incredibly uneasy. My back pain kept changing its course through the few days, becoming more intense as it went along. Now, with intense back pain, as people who have suffered would know, makes you feel terrible. You can’t sit down or get up without feeling hopeless.

Two hours after taking this product, I could feel my back pain becoming less intense. As I said earlier, CBD is not like a painkiller. It does not take the pain away per se, but makes it easier to manage. With Kat Natural’s that lowering of pain happened within four hours, and I was relieved.  

I could feel my back pain becoming less intense. As I said earlier, CBD is not like a painkiller; it does not take the pain away per se, but, makes it easier to manage. With Kat Natural’s that lowering of pain happened within about four hours, making it one of the more quick-acting products in this review.

My muscles became much less tense with regular use, and I regained my sleep cycle without any worries.          

CBD to Price Ratio

At about 12 mg of CBD for a dollar, this product offers quite a respectable CBD to Price Ratio. The added benefit of purity and everything else means this comes highly recommended from me.

So, if you suffer from chronic pain like me, or have to deal with stresses in your daily life, you should give this a shot.  

Contains THC or not

You can buy Kat’s Naturals products with confidence without ever having to fail a drug test. They offer their product completely free of THC, so, you do not have to worry about any unwanted high either.

16. Lazarus Natural 

Lazarus Naturals review, cheapest cbd oil

How was my experience?

If you are not an absolute newbie to the ABD world, you would have heard about Lazarus Naturals, with all the positive noise they’ve been making lately. I had reviewed their tinctures before, so, for this review, I decided to try it again. Their High Potency variant is available in cases with 750 mg, 3000 mg, and 6000 mg.  

While the higher concentration might be sort of difficult to deal with for beginners, because I have a chronic pain issue, I went with the 6000 mg bottle.

Since Lazarus promises a high potency, I decided to take a break from CBD products for three weeks. It also helped that I was on holiday at the time and suffering from almost no stress.      

However, as every chronic pain patient knows, it hits back quickly and with a vengeance. By the middle of the second week, I could barely get myself to move and get myself the remote, without having to sit myself down for hours afterward.

When I took this tincture, it affected me after about 2 hours. I felt a quiet tingle rising, and after that, I could feel my muscles and body quiet down.    

If you suffer from anxiety, you would know this feeling of quiet as the relief of an anxiety attack. So, this worked very well for me. Eventually, with regular use, I could get back to my lifestyle without any problems.  Even my sleep terrors took care of themselves within a week of use.

CBD to Price Ratio

30 mg of CBD for a dollar! This is perhaps the best deal you will get on CBD ever!

With potency and the efficiency of Lazarus, this was one of my favorites to review.

Contains THC or not

Lazarus Naturals’ products comply with the fedderal limit and have less than 0.3% THC and are legal throughout the United States of America.

17. Green Roads World

Green roads world review and cbd oil is pure

How was my experience?

Green Roads offers a wide variety of concentrations too. Starting from 200 mg, it goes up to about 1500 mg of concentration. For this review, I chose the 1500 mg variant of the CBD Oil.   

I took a break from my usual CBD use for two weeks before I tested out this product. Over the two weeks, my anxiety became very unbearable. Partly, this was because I  needed to do some work which required a lot of focus, but, my back pain just became worse over time.

The combination of both is often crippling in my case. I can barely get myself to move or be motivated by anything at all. Plus, anxiety leads to breathing troubles, which means I cannot remain calm  and deal with my other problems.

When I took this CBD, I was suffering from a bout of breathlessness. In about 20 minutes after ingesting this product, my breathing became normal. In nearly an hour or so, I could see that my mood was uplifted and I could focus on other things.   

With regular use, this product does get better. In about a week, I could play an entire game with my little ones without a huge flare up of my back pain. I was very impressed with this product, and I would recommend this to anyone suffering from anxiety or having nightmares.          

CBD to Price Ratio

The biggest downside of this product is the fact that the price ratio only comes to about 7 mg of CBD for a dollar. This makes Green Roads CBD Oil one of the more expensive variants of CBD available. However, they also provide great quality, so, the ball is in your court.

Contains THC or not

Green Road World’s CBD Oil contains no THC. It is legal throughout the United  States of America and will not trigger any drug test at work.

18. Receptra Naturals 

Receptra naturals review

How was my experience?

Receptra offers their products in two separate lines. One is the Active Lifestyle range, which provides lower concentrations for daily use, and another is Health and Wellness, which is for far more intense use. It is incredibly difficult for me to manage my back pain with a low concentration of CBD usually, so, I went with the 3000 mg concentration available in their Health and Wellness line.    

This time the break from CBD products was a little bit extended. Since I was sitting at home babysitting most of the time; my back pain did not become unbearable until about three weeks. It was after that that I gave this product a try.

In about half an hour after taking this product, my pain was back to manageable levels. This might have been because the pain was not as intense as it gets, but, it was a relief nevertheless.   

However, I would like to praise the effects of this products when used daily. Over time, I could open up to possibilities of playing games again because this product made me feel confident. I managed to sit for three hours at a stretch (an achievement for me) and complete an entire game with my little ones.

All of their products also have some turmeric in them, which is very useful for the skin. In the month which I used it for, I got many compliments about how radiant I looked.

I would recommend this to professionals who have difficulty in managing their pain because of how quickly it acts.         

CBD to Price Ratio

With 15 mg of CBD per dollar, the sale they were offering the product at, was quite reasonable and economical. This should be the CBD of choice for professionals who do not wish to spend more, but, also want reliability.

Contains THC or not

None of Receptra Naturals products contain THC which is above the legal limit of 0.3%.

19. Charlotte’s Web CBD

charlottes-web cbd oil review

How was my experience?

I have recently tried Charlotte’s Hemp’s products before, so, I was positive about this product from the start. They’re not kidding with this variety of their tincture, which has over 8000 mg of CBD in thee 100 ml bottle.

Charlotte’s Web is run by Stanley Brothers, who themselves oversee the entire process of product manufacture from the beginning to end. Partly, because of their dedication, I also wanted to give this product the fair review it deserves.

I took a break from CBD use for two weeks before I started out on trying this product. In those two weeks, my back pain became pretty much unbearable, and I felt very uncomfortable even if I sat for just one hour or so.  

After trying this product, in about one hour, I could feel the stress cloud lifting. My back pain became better in about three hours when it returned to manageable levels. After that, it was pretty smooth sailing.

This was the original formula that the Stanley brothers had used to treat Charlotte, and it lives up to every one of your hypes. I would recommend it to anyone managing painful chronic diseases.  

CBD to Price Ratio

At 31 mg of CBD per dollar! This is the most economic CBD oil you will get in the market. Given how effective this is, I would recommend this for daily use any time.

Contains THC or not

There is only a trace amount of THC in this product, and it is legal across all the 50 states of the United States of America.

20. PureKana

purekana is one of the best cbd oil in the world

How was my experience?

PureKana’s offering of Natural CBD Oil comes in three concentrations of 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1000 mg.  For this review, I went with the 1000 mg variant.

People who suffer from chronic pain need a  higher amount of CBD because it helps them deal with their pain better. So, when companies stick to lesser concentrations, I have no choice but, to tell them to broaden their product range.

I took a break of two weeks for testing out this product too. However, because of some long hours at the Supermarket, my chronic back pain increased a lot in between, and I had to start using this product a little before than that.  

After taking this tincture, it took about three hours for my pain to calm down. However, for it to return to manageable levels, it took another three. One of my constant complaints with this product was that it made me calm enough because of my pain management issues I wasn’t able to before.

So, I would recommend this to people with anxiety and depression. It manages stress quite well and is a good investment in that manner.

CBD to Price Ratio

AT only 7 mg of CBD for a buck, this is not the most economical product to consider for daily use. However, I would recommend that you guys give it a shot for its amazing  work with stress.

Contains THC or not

This only contains a trace amount of THC which is below the legal limit.

21. Herb Strong

Herb Strong Review

How was my experience?

The 1000 mg full-spectrum hemp oil came with recommendations from a friend with Lyme  disease. So, I was excited to give it a shot.

I took a break of two weeks from all CBD Products to give this product a fair chance. During this two weeks, my chronic back pain  became quite severe. Now, I am a simple man; I do not aspire to become a world-class athlete when I use CBD, but I do expect to do my daily work with ease.  

After trying this product, it took about 3 hours for it to kick in. Though the potency was not high enough to give me the wanted relief from back pain, with repeated use of the product, I became quite comfortable with it.

Now, as I said, I do not have high aspirations, so, my recommendation comes from the fact that after just three days of regular use, I was back to walking my dog at the park and playing with my kids. This is one of the better products regarding management of chronic back pain.  

CBD to Price Ratio

With over 15 mg of CBD for a dollar, this product is pretty much bang for the buck. It might not be the cheapest CBD oil available but, with full-spectrum properties,   it still constitutes a good deal.

Contains THC or not

Products from Herb Strong contain less than 0.01% THC, so, you can rest assured about the drug tests and other problems.  

22. SOL CBD(Organic CBD Oil without THC)

Sol cbd review under the top cbd oils

How was my experience?

Sol CBD does not offer its products in the broad range. There are only two variants available, one with 300mg concentrations and the other with 3600 mg. This limited the choice for me, and I went with the 3600 mg variant for this review.

I had already heard about the value of this new product so, I was eager to try it. So, I took a week’s break from CBD Products to give this a spin. My original plan was to keep the break to two weeks, however, because of a sudden flare in my back pain, I had to cut my break short.

Within about an hour of taking this product, I could see a visible difference in my bloody. My muscles relaxed, I could focus on stuff other than the pain, and I could stand up again, It acted quite quickly, and I could go to sleep peacefully that night.  

Over time it had a good effect on my sleep terrors too.

Though Sol CBD offers very little variety, I would recommend the 3600 mg oil tincture to anyone who suffers from chronic pain.

CBD to Price Ratio

The 3600 mg variant gives about 11 mg of CBD for a buck, while their 300 mg variant is expensive, and offers only about 4 mg of CBD for a buck. However, their work towards efficiency is good. This means that the 3600 mg tincture might work on you better than a 5000 mg variant from another company.

Contains THC or not

All of Sol CBD’s products are free of THC and legal all throughout the U.S.A

Buy Sol CBD oil using 7% off Coupon Code: ALLCBD7

23. CBD BioCare

cbdbiocare hemp oil review

How was my experience?

CBD BioCare offers their products in a large variety, ranging from 500 mg to 1500 mg. For this review, I took the 1500 mg concentration.

The break I took from CBD for trying this product was mostly without any incident. However, my back pain became progressively worse, and that started affecting my sleeping patterns as a whole.

After I took this product, the effect took a while to kick in. However, in about 3 hours, my muscle pain had gone down considerably. In the next few weeks, I began to sleep better and more regularly. While this was very slow compared to the other products, it provided the same amount of relief without much difficulty.

I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from a lot of daily stress, or someone who has chronic back problems.  

CBD to Price Ratio

At 11 mg of CBD a dollar, this product might not be the most economical choice out there. However, looking at how it is full-spectrum, I won’t mind recommending it to others or trying myself again.

Contains THC or not

This product contains only trace amounts of THC and has no side effects.

24. CBD For Life 

CBD for life review

How was my experience?

CBD for Life is a women-fronted company, and as such it’s also a relief to know that the owner of the company has the same condition has me. CBD for Life was started after the owner herself discovered the benefits of CBD while using it for her chronic back pain.

Given that CBDForlife has the best CBD products for beauty, I was a little skeptical about how they make ingestibles.

I took a break of one week from all CBD products to test this one out. However, due to some stresses, this also coincided with a very bad case of chronic back pain. Due to some meetings, I had had to sit up straight for hours at an end, something which immediately affects my back pain.

After taking this product under my tongue, I felt a slight tingle in about half an hour. My muscles had relaxed, and my pain had come down to manageable levels in 3 hours. This was quite  fast-to-act given the concentration.

I would recommend this to anyone looking to manage their anxiety or for quick pain relief.

CBD to Price Ratio

CBDforLife produces products that are made from 99% pure CBD and offers them all at a price of less than 35$. So, if you are looking for an economic CBD Oil to start your journey, look no further.

Contains THC or not

All of CBDforLife’s products are completely THC free

25. CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman

How was my experience?

American Shaman makes their CBD tinctures completely naturally. They also offer you a choice between whether you want THC in your product or not.

Their highest concentration offered was only 900 mg which was quite low given how concentrated the products of their immediate competitors were, however, I was eager to give it a chance.

I took a slight break from regular CBD use, to get acquainted with this product better. After a two-week break, my back pain had worsened and gone beyond manageable levels. When my back pain becomes intolerable, I often have to lay down and let it pass simply. 

Chronic back pain can mean not working for days at an end because of a series of bad days. So, CBD Oil is one of the only things that helps me in managing pain.

After taking this product, in about 3 hours, I could feel my muscles begin to relax. However, for the warm tingly feeling to spread enough to have a lasting effect, it took about 5 hours.

While, slow in acting, over the weeks, I could use this instead of all my other CBD products to get rid of my back pain. It appears that it built up a sort of immunity against the back pain with daily use.    

CBD to Price Ratio

At only 5 mg of CBD per dollar, this is one of the most expensive CBD oils in this review. However, for how it affects you, I would recommend you to keep it in your sights when you next buy CBD.

Contains THC or not

As I mentioned earlier, you can choose whether your product will have THC or not. So, it’s  up to you whether you want THC in your product or not.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, and all these reviews are my personal opinions. I am just a CBD enthusiast who benefits from CBD, and I like to share it with people.

Why CBD Oil for Pain? Here’s the research i have done:

Believe it or not, people have used CBD oil for thousands of years to treat a broad range of painful conditions. However, the scientific research on its efficacy began only recently, and it was found to be very insightful. Here are some of the potential benefits you can get out of CBD oil:

#1 CBD oil for suppressing chronic pain

Scientific research found that there is substantial evidence suggesting cannabis to be an effective chronic pain treatment in adults. Here’s what the study found:

  • Oral cannabinoids can serve as antiemetics in adults for conditions like nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy
  • Adults treated with cannabinoids or cannabis are more likely to experience significantly reduced symptoms of chronic pain
  • Adults having multiple sclerosis-related spasticity can benefit from oral cannabinoids even for the short term

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the research also found that the subjects did not build up any tolerance to CBD effects. This implies that you do not need to increase the dosage to get the same results.

#2 CBD can Suppress joint pain like Arthritis

The European Journal of Pain revealed in a study that researchers used CBD on rats having arthritis to see if it works. This was before the tests carried out on human subjects. The rats were given a topical CBD gel for four days and miraculously noticed a drop in pain symptoms and inflammation.

Moreover, the researchers did not find any sign of side effects that may hinder the chances of using CBD in humans. While I cannot say that it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt CBD works for arthritis as more human studies need to be done, I will say that medical professionals are running with it. 

#3 CBD helps in Treating Multiple sclerosis

MS or Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that causes random muscle spasms by affecting the functioning of the nerves and brain. These spasms can get so intense that they might cause consistent paid in many cases.

This report concluded that CBD oil could reduce spasticity levels by a modest level. However, many people have reportedly experienced an extreme reduction of the symptoms. 

#4 CBD can also help with Fibromyalgia: 

If you have fibromyalgia, then you’ve probably heard of the rave reviews people post online about CBD’s effect on it. For those of you who don’t know, fibromyalgia is a type of chronic disorder that causes widespread muscle pain, pain in the bones, and general fatigue. Since the measure of pain is subjective, it cannot be recorded or measured by tests.

Very little is known about this disease, and researchers have always found it difficult to diagnose. Prescribed pharmaceuticals almost always have debilitating side effects, making treatment using CBD highly preferable. Even though all doctors may not approve of CBD, people have indeed reported having benefited from its usage.

Fibro patients have reported a variety of symptoms upon using CBD oil, from which we can conclude that everyone’s reaction is different. However, I believe it is worth trying because the patients also report CBD helping them with sleep, anxiety, muscle spasms, inflammation, chronic pain, and overall mental health.

Don’t be surprised if you occasionally find someone saying CBD does nothing for them; there are always two sides of the same coin. However, it is possible that those who claim to have not gotten the result have perhaps consumed the wrong brand of CBD. After all, some poor hemp oil doesn’t have cannabidiol at all.

If you’re going to try out CBD products for chronic pain, there should be no compromising with quality. Otherwise, you might also lose faith in the substance.

How does CBD Oil Relieves Pain: A Medical Research

CBD oil study about best cbd oil for pain

Believe it or not, I discovered the benefits of cannabidiol(cbd oil) for pain accidentally. I originally purchased my first CBD product to treat my anxiety after being fed u1p with prescribed medicine. As far as back pain is concerned, I kind of assumed that it’s a demon that will haunt me for as long as I live.

Luckily, times have changed, and many doctors are now suggesting CBD as a viable solution for pain. In this study, researchers found that cannabinoids can serve as a mild analgesic and can effectively treat a broad category of Central neuropathic pain symptoms.

Given the fact that chronic pain is quickly emerging as an emerging health issue in industrialized nations, it is only natural to expect CBD gaining more traction. But, I must warn you that the exact mechanisms of CBD that provide pain relief are yet to be fully understood as you can find out by reading this study about cbd and chronic pain.

However, CBD has proved its efficacy in working as an analgesic through this study (Source) on its effects on managing the pain of terminal cancer patients. The study found that spray containing THC/CBD can be a long-term viable alternative relief for pain in cancer patients.

The findings imply that cannabidiol can also be a healthy alternative for patients who have got accustomed to powerful painkiller doses. CBD does not have any steroid properties, and it is an anti-inflammatory drug that is less powerful than analgesics based on opioids. But, CBD is much more prescribed because of its non-side-effect causing properties.

Cannabidiol also works as a reliever for acute pain despite being less potent than opioid painkillers as proved by this research (Source). Moreover, cannabidiol is said to help ease the pain caused by chemotherapy drugs, especially in patients who have breast cancer.

What should be the CBD oil dosage for Pain Management?

I’m just going to say now what I always do…

There is no such thing as ideal dosage.

CBD isn’t like prescribed pharmaceuticals and often has to be subjected to trial and error to find the right result. However, as a rule of thumb, it’s always better to start off with a low dosage and go higher up if the effects are satisfactory.

Oh! Don’t forget to read the label carefully for info about dosages. And if you have any doubt even after reading the label, contact your local physician for advice.

Which are the best CBD oils for pain:

There you have it, 25 CBD oil reviews, which help you in getting the best out of the booming CBD market. I don’t know about you, but I’d have jumped at the opportunity to buy quality CBD when I was getting started if I discovered a CBD oil review guide like this.

You’d have to be crazy to miss out on a chance like this!

CBD oil Benefits for pain:

Best CBD oil benefits for pain

CBD oil Side effects


Even though most manufacturers claim that CBD does not have any side effects, research says otherwise. Sure, most people can tolerate the impact of CBD just fine, but a small portion of the population have been noted to experience not-so-adverse side effects. According to Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, the most common results are tiredness, change in weight, diarrhea, fatigue.

Also, I highly recommend that you consult a physician before beginning your dosage of CBD oil. If you’re already taking medications, the effects of CBD may appear to be more or less effective than usual. Again, consulting a doctor will put you in a better position to judge the efficacy and make adjustments as necessary, or if needed.

CBD is known to reduce inflammation, but this study by Frontiers in Pharmacology hinted that the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids might also cause extreme reduction of inflammation, leading to danger by diminishing the lung’s defense system.

(FAQ) About CBD oil and Pain:

How do I know I have chronic pain?

Chronic pain may arise out of many reasons, but most of the time it’s either due to any weakness, sprain, or injury that might have gone unnoticed for quite some time. But sometimes, pain happens for no reason at all.

Is CBD a painkiller?

No. Not at least in the traditional sense. Prescribed painkillers have numerous side effects, which CBD doesn’t have. You can call it a painkiller in the sense that it helps in easing your pain, not make it vanish completely.

How long does it take for CBD to take effect for pain?

It depends on many factors – the concentration of CBD, the time of intake, the user’s tolerance, quality of the product, etc. Most of the products I recommend act fast on most people.

How long will CBD take to get out of my system?

Due to the absence of clear-cut evidence, we have two go with the consensus that says CBD takes 3 to 4 days to leave a person’s system completely. CBD doesn’t usually show up in drug tests because there is no THC involved, but if you’re unsure what you’ll be tested for, it’s best not to take CBD for four or five days prior to testing.

Will CBD oil help me get better sleep?

Yes! Being the bearer of back pain myself, I’ve probably lost count of the nights I couldn’t get any shuteye before trying out CBD. So, I can say for sure that this stuff does aid in sleep both directly and indirectly.

But, Is CBD oil legal?

Yes, Best CBD oil for pain is legal for now because it doesn’t contain any trace of THC, the prime component present in regular cannabis that causes the feeling of getting high. Most of the popular CBD oil brands sell in all 50 states of the US.

Best CBD Deals?

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