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In all these years of dealing with CBD, I’ve learned quite a few lessons – some, the hard way. I do regret not being careful enough, but it’s those mistakes that made me the wise consumer I am today. I have been a victim of many scams, which unfortunately thrive even today in this industry. This post will be educating you about one CBD oil scam that is very easy to fall prey to.

Get a FREE trial bottle of CBD oil.” If you’ve been shopping for CBD online, I guarantee that you have come across an offer like that. Usually, the company asks for a small shipping fee to be paid through your credit or debit card and a monthly subscription amount (to be payable later) in return for the free product.

The user happily pays for shipping and ends up getting a low-quality product and later loses the first month’s worth of subscription money. What’s happening here?

Free CBD Bottle Scam

The “free trial bottle” scheme is one of the oldest scams in the health and supplement industry. It feeds on the gullibility and forgetful nature of people. Instead of a great deal or anything even remotely “free,” you get charged a certain amount of money when you forget to cancel your subscription.

What happens is that these companies sell you a free trial bottle in return for a monthly subscription. Now, when you’re distracted with the poor quality of CBD, your credit card gets charged with one month’s subscription amount (let’s say $ 90) because you forgot to cancel it within a few days.

You’ll not be able to contact any customer support because there isn’t any. You might even have a problem canceling your subscription and end up contacting the bank to cancel it manually. This is done all on purpose – to discourage the victim from filing claims and squeeze second month’s subscription money.

What to do if you’re scammed!

Listen to me, folks! If you believe you’ve been scammed by one of these unscrupulous companies, then it’s not too late to get back your money. Here’s what I did to get a full refund:

  1. Threaten the scammer

Yeah, I mean it! Threaten the company with legal action; you don’t have to be polite about it either. Demand that the company cancels your subscription and ask for a full refund of anything that they charged other than the shipping fees. Also, say that you will file a fraud chargeback case with your credit card company and get in touch with the state attorney general should they refuse to pay you back.

  1. Contact your bank

It doesn’t matter if you get a refund or not, I recommend you still contact your Credit Card Company or bank and let them know what happened. If possible, I highly recommend you cancel your existing credit card and ask the bank to issue you a new one. This is perhaps the only way you can guarantee that the scammers won’t get a hold of your card anymore.

  1. Get back excessive charges

If you have been charged for anything else other than shipping, let your bank or credit card company know that you didn’t authorize them. Request the authorities to file a “fraud chargeback” claim against the company so that they are forced to refund you the extra charges. The process is time-consuming, but it works.

  1. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Start all over again.

Seriously, don’t get caught up in self-pity or regret because you got scammed online. It happens to a lot of people; even to the most well-informed, tech-savvy kind. Just take the experience in your stride and do proper research before buying CBD oil from a new website the next time. Oh! Don’t forget to tell your friends about your experience as well.

  1. READ the Terms and Conditions

Yeah, I know, who reads them? I do after I learned my lesson and lost close to $ 200 to this scam. At least read over the section of the document that says “Terms for Trial Offers and Subscriptions” and understands what the text implies. Trust me; you’ll be thanking yourself for doing this simple step.

  1. Keep an eye on fake reviews and promos

There are literally hundreds of websites/Instagram profiles promoting CBD for the sole purpose of earning affiliate commissions. The users running these sites have no interest in helping their readers, nor do they know anything about using CBD. They publish fake reviews only because they get commissions. Check out the CBD section on offervault.com to see what I’m talking about.

The CBD Hall of shame!

Over the years, many fraudulent companies have come and gone. However, there are still many alive and kicking. Some of the names that can be tied to the “free trial bottle” like scam are Miracle CBD, Pure CBD, Sky CBD, True CBD, Assure CBD, Pure Med CBD, Divine CBD, Isolate Direct CBD, Organix CBD, Serenity CBD, and Optimal Choice CBD.

Please comment if you find more scams, I don’t want anyone to have a bad experience while buying CBD oils.

Who to trust?

I have dedicated my site to reviewing CBD products to help you separate the right from wrong. Go ahead and read my reviews to learn about legit CBD companies and how their products can help you live a better life.

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