Using Cannabidiol Oil to Treat my Anxiety for the First Time

Have you experienced the feeling of being worthless?

Worthless in the sense that everything you do does make you happy.

Being worthless because you think you are such a failure and that you became the cause of frustrations not only to yourself but to other people as well.

Well, I am exactly that person.

I am michelle

I’m Michelle, 33 years of age, and I feel that my worth does not exist at all. These things kept on stirring in my mind, and I feel helpless and miserable every time I think about it.

I’ve been struggling for quite some time already. I experienced all the worst things in life and believed me or not, it keeps on haunting me every night.

I can’t sleep even if I lie down early. I did all kinds of things to knock myself down. I also tried sleeping pills to help me sleep soundly. Sometimes, there are even worst cases when I see the sun is up already and realize that I haven’t fallen asleep throughout the night.

This endless frustrating routine just kept on repeating and repeating every day, putting me in so much agony.

 When everything in my life seemed so down, I felt the excruciating pain all over myself. My doctor told me about my condition, and everything summed up to anxiety.

Yes, I was hit by anxiety real hard. If you were in my position, you wouldn’t want to experience things like these. So during my panic attacks, I would do my best to relieve myself of this feeling. My doctor prescribed me with prescription medicines. But honestly, I was not a fan of those. You may call me a very picky patient, but I hate being on meds.

And so, I tried my best to find an alternative cure. I read different articles about people having the same condition as mine, and I also looked through what substitutes they tried to ease the agony.

Hours passed until I saw and read an article about CBD oil. The effects are way too promising, so I got interested in it.

I researched more about it and saw how satisfying the results were for those people who experienced anxiety attacks.

What Led Me To Try CBD Oil?

Yes, I tried CBD oil and used it to relieve my panic attacks!

Surprisingly, CBD oil has another superb effect on me – it treated my back pain! Yes, I can say it is a pain reliever of some sort.

My decision of using CBD oil was amplified when I experienced the worst situation one could ever have in her entire lifetime.

Arriving home early from work, I started preparing for my most significant proposal that would happen the day after that. That proposal meant so much to me because this would determine my promotion in the company I work for.

So, I finished everything at around 10 pm that night and was confident that I could pull through that proposal and get that promotion. I lied down in my bed, hoping that I could readily fall asleep.

However, I turned and changed positions for more than a hundred times that night. When I checked the clock, it was already two in the morning.

When I saw the time, I panicked. My heart was racing, and I could feel the pain in my head during that time. I couldn’t think straight because I trembled and felt so scared. I was like that for a while. The next thing I knew, it was already seven in the morning.

Without even thinking, I got out of bed and took a shower. I prepared all my stuff, but I could feel my body was still shaking. I couldn’t eat or drink anything. Also, my stomach was not feeling very well at that time. I was highly discouraged, and I felt like that day would be no good. But still, I went to the company.

But guess what happened? I ended up being shameful to everyone in front of me. I was stuttering and quivering so much that I wasn’t able to think of the right words to say. I couldn’t hear my office mates at all; I only listened to my heartbeat – it was beating so fast that I felt like it was going out of my chest.

Next thing I knew, I didn’t finish my proposal and did not get the promotion. I was devastated and felt like everything in me was a mess because I was longing for that promotion for so long.

So, I didn’t finish work that day and got home early. I looked back at that article about the alternative treatments of anxiety and instantly ordered CBD oil online.

And yes, look at me now. I’m writing this to help the people with the same condition like mine to be relieved and live as ordinary as other people.

My Thoughts On Using Cannabidiol Oil

Cannabidiol oil, commonly known as CBD oil, really helped me live a normal life.

Normal in a sense that I can smile and be confident in everything I do. I am now happy and contented with everything. As a first time user of CBD oil, I can say that the effects are auspicious.

You might question the association between CBD and cannabis. However, you do not need to worry about this as CBD does not contain the substance that causes the feeling of being high. Rest assured, studies also state that CBD is used to treat anxiety, pain, and mental stress among others.

These published articles never did fail me because I can say that I am getting better. I cannot say that my anxiety is completely gone, but I am totally feeling a lot better than I did before.

The good news is that I now sleep very soundly at night. I can tell that the CBD oil is responsible for this because I was able to read that one of the components of CBD interacts with our body which would then help in the regulation of immune system functions such as sleep and pain.

On the other hand, CBD oil also helped me find relief for my back pain. Alas, you heard it right!

At first, I was not sure about it. I looked this up on the Internet and confirmed its use with regards to pain. As a woman in my late 30s, my back pain is hindering me from doing things, especially at work.

I was so happy that not only my panic attacks were slowly being healed but also my back pain. CBD oil is seriously putting an end to this misery of mine.

Should I Continue Using CBD Oil?

Yes, I would definitely continue using CBD oil. It helped me go through all these hardships in life.

After being introduced to this product, I became a better version of myself. I am more than happy than ever. The typical life that I ever wished for has finally come true.

If you’re asking if I can highly recommend this product, the answer is of course! I would surely do. As a CBD oil user, I want you to experience the comfort that I am feeling right now.

CBD oil is available online which can be used for anxiety. You will have no worries because companies are shipping the products directly to you. No hassle, right?

Throw away depression and embrace a life full of happiness with CBD oil. With CBD oil, normal life is worth living.

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