Verified CBD Review

Hey guys, this is Daniel signing in, once again for a new review.

Few months ago when I was chatting with few of my colleagues, one of them asked me about starting out with CBD.

Now, while Aaron has a pretty nifty guide in place, what worries me about CBD is that the companies usually offer products that most regular folk can’t comprehend.

CBD vape oil?

CBD tincture?

CBD capsules?

What do those terms even mean?

You’ll understand as you read this Verified CBD review. Pssst…Verified CBD is a brand name.

This brand, like many others we’ve reviewed on our blog focuses on usability and purity, the two most important parts for a beginner. They pretty good stuff over at the website, with specific products constructed for anxiety, sleepless, and even weight loss!

I tried this brand a year ago, but just recently ordered a few more products to see if they still hold their weight. And the result? Yep! They most certainly do.

If you’ve stuck around this blog for awhile, you would know that I love to talk about the company before I go into the nitty-gritty of the product. So, let’s dive right into it.

About Verified CBD

If you have been around CBD blogs, you have probably heard of the brand. Running since 2014, they’ve amassed quite a customer base. According to the website, they serve a whopping 50 countries!

All natural and organic, all their work occurs in-house so, you get your CBD directly from the manufacturers without risking any diluting by any third party.

If that doesn’t sell it, the word is that they have one of the best extraction processes in the business. Using CO2 extraction for CBD, they put all their products through HPLC testing at GMP labs. Your CBD is tested just like traditional meds are!

I get that many people are hesitant to believe the claim that Verified CBD’s products are purer than anything else, but with all the testing involved, I would be surprised if they weren’t. A customer base that keeps asking for more can’t be that wrong!

All this made me super curious as I tried Verified CBD products, and the taste they left? Well, let’s check it out, shall we?

Best Verified CBD Products

#1 CBD Oil Natural Flavor

Verfied cbd oil review

I love using CBD oil, and this was the first product I tried. With the potencies of 500mg, 750mg, and 1500 mg, this company has dosages for everyone. However, I got an itch to start on the 30mg/ml one because Verified CBD has pushed this as their most potent product yet.

Before I get to my experiences, let’s take a look at the product features.

Product Benefits

  • Zero THC
  • Full spectrum CBD with terpenes, CBN, and other products
  • Grown in-house and extracted by the sellers themselves
  • Pharmaceutical grade testing
  • Can be used for vaping!
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Completely natural and organic

How to use?

Aaron here has a nifty guide for using oils for vaping, and for those looking to use this as a tincture, follow these steps. Get the dropper and put some amount under your tongue and let it dissolve. I recommend a small dose of 1mL or less to begin with, and then going on.

Why put it under your tongue? That’s the way to get the best bioavailability out of your tinctures.

How was my experience?

I use CBD to manage my depression. In fact, when I take a break from using CBD, I have found that in a week or two, I get into my old moods and temper. So, to test the full scope of this product, I took a break from using CBD for two weeks.

How does that feel? I got back into my sleepless routine and found it harder to talk with people daily.

When I started using Verified CBD’s oil, I got relief a bit slower than I would have liked. However, once, the full effect was set, I found myself feeling quite better.

It felt like a cloud had lifted off my mind! Verified CBD does not offer the highest concentration of CBD among the brands. So, I was a bit skeptical about their “potent” being as potent as competitors. But, I found myself being able to handle myself with small dosages without any problem.


I bought a bottle for my personal use in a week of using this product. I would recommend it to the skeptics who don’t like Verified CBD. It’s fantastic and deserves all the praise it can get.

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#2 CBD Capsules

verified cbd capsules review

A friend bit my ear off (not literally though lol) until I told him I give this product a try. Apparently, he had his blood sugar lowered by this product. Now, I said that CBD works subjectively and I might experience the things differently, but, he wouldn’t listen.

So, once I got the 10mg variety, and started using it, he was the first person I called. Look, if you have read enough of this blog, you know capsules aren’t my thing, but, I appreciate good CBD when I use it.

However, before gushing let me take you through some product benefits.

Product Benefits

  • Over 99% pure CBD
  • No detectable THC
  • Pharmaceutically tested
  • CO2 to give you the purest CBD
  • Grown and sold by the manufacturers themselves!
  • Completely natural and organic

How to use?

Like any other capsule you take, you just have to pop these in your mouth and gulp it down with water. The good folks over at Verified CBD recommend you take the capsules with food too.

How was my experience?

After my friend’s testimonial, I gave up on my usual CBD dosage for a while before trying this. The only variety being 10mg ones were a bit of a downer for me at first.

In about a week without CBD use, I started getting nightmares. I planned to go without it for two weeks at least, but, halfway through the second week, the night terrors got terrible.

This was when I took my first capsule. I am not mincing words when I say that I had myself a lot calmer within hours. I even got myself a bit of shut-eye that night. Over my regular use, I found that despite the low concentration, this product is useful.

I don’t know about the blood sugar tests, but it did leave me with a healthy mindset and managed my mental health issues admirably.


Oil’s taste not for you? Vaping has never been your style? Get yourself these batches of capsules. I know many companies are selling much more concentrated products, but, Verified CBD’s work means this organic remedy works beautifully even with only 10mg.

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#3 CBD Weight Loss Spray

Verified cbd weight loss spray review

This is what I mean when I say that CBD brands don’t always cater to beginners. This product lays down exactly what you get out of the product, and enhances a particular function of CBD.  Trying this was interesting for me to say the least. My depression often means that I cannot exercise, and I end up building a paunch.

This product contains Hydrocitric Acid, which reduces all that visceral fat, and is completely natural too. You can check out for seeing its benefits.

Weight loss was one of the CBD benefits I have heard of but, not experienced anything such so far, so I gave this a try. The product’s benefits piqued my interest anyway.

Product Benefits

  • This has CBD and HCA
  • Reduces calorie intake by up to 25%
  • Works quickly
  • No THC, and pharmaceutical grade testing
  • Completely natural and organic

How to use?

Just spray some of the liquid under your tongue and hold for a while before swallowing. It was quite easy to use.

How was my experience?

I ended up using this before almost every meal. I found that it changed my appetite quite a bit. First, of all, I stopped craving snacks during work, and also workouts became easier to do as a result of additional motivation.

I even took out Aaron’s dog, Rufus, for a run and kept up with the old chum for the whole while. From what I understand, it increased my stamina and helped me cut down on my diet.

Also, from what I hear the weight lost using hydrocitric acid doesn’t bounce back! I haven’t had this product long enough to verify that, but I thought you guys would like to know this.

I would recommend this for beginners too. It was easy to use and works wonders.


I don’t know about you, but I am keeping a bottle of this with me for a long while, or at least till I lose a handsome amount of weight.

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#4 CBD Anti-Anxiety and Stress Spray

verified cbd anti anxiety review

This is the top-seller on their website, and I can see why. Anxiety and stress have become an epidemic for us. Now, this is a product that some of my old friends had already recommended. They took it for their PTSD after traditional medicine did not work very well.

If something makes me happy, it is when I get recommendations like these. So, I did not let this opportunity go.

Plus, this product had Suntheanine, which acts just like green tea does. They also include GABA, which has been proved to be effective in depression treatment.

Let us look at the product benefits before I elaborate more.

Product Benefits

  • Over 99% CBD, without any THC
  • Ingredients include Suntheanina and GABA
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Absorbed almost instantly
  • Like all other Verified CBD products, this is pharmaceutically tested so that you get the purest products.

How to use?

Just like the previous product, you have to shake the bottle and spray 6 sprays under your tongue. Now, hold it for a while and then swallow.

How was my experience?

I took a break from CBD use to understand how this works. After two weeks, when my anxiety and depression reached their peak, I started using this spray.

Let me say, at first I was disappointed a little. I was on edge and couldn’t help but itch for fast action. It actually delivered on that.

In about an hour or so, I could feel my heart visibly quiet down, and I felt rested. Eventually, I even got out and took the long walk around the neighborhood.

I can see where the PTSD comments came from. Within a week of using this product my nightmares stopped, and I even had pleasant dreams after a long time. Talk about action!


Even if you do not try CBD as a regular thing, give this a try. Effects vary from person to person, but personally speaking, this was of big help.

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#5 CBD Sleep Spray

Now, anyone with depression will say that they have sleeping problems. Nightmares, general anxiety problems, and other factors mean we don’t get enough sleep. Aaron and I suffer from sleeplessness in personal capacities.

In fact, once they promptly delivered this product (it reached me in two days!), I immediately called Aaron so that we could try it out together.

Now, as I said earlier, GABA helps with depression, but these guys have gone further with this product and also put Valerian Root in it. Valerian Root has been clinically proven to be effective in increasing GABA in the system and helping you out. So, let us look at the product benefits.

Product Benefits

  • No detectable THC
  • 100% natural and organic products
  • With Valerian Root and GABA
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Pharmaceutical grade testing for the highest purity

How to use?

Use this a little while before bedtime. Take 6 sprays like with the other products, and hold it under your tongue for a while before swallowing.

How was my experience?

I have nightmares, and Aaron has chronic back pain. Even with such varied problems, this spray worked wonders for both of us. We both stopped using CBD for a week before testing this out, so as to feel the full effect of the product.

The first night, the sleep was a little uneasy, but from then on it has been very smooth. Aaron called me up to say that he does not even feel drowsy in the mornings.

We are not talking miracles here; scientists have tested this product for efficacy and the product fared incredibly well in every one of those tests.


It’s a Thumbs-up from our side. Verified CBD have indeed created something beautiful in this product, and I can’t stop raving about it.

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CBD products act differently on different people, and we can’t speak for you guys when we write these reviews. Plus, neither Aaron nor I am medical professionals; we just love what CBD has done for us, and so we’re giving it back to the community.

Where to buy Verified CBD Products?

Just visit their website here, and get your products. Be quick, because the stocks run out fast sometimes.

Here’s hoping you have cool nights of sleep, and lots of fun. This is Daniel, signing off.

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